Communications and Public Liaison Branch

Raymond A. MacDougall, M.A.

Raymond A. MacDougall
Associate Communications Director for Intramural Research
Communications and Public Liaison Branch

phone (301) 443-3523
fax (301) 402-4831
Building 31, Room 4B09
31 CENTER DR, MSC 2070
BETHESDA, MD 20892-2070

Raymond A. MacDougall is Associate Director for Communications for Intramural Research, a public information role focused on gathering genomics news stories from the seven branches of the National Human Genome Research Institute's (NHGRI) intramural research program. He works to rapidly and accurately communicate news about NHGRI research to the media and directly to the public through news releases, website feature stories and a spectrum of documentation and multimedia.

Formerly, Mr. MacDougall was the communications director for the Sabin Vaccine Institute, a research and immunization advocacy organization, and publications director for the George Washington University Medical Center, both in Washington, D.C. He also has held public affairs positions with the University of Maryland System.

Mr. MacDougall holds both a B.S. and an M.A. degree in journalism from the University of Maryland at College Park.

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Last Reviewed: December 13, 2011