Genome Advance of the Month
Deaf mouse with gene therapy for Tmc1 mutations

Gene Therapy and the Biological Treatment of Hearing Loss

July's Genome Advance of the Month highlights a study in the journal Science Translational Medicine that demonstrated gene therapy as an effective way to improve hearing in patients with two genes linked to genetic prelingual deafness, or hearing loss that occurs before a child learns to speak. Read more

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ENCODE 2015: Research Applications and Users Meeting

On June 29 - July 1, 2015, NHGRI sponsored the ENCODE 2015: Research Applications and Users Meeting at the Bolger Center in Potomac, Md. The meeting featured: hands-on workshops on learning to navigate, analyze and integrate ENCODE and mouseENCODE data into your research; leading-edge research applications from distinguished invited speakers; tutorials on newly-available informatics pipelines that greatly facilitate working with ENCODE data and more.
Video for this event is now available

Video now available

Intramural trainees represent NHGRI at 2015 plain language competition

Melissa Harris (left), Gustavo Sudre NHGRI intramural trainees and representatives from other NIH institutes recently participated in a high-energy science communications contest called the Three-minute Talk (TmT). Five NHGRI intramural trainees competed as finalists, taking on the challenge to use plain language and one PowerPoint slide to explain their research in three-minutes or less. Talks by Dr. Gustavo Sudre (right) and Dr. Melissa Harris placed second and third. Read more

The Genomics Landscape

Centers for Mendelian Genomics Program

Eric Green In this month's Genomics Landscape, Dr. Green features the Centers for Mendelian Genomics Program, a report from the Genomic Medicine Meeting VIII: NHGRI's Genomic Medicine Portfolio, the NIH Strategic Planning Request for Information, and the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Exhibition traveling to St. Louis, along with other information items of interest. Read more

Centers for Mendelian Genomics uncovering the genomic basis of hundreds of rare conditions

Pedigree, DNA double helix, letters of A G T C When the Centers for Mendelian Genomics (CMGs) program was launched nearly four years ago, it was charged with the ambitious task of identifying the genomic underpinnings of as many Mendelian conditions as possible. CMG investigators have made significant inroads in discovering genes underlying Mendelian conditions, while also uncovering new, previously unknown conditions and learning important details about the development of many others that scientists had described before. Read more

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