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National Human Genome Research Institute

National Institutes of Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Pu Paul Liu, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Investigator, Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch
Head, Oncogenesis and Development Section
Deputy Scientific Director, NHGRI

Selected Publications

Kundu M, Javed A, Jeon J-P, Horner A, Shum L, Eckhaus M, Muenke M, Lian J, Yang Y, Nuckolls GH, Stein G, and Liu PP. Cbf? interacts with Runx2 and has a critical role in bone development. Nature Genetics, 32: 639-644, 2002. [PubMed]

Lyons S, Lawson N, Lei L, Bennett P, Weinstein B, and Liu PP. A nonsense mutation in zebrafish gata-1 causes the bloodless phenotype in Vlad Tepes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 99:5454-5459, 2002. [PubMed]

Castilla LH, Perrat P, Martinez NJ, Landrette S, Keys R, Oikemus S, Flanegan J, Garrett L, Dutra A, Pihan GA, Wolff L, Liu PP. Identification of genes that synergize with Cbfb-MYH11 in the pathogenesis of acute myeloid leukemia. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 101:4924-4929. 2004. [PubMed]

Kundu M, Compton S, Garrett-Beal L, Stacy T, Starost MF, Eckhaus M, Speck NA, Liu PP. Runx1 deficiency predisposes mice to T-lymphoblastic lymphoma. Blood, 106(10):3621-4. 2005. [PubMed]

Sood R., English, M.A., Jones, M., Mullikin, J., Wang, D.M., Anderson M., Wu, D., Chandrasekharappa, S.C., Yu, J., Zhang, J., and Liu, P.P. Methods for reverse genetic screening in zebrafish by resequencing and TILLING. Methods, 39(3):220-227. 2006. [PubMed]

Zhao L, Cannons JL, Anderson S, Kirby M, Xu L, Castilla LH, Schwartzberg PL, Bosselut R, Liu PP. CBFB-MYH11 hinders early T-cell development and induces massive cell death in the thymus. Blood, 109:3432-40. 2007. [PubMed]

Belele C, English MA, Chahal J, Burnetti A, Finckbeiner SM, Gibney G, Kirby M, Sood R, and Liu PP. Differential requirement for gata1 DNA binding and transactivation between primitive and definitive stages of hematopoiesis in zebrafish. Blood, 114: 5162-72. 2009. [PubMed]

Hyde RK, Kamikubo Y, Anderson S, Kirby M, Alemu L, Zhao L, and Liu PP. Cbfb/Runx1-repression independent blockage of differentiation and accumulation of Csf2rb expressing cells by Cbfb-MYH11. Blood, 115: 1433-43. 2010. [PubMed]

Sood R, English MA, Belele C, Jin B, Bishop K, Haskins R, McKinney MC, Chahal J, Weinstein BM, Wen Z, and Liu PP. Development of multi-lineage adult hematopoiesis in the zebrafish with a runx1 truncation mutation. Blood, 115:2806-9. 2010. [PubMed]

Kamikubo Y, Zhao L, Wunderlich M, Corpora T, Hyde RK, Paul T, Kundu M, Garrett-Beal L, Compton S, Huang G, Wolff L, Ito Y, Bushweller J, Mulloy JC, and Liu PP. Accelerated leukemogenesis by truncated CBFb-SMMHC defective in high-affinity binding with RUNX1. Cancer Cell, 17:455-468. 2010. [PubMed]

Hyde RK and Liu PP. Gata2 mutations lead to MDS and AML. Nature Genetics, 43:926-7. 2011. [PubMed]

Sood R and Liu PP. Novel insights into the genetic controls of primitive and definitive hematopoiesis from zebrafish models. Advances in Hematology, 2012. [PubMed]

Zhao L, Melenhorst JJ, Alemu L, Kirby M, Anderson S, Hoogstraten-Miller S, Kamikubo Y, Gilliland DG, Liu PP. C-KIT with D816Y/V mutations cooperate with CBFB-MYH11 to accelerate leukemogenesis in mice. Blood, 119:1511-21. 2012. [PubMed]

English MA, Lei L, Blake T, Wincovitch S, Sood R, and Liu PP. Incomplete splicing, cell division defects, and hematopoietic blockage in dhx8 mutant zebrafish. Developmental Dynamics, 241:879-889. 2012. [PubMed]

Cheng L, Hansen NF, Zhao L, Du Y, Zou C, Donovan F, Chou B-K, Zhou G, Li S, Ye Z, Chandrasekharappa S, Yang H, Mullikin JC, Liu PP. Low incidence of DNA sequence variation in human induced pluripotent stem cells generated by non-integrating plasmid expression. Cell Stem Cell, 10:337-44. 2012. [PubMed]

Cunningham L, Finckbeiner S, Hyde RK, Southall N, Marugan J, Yedavalli V, Dehdashti S, Reinhold W, Alemu L, Zhao L, Yeh JJ, Sood R, Pommier Y, Austin C, Jeang KT, Zheng W, Liu P. Identification of Ro5-3335 as an inhibitor of CBF leukemia through quantitative high-throughput screen against RUNX1-CBF interaction. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 109:14592-7. 2012. [PubMed]

Sood R, Carrington B, Bishop K, Jones M, Rissone A, Candotti F, Chandrasekharappa SC, Liu P. Efficient Methods For Targeted Mutagenesis in Zebrafish Using Zinc-Finger Nucleases: Data From Targeting of Nine Genes Using CompoZr or Coda ZFNs. PLOS ONE, 8(2):e57239. 2013. [PubMed]

Kamikubo Y, Hyde RK, Zhao L, Alemu L, Rivas C, Garrett LJ, Liu PP. The C-terminus of CBF-SMMHC is required to induce embryonic hematopoietic defects and leukemogenesis. Blood, 121:638-42. 2013. [PubMed]

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