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NHGRI Special Populations Research Program Collaborations with Howard University

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) has undertaken a major collaboration with Howard University's National Human Genome Center (NHGC) over the last five years.

Objectives Include:

The training and education of young African-American scientists is a priority in our collaboration with Howard University. As a direct result of the initiation of these two studies on the genetics of HPC and Type II diabetes in African-Americans, five newly recruited doctoral level young scientists are being supported. A sixth scientist, who had been at NHGRI working on another HPC study, is now turning his efforts to HPC in African Americans and will serve as Principal Investigator on this study. This collaboration will continue to recruit scientists of African descent.

It is important to note that this collaboration with Howard University has not only resulted in a growing array of scientific research on diseases that disproportionately affect African-Americans, but has also led to fruitful exploration of the ethical, social and legal aspects of such research - another area that this collaboration will continue to explore and within which it will continue to support the career development of African-American researchers.

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Last Reviewed: April 11, 2011