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D N A Day April 25 2015

Teaching Tools and Resources

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Slide Shows and Animated Presentations

Slide Shows and Animated Presentations:

2009 Slide Show
Topics covered: Forensics, Advances in DNA Sequencing, Human Microbiome Project, Epigenetics, Family History and the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genome Research.

Powerpoint file 2009 Slide Show (40 MB)

2006 Slide Show
Topics covered: From DNA to Function, How Proteins are Made 1, How DNA Influences who You Are, Making SNPs Make Sense 2, Current and Future Genome Research, Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Genome Research.

1 Contains an animated presentation explaining precisely how a protein is created.
2 Contains an animated presentation explaining Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs).

Powerpoint file 2006 Slide Show (Basic) (21 MB)
Animated presentations will play in a separate browser window.

Powerpoint file 2006 Slide Show (Enhanced) (23.5 MB)
Animated presentations will play within the slide show.
Requires installation of Flash Player.
(For Windows users only)

Zip file 2006 Slide Show Zip File (17 MB) | Zip File Instructions
To be downloaded to your hard drive, for offline viewing.
(Recommended for MAC users)

Animated Presentations Only:

Flash icon How Proteins Are Made
Flash icon Making SNPs Make Sense

The slide shows require the installation for PowerPoint Viewer.

The animated presentations require installation of Flash Player.


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