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Competency and Curricular Resources

Important Off-Site Curricular Resources
Practicing healthcare providers and healthcare students will increasingly use genetic and genomic knowledge information to meet the needs of their patients. To meet this growing need all healthcare professionals including nurses, physicians, and physician assistants are creating essential competencies, practice guidelines, and curricular resources in genetics and genomics for each of their professions. Genetic and genomic competencies, guidelines, curricular and CME resources, as well as National Human Genome Research training opportunities for healthcare professionals are provided in this section.
Nurse Request for Comments: The Genomic Nursing State of the Science Initiative Advisory Panel
The Genomic Nursing State of the Science Initiative Advisory Panel has recommended a draft genomics nursing research agenda and advised solicitation of public comment on draft research priorities. Read more

The comment period is now closed. See the final document here.

Competencies for All Healthcare Professionals

Nursing Competencies

Physicians Assistants Competencies

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Curricular Resources

For All Healthcare Professionals
For Physicians
For Nurses
For Physician Assistants
Continuing Medical Education
National Human Genome Research Institute Training Opportunities

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Last Updated: March 20, 2014