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December 1996

Report of the Joint NIH/DOE Committee to Evaluate the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Program of the Human Genome Project.
Report of the Joint National Institutes of Health/Department of Energy (NIH/DOE) Committee to Evaluate the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Program of the Human Genome Project (HGP).

November 1996

Prostate Cancer Gene Location Found on Chromosome 1
Researchers identify the location of the first major gene that predisposes men to prostate cancer.

November 1996

Scientists Locate Parkinson's Gene
Researchers identify the location of the first gene associated with Parkinson's disease.

October 1996

New On-Line Gene Map Will Speed Research and Enhance Public Understanding of Genetic Disease
A team of over 100 scientists from government, university and commercial laboratories around the world reveal a map that pinpoints the locations of over 16,000 genes in human DNA - about one-fifth of the estimated 25,000 genes packaged within the human chromosomes.

July 1996

New Computer Light Technique Creates a Chromosome Rainbow
A new technique, called "spectral karyotyping," could prove to be extremely valuable in the diagnosis of disease based on chromosome alterations.

July 1996

Genetically Engineered Mouse Provides Researchers with Tool to Study Many Aspects of Human Disease, Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T)
Scientists have a leg up in understanding the baffling complexities of A-T.

June 1996

Faster, Cheaper Methods to Read DNA Focus on Systems Integration, Miniaturization
The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) launched its first full-throttle attempt to decipher human DNA - a process called DNA sequencing - by awarding funds to scientists at six U.S. institutions.

April 1996

International Team Completes DNA Sequence of Yeast
An international consortium of scientists announced today it has finished spelling out the entire genetic code of a species of yeast valuable to biologists and commonly used by bakers and brewers.

April 1996

Pilot Study Explores Feasibility of Sequencing Human DNA
The National Human Genome Research Institute, a key player in the international Human Genome Project and part of the National Institutes of Health, announced today the launch of an unprecedented pilot study to explore the feasibility of large-scale sequencing of human DNA.

March 1996

Human Genome Project Completes Genetic Map of Mouse DNA
Human Genome Project researchers have completed a dense "genetic map" of the DNA of the laboratory mouse (1). The lab mouse is one of the best-studied animals in genetics, and its genetic information is about 75 percent similar to that of the human.

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October 1995

Results From First Human Gene Therapy Clinical Trial
Two years after receiving their last infusions of genetically altered cells to boost their weakened immune systems, the first patients ever to undergo gene therapy are still healthy and benefiting from the treatment.

June 1995

Gene Found for Fatal Childhood Disease
Scientists have isolated the gene and identified mutations that cause the childhood disease ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T), a rare hereditary neurological disorder. Discovery of the gene paves the way for more accurate diagnosis in the short term and the potential for effective treatments in the long term.

April 1995

Gene Amplification May Reactivate Prostate Cancer
Researchers believe they have discovered why treatment of advanced prostate cancer so often fails after months or even years of what seems like success. The cancer cells, they found, respond to the treatment by generating extra copies of a gene that helps fight off the therapy's destructive effects on the tumor.

January 1995

Researchers Release Map of Gene-Rich Chromosome 22
Researchers published a detailed, physical map of human chromosome 22. It provides sequence-markers over an estimated 70 percent of the chromosome. With this map, scientists have gained a vastly improved roadmap to explore this gene-rich chromosome, which holds important clues to the cause of several cancers and numerous syndromes of embryonic development.

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September 1994

First Human Genome Project Mapping Goal Is Met
An international team of researchers has published a detailed linkage map of the human genome, meeting one of the project's scientific goals a full year ahead of schedule.

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