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Archived Page: This page is no longer updated.

BAC Library Quality Assessment Standards

Summary of Quality Assessment Standards for BAC Libraries:

Average insert size:

One clone from each 384 well plate will be picked, and insert size determined, by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. From this analysis, the percent of non-insert clones should also be reported.

Empty wells:

An empty well is defined as one in which there is no growth by visual inspection. The percentage of all empty wells should be reported as one of the library characteristics. Empty wells can be backfilled in which case the "empty well rate" will be 0 percent.

Depth of genome coverage:

Depth of genome coverage will be determined using a minimum of ten probes for hybridization to the arrayed library. Verification should be done by fingerprinting and contig analysis by the library maker or others.

BAC end sequencing:

Both ends of a single clone will be sequenced from the first one hundred plates produced.

Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012