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ENCODE Consortium Criteria for Participation

The ENCODE Consortium is open to all academic, government and private sector scientists who are interested in participating in an open process to facilitate the comprehensive interpretation of the human and mouse genomes and agree to the criteria for participation described below.  Over the years, the ENCODE Project has benefitted by the unique expertise affiliated members have brought to the Consortium.  In addition, affiliated members benefit from the highly interactive research environment by participating in the Consortium discussions and analyses across a broad range of activities. 

Criteria for participation in the ENCODE Consortium as an affiliated member:
  1. Each participant will inform the NHGRI and the ENCODE Consortium members about his/her group's experimental and/or analysis plans. Each participant is expected to contribute significantly to the project, bringing his/her particular expertise to bear on accomplishing the goals of the Consortium in a timely manner. Participation in the Consortium should include substantial intellectual contribution. 
  2. Each participant will specify the focus of his/her proposed project as either a) experimental - mapping, b) experimental - characterization, or c) computational analysis, or d) a combination of these, and will describe how these plans fit within the scope of ENCODE, as defined by the recently funded RFAs:
    • RFA-HG-16-002: Expanding the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) in the Human and Mouse (UM1)
    • RFA-HG-16-003: Characterizing the Functional Elements in the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Catalog (UM1)
    • RFA-HG-16-004: Computational Analysis of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Data (U01)
  3. Each participant should already have the necessary funding to carry out the research plans.
  4. Each participant will abide by all policies developed by the ENCODE consortium, including those governing publication, data sharing, and analysis/software sharing.  The ENCODE 3 policies can be found at:  It is likely that these policies will be updated during ENCODE 4.
  5. Each participant will fully engage in Consortium activities, including participation in relevant teleconference calls and periodic workshops to discuss the project's plans and progress, and coordinating the publication of research results.
  6. Each participant will fully disclose all publicly funded algorithms, software source code and experimental methods to the other members of the Consortium for purposes of scientific evaluation and is strongly encouraged to disseminate this information to the broad scientific community.
  7. Each participant will not disclose confidential information obtained from other members of the Consortium. 

Additional criteria may be added upon recommendations of the ENCODE External Consultants Panel.

An investigator who is interested in applying for affiliate membership to the ENCODE Consortium should email ENCODE Program Staff:  Elise Feingold,  Mike Pazin and Dan Gilchrist, and provide a brief description of the proposed work and how it will contribute to the ENCODE Consortium.  Program Staff will then provide further guidance about the application process.

Application for Consortium membership will be reviewed by NHGRI staff and the ENCODE External Consultants Panel to determine whether an investigator will be accepted into the Consortium. Once accepted, participation of members in Consortium activities will be reviewed yearly by NHGRI staff and the External Consultants Panel to ensure active participation.  At any time, an affiliated member may ask to leave the Consortium, but is expected to honor the confidentiality of any information obtained during Consortium membership as appropriate through standard research collaboration practices. 

Last Updated: May 17, 2018