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Human Genetic Variation

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Program Rationale

Differences in the genetic sequence among individuals, genetic variation, can explain some of the physiological differences between people that may lead to an increased or decreased risk for disease. While single genetic differences account for some diseases, common diseases are generally affected by complex interactions among multiple genes and environmental factors. The Human Genetic Variation projects of the Large-Scale Genome Sequencing Program leverage NHGRI-sponsored sequencing capacity to create resources that are used to study the role that genetic variation among individuals plays in disease susceptibility and drug response.

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Human Genetic Variation Programs

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Pogram Contacts

Adam Felsenfeld, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: felsenfa@mail.nih.gov

Lisa Brooks, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: lisa.brooks@mail.nih.gov

Jane Peterson, Ph.D.
Associate Director, DER
E-mail: petersoj@mail.nih.gov

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Last Reviewed: February 27, 2012