Division of Policy, Communications, and Education

Division of Policy, Communications, and Education Staff

Division of Policy, Communications, and Education

Division Director

Laura Lyman Rodriguez, Ph.D.
E-mail: rodrigla@mail.nih.gov

Senior Program Analyst

Susan Vasquez
E-mail: vasquezs@mail.nih.gov

Special Assistant to the Director

Elyse Galloway
E-mail: elyse.galloway@nih.gov

Policy and Program Analysis Branch


Derek Scholes, Ph.D.
E-mail: derek.scholes@nih.gov

Science Policy Analyst

Jonathan M. Gitlin, Ph.D.
E-mail: gitlinjm@mail.nih.gov

Scientific Program Analyst

Ronit Abramson
E-mail: ronit.abramson@nih.gov

Health Policy Analyst

Kate Saylor
E-mail: saylork@mail.nih.gov

Education and Community Involvement Branch


Vence L. Bonham, Jr., J.D.
E-mail: bonhamv@mail.nih.gov

Deputy Chief

Carla L. Easter, Ph.D.
E-mail: easterc@mail.nih.gov

Senior Advisor

Jeff Witherly, Ph.D.
E-mail: jlw@mail.nih.gov

Educational Outreach Specialist

Christina Daulton
E-mail: christina.daulton@nih.gov

Program Analyst

Rosann Wise
E-mail: wisern@mail.nih.gov

Program Support Assistant

Faye Brown
E-mail: bfaye@mail.nih.gov

Communications and Public Liaison Branch

Acting Chief

Jeannine Mjoseth
E-mail: mjosethj@mail.nih.gov

Associate Director of Communications, Division of Intramural Research

Raymond MacDougall, M.A.
E-mail: macdougallr@mail.nih.gov

Associate Director of Communications, Extramural Research Program

Steven Benowitz
E-mail: steven.benowitz@nih.gov

Public Affairs Assistant

Kiara Palmer
E-mail: kiara.palmer@nih.gov

Graphic Designer

Ernesto del Aguila
E-mail: ernesto.delaguila@nih.gov

Visual Information/Graphics Specialist
Video Professional

Alvaro Encinas
E-mail: encinasa@mail.nih.gov

Web Managing Editor

Judith Wyatt, M.S.
E-mail: wyattj@mail.nih.gov

Assistant Web Editor

Mukul Nerurkar
E-mail: nerurkam@mail.nih.gov

Web Team Lead/Senior Web Developer

David Smith
E-mail: dcsmith@mail.nih.gov

Senior Web Developer

Alan Kent Klemm
E-mail: klemma@mail.nih.gov

Web Designer

Mabel Bialecki
E-mail: bialeckim@mail.nih.gov

Genomic Healthcare Branch


Bob Wildin, M.D.
E-mail: bob.wildin@nih.gov

Clinical Advisor

Jean Jenkins, R.N., Ph.D.
E-mail: jean.jenkins@nih.gov

Scientific Program Analyst

Alice S. Bailey
E-mail: baileyali@mail.nih.gov

Program Support Assistant

Faye Brown
E-mail: bfaye@mail.nih.gov

Program Analyst

Acacia McKenna
E-mail: mckennaa@mail.nih.gov

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