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The New NHGRI Brochure

Throughout its history, NHGRI has been committed to sharing details of its organization and scientific programs with the scientific community and the general public. The Institute has typically communicated its scientific vision through more detailed 'strategic plans' - crafted in collaboration with the research community and published in the scientific literature. These strategic plans have been largely crafted for a scientific audience. To reach a broader audience, the Institute recently developed a new 'eye-catching' NHGRI Brochure. The brochure provides various information about NHGRI as an organization - our history, our core values, our compelling research portfolio, and our various other programs - in a format targeted for a broad audience.NHGRI brochure cover

Despite being ~25 years old, NHGRI has never had an 'Institute-wide' brochure. The new publication highlights NHGRI's past, present, and future roles in the field of genomics. It opens with background information for readers - including a welcome message, genomics primer, a description of the benefits of genomics research, a history of the field, and an overview of the Institute's organization.

The brochure outlines NHGRI's core values that shape how we pursue our mission and formulate our priority research areas of Genome Structure and Function (understanding how the genome works); Genomics and Human Disease (establishing the role of genomic variants in heath and disease); Genomic Medicine (using genomic information to advance medical care and human health); and Genomics and Society (addressing the societal impact of genomic advances).The greater part of the brochure describes in general terms these four priority areas, illustrating NHGRI activities in each area through 'research spotlights' that highlight specific programs and initiatives.

The brochure also features other important areas for NHGRI: Genomics and Data Science and Training in Genomics. The brochure's final section - Future Horizons - focuses on NHGRI's "fundamental and core belief that genomics offers great promise and hope for improving the human condition."

  Priority research areas for NHGRI
Genome Structure and Function, Genomic Medicine, Genomics and Human Disease, Genomics and Society

The brochure also features some of the numerous collaborative activities in which NHGRI is involved. NHGRI remains committed to working with others in moving the field of genomics forward through interactions with the Smithsonian Institution, the NIH Clinical Center, the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative, the Precision Medicine Initiative, many NIH Common Fund programs, and other NIH Institutes/Centers.

It is my hope that this new brochure will help to share the excitement of genomics and NHGRI with a wide variety of groups.

A PDF version of the brochure is available at In addition, 'just off the press' printed copies are available - please contact to request a copy(s).






Last Updated: May 16, 2017

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