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'15 for 15' Celebration

Fifteen ways genomics is now influencing our world

Celebrate 15 for 15

Whether you realize it or not, many parts of our daily lives are influenced by genomic information and genomic technologies. Genomics now provides a powerful lens for use in various areas - from medical decisions, to food safety, to ancestry.

April 2018 was the 15th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project. To commemorate this milestone and the genomic advances that have been made since 2003, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)  launched the '15 for 15' Celebration - unveiling 15 ways that genomics has and will continue to transform our world.

We hope that you will join us on this journey and learn how genomics is influencing the world around you.  

Day 1: DNA Sequencing
April 5
Day 2: Human Genetic Variation
April 6
Day 3: Cancer Genomics
April 9
Day 4: Human Origins and Ancestry
April 10
Day 5: Agriculture
April 11
Day 6: Genomes at Work
April 12
Day 7: Rare Genetic Diseases
April 13
Day 8: Pharmacogenomics
April 16
Day 9: Prenatal Genetic Testing
April 17
Day 10: Forensics
April 18
Day 11: Microbes and Microbiomes
April 19
Day 12: Direct-to-Consumer Genomic Testing
April 20
Day 13: The Natural World
April 23
Day 14: Genome Editing
April 24
Day 15: Social Context
April 25

YouTube video National DNA Day: 15 for 15 Celebration Videos
Courtesy of 42 Degrees North Media



The following people made significant contributions to reviewing and selecting the curated resources, reviewing the content, and/or sharing ideas and stories for this Celebration. We are grateful for their thoughtful contributions and informative feedback.

Maria Araya, Sam Berendzen, Kathy Blazer, Laura Bonetta, John Butler, Kathy Calzone, Jen Carroll, Sam Chan, Liz Cohn, Shoumita Dasgupta, Thao Do, Paul Durst, Cindy Encarnacion, Josh Farr, Glen Fox, Marnie Gelbart, Ella Greene-Moton, Chris Gunter, Karen Hanson, Melinda Hutcheon, Chanda Jefferson, Kim Kaphingst, Sara Katsanis, Esther Kim, Neil Lamb, Joslynn Lee, Elissa Levin, Sylvia Mann, Laura McCormick, Robert Middleton, Pat Miller, Steve Murphy, Ed Napia, James O'Leary, Aniwaa Owusu-Obeng, Daphne Rickard, Kate Reed, Bryony Ruegg, Donia Slack, Michelle Smith, Debra Spielmaker, Louisa Stark, Fahina Tavake-Pasi, Joey Wilcox, Consuelo H. Wilkins, and Leisa Zigman.

Last Updated: February 6, 2019