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Molecular biology has long held out the promise of transforming medicine from a matter of serendipity to a rational pursuit grounded in a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms of life. Genomics will hasten the advance of molecular biology into the practice of medicine. As the molecular foundations of diseases become clearer, we may be able to prevent them in many cases and in other cases, design accurate, individualized treatments for them. Genetic tests will routinely predict individual susceptibility to disease. Diagnoses of many conditions will be much more thorough and specific than now. New drugs, derived from a detailed molecular understanding of common illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure, will target molecules logically. Drugs like those for cancer will routinely be matched to a patient's likely response. Decades from now, many potential diseases may be cured at the molecular level before they arise. All these changes aren't likely to come quickly. It will take a long time to understand the human genome. But access to genome sequence will increasingly shape the practice of health care over the coming decades, as well as shed light on many of the mysteries of biology.










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