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2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript

This is just one question from an archive of the National DNA Day Moderated Chat held in April 2008. The NHGRI Director and many genomics experts from across NHGRI took questions from students, teachers and the general public on topics ranging from basic genomic research, to the genetic basis of disease, to ethical questions about genetic privacy.

I have started a new biotechnology program here at Scarlet oaks and have been telling the students about the job opportunities in this field. Could you elaborate on the types of jobs out there for this field
     Carla Easter, Ph.D.: Creates and implements genetic education programs. Works with the branch to create science education products for high school students. There are a number of jobs opportunities available. Bioinformatics is a really hot field and perfect for those individuals who have both biology and informatics interests. Also, there are always careers in research, but fields like pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics are emerging. They also can consider careers in fields that pertain to the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetics and genomics. Many clinical opportunities exist and there is a great need for genetic counselors. Overall, there really are a lot of job opportunities for high school students to consider as they think about their futures and the careers they could pursue in genetics and genomics .
Scarlet Oaks in OH (11th grade teacher)

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