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2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript

This is just one question from an archive of the National DNA Day Moderated Chat held in April 2008. The NHGRI Director and many genomics experts from across NHGRI took questions from students, teachers and the general public on topics ranging from basic genomic research, to the genetic basis of disease, to ethical questions about genetic privacy.

en otro paises ellos tambiem pueden detecta enfermedades a temprana edad?
     Belen Hurle, Ph.D.: Generating data for use in developing and refining computational tools for comparing genomic sequence from multiple vertebrate species. Realmente depende del sistema de salud del pais. La technologia para detectar muchas enfermedades existe, pero en un pais pobre o con dificultades para servir a toda la poblacion, puede ocurrir que los ninos recien nacidos no se beneficien de los tests que son rutinarios para los ninos de paises con mas medios.
Maple Shade High School in NJ (10th grade student)

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