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2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript

This is just one question from an archive of the National DNA Day Moderated Chat held in April 2008. The NHGRI Director and many genomics experts from across NHGRI took questions from students, teachers and the general public on topics ranging from basic genomic research, to the genetic basis of disease, to ethical questions about genetic privacy.

Will it ever be possible for someone to live forever?
     Sharon Terry, M.A.: Runs the Genetic Alliance, a coalition of over 600 disease specific advocacy organizations working to increase capacity in advocacy organizations and to leverage the voices of the millions of individuals and families affected by genetic conditions. Hum, I suppose anything is possible, but although there are improvements that extend life, such as better diet, better hygiene, and even treatments for disease that let people live longer, probably no one will live forever.

Longevity most certainly has a genetic component, and there are research studies considering how to extend lifespan.

Eternity High School (9th grade student)

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