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2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript

This is just one question from an archive of the National DNA Day Moderated Chat held in April 2008. The NHGRI Director and many genomics experts from across NHGRI took questions from students, teachers and the general public on topics ranging from basic genomic research, to the genetic basis of disease, to ethical questions about genetic privacy.

What do you think of the theory that homosexuality is genetically similar to an addiction, where if exposed to certain environmental factors, they will become homosexual?
     Les Biesecker, M.D.: Researching the clinical and molecular delineation of human malformation syndromes. Human behaviors are some of the most complex traits a geneticist could try to tackle. All traits are a complex mix of genes and environment and behavior is no exception. Sexual preference, addiction, depression, risk taking, etc. will all take a while to work out. I think it is highly likely that both genes and environment have an important role.
Rock Canyon High School in CO (12th grade student)

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