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2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript

This is just one question from an archive of the National DNA Day Moderated Chat held in April 2008. The NHGRI Director and many genomics experts from across NHGRI took questions from students, teachers and the general public on topics ranging from basic genomic research, to the genetic basis of disease, to ethical questions about genetic privacy.

is there anything else that you guys are trying to accomplish in the HGP other than what you have accomplished
     Larry Thompson, M.S., M.F.A.: Leads the Communications Branch at the Genome Institute. Absolutely. Completing the Human Genome Project was just the beginning. Since the project was declared completed in April 2003, genome researchers around the world are racing to apply the sequence information to may different problems, especially understanding the genetic differences between individuals and how that may contribute to health or the risk of getting sick. We are also learning fascinating things about how humans have evolved and how we have moved across the face of the planet. The really cool stuff is just getting started, so come on and join the fun.
Palms Middle School in CA (7th grade student)

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