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Medical Geneticist



A medical geneticist is trained in general medicine, genetic diagnosis, and the treatment of patients with genetic disorders. They employ molecular genetics, cytogenetics, and biochemical tests to diagnose patients in a comprehensive molecular and clinical approach. A medical geneticist works as part of a team with genetic counselors, genetic nurses, and other medical specialists to develop interventions to minimize the risk and impact of genetic disorders.

Career Outlook

As a result of advances in the area of genetic and genomic research and diagnostic testing, it is anticipated that the need for medical geneticists will grow considerably.

Working Conditions & Context

Most medical geneticists work for hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. They most commonly work in clinical and laboratory settings, dealing directly with patients and their families. Medical geneticists are often part of teams dedicated to addressing patients' needs from complementary approaches.A medical geneticist can conduct independent research, provided they can secure support for their projects.

Salary Information

A typical Salary Range for this career is $39,870 - $134,770 annually.

The Median Income for this career is about $72,590 annually.

Education Information


Students considering a career in medical genetics should undertake a rigorous undergraduate college program suitable for medical school matriculation and complement their studies with courses in genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, and computer science. They will need to obtain an M.D. to qualify for medical genetics clinical training. M.D.'s may either undertake a primary care residency (pediatrics, internal medicine, etc.) and then undertake a genetics fellowship, or they may undertake a combined Pediatrics and Genetics residency.

Certification & Licensing:

M.D. and medical geneticists are certified by the American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG).

Other Resources

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* Information regarding income is cited from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
** More than a minimum degree may be required for some careers.