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Physician Assistant with Focus on Genetics



Physician assistants work under the direction and supervision of licensed physicians to provide a variety of medical services. This includes taking detailed medical histories, performing physical examinations, and ordering diagnostic testing. Physician assistants are also responsible for counseling patients on preventive care, health conditions, and prescribed medications.

Physician assistants with a focus on genetics inform patients about genetic testing and make sure they fully understand potential consequences to themselves and their families. They counsel patients before, during, and after treatment.

Career Outlook

Employment of physician assistants is expected to grow as the healthcare industry expands. There is a growing reliance on physician assistants to relieve physicians of routine duties and procedures.

Working Conditions & Context

Physician assistants work in a variety of healthcare settings, including physicians' offices, clinics, community health centers, and government facilities.

Salary Information

A typical Salary Range for this career is $51,360 - $110,240 annually.

The Median Income for this career is about $81,230 annually.

Education Information


Many colleges offer programs that prepare students for physician assistant training. Typically, there is a preparatory course followed by more formal training. Physician assistants are expected to be firmly grounded in human anatomy, pharmacology, and related medical fields.

Some institutions offer a Master's level program for physician assistants to expand their knowledge and develop better medical skills.

Certification & Licensing:

All 50 states and Washington, DC have regulations governing the qualifications and practice of physician assistants. All jurisdictions require that physician assistants pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination as administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, open only to graduates of accredited physician assistant education programs.

To maintain certification, physician assistants must participate in continuing education programs. Also, physician assistants must recertify their credentials every six years.

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* Information regarding income is cited from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
** More than a minimum degree may be required for some careers.