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Public Health Geneticist



Public health genetics applies advances in human genetics, genomics, and molecular biotechnology to improving public health and preventing disease. It focuses on increasing knowledge of genetic inheritance in order to better understand common health conditions and how to slow their spread.

Public health geneticists provide a link between academic research, clinical practice, and the development of policy. They promote dialogue among geneticists, physicians, and public health professionals, and stimulate new perspectives regarding the nature of disease among populations.

Career Outlook

The increase in genetic medical testing methods and treatments requires additional professionals who can help make sense of the new information being generating and how best to use it for public good.

Working Conditions & Context

Public health geneticists spend most of their time in offices, consulting. Travel is necessary for public health geneticists to attend conferences and conduct business with colleagues and others.

Some public health geneticists work in academic or research settings, while others are employed by state and local health departments.

Salary Information

A typical Salary Range for this career is $35,620 - $101,030 annually.

The Median Income for this career is about $65,080 annually.

Education Information


Students considering public health genetics as a career should major in biology, preferably with a concentration in genetics. They should complement their studies with courses in microbiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology. Coursework should also include public health subjects.

Students should pursue a Master's degree in public health, and possibly a Ph.D. The more experience and education they possess, the greater their opportunities in this highly competitive field.

Certification & Licensing:


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* Information regarding income is cited from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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