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The NHGRI would like to thank the following people and organizations, and give credit to those who assisted with this project, including:

From Gene Dx:

  • Sherri Bale
  • Courtney Downtain
  • Kiesha Foster
  • Tina L. D’souza
  • Andrew Farrell
  • Brandi Blaisdell
  • Nancy Flores

From the NHGRI Office of Intramural Training:

  • Belen Hurle
  • Michelle Hamlet
  • Pnina Laric

From the NIH Office of Science Education:

  • Debbie Knorr
  • Barbara Houtz
  • Cheryl Moore
  • Cynthia Delgado

From NCBI:

  • Deanna Church
  • John Lopez
  • Valerie Schneider
  • Cliff Clausen
  • Tim Valin
  • Don Preuss


  • Milton English
  • Andy Baxevanis
  • Teri Manolio
  • Sara Hull
  • Jean Jenkins
  • Amy Turiff
  • Isabel Cardenas-Navia
  • Sunita Shukla
  • Rebecca Kolberg
  • Omar McCrimmon
  • Geoff Spencer
  • Les Biesecker
  • Aunchalee Loscalzo
  • Greg Feero
  • Dale Lea
  • Jeff Schloss
  • Erin Ramos
  • Phyllis Frosst
  • Elizabeth Grice
  • Julie Segre

From the NIH National Library of Medicine:

  • Shana Potash
  • Melanie Modlin
  • Erika Mills

From NISC:

  • Robert Blakesley
  • Quino Maduro
  • Taccara Johnson
  • Jerlil Myrick
  • Casandra Montemajor
  • Marie C. Gestole
  • Holly Coleman
  • Shelise Brooks
  • Natalie Gurson
  • Keisha Hines-Harris
  • Christina Sison

From NIST:

  • John Butler
  • Margaret Kline
  • Pete Vallone
  • Jan Redman
  • Amy Decker
  • Becky Hill


  • Judit Camacho
  • Kellie Williams
  • Ed Ramos

From Concordia University:

  • Shellie Kieke and the Biology Department Summer Program

Prince Georges County Public Schools, MD:

  • Northwestern High School, Clemontene Rountree and the Environmental Sciences Class
  • Henry A. Wise High School, Monique Scott and the AP Bio Class

From Arizona State University:

  • Deirdre Meldrum
  • A. Cody Young
  • Lisa Alexander
  • Dean M. Smith
  • Shashanka Ashili
  • Aurelie Léclure
  • Tathagata Ray
  • Adam Dengler
  • Courtney
  • Aida Mohammadreza
  • Raisa Ahmad
  • Wandaliz Torres-Garcia
  • Rebecca Hui
  • Laimonas Kelbauskas
  • Benjamin Speck
  • Jordan Yaron
  • Jakrey Myers
  • Yuguang Jin
  • Mark R. Holl
  • Rhett Martineau

From Johns Hopkins University:

  • Amanda Bergner (and Steven Watson, Margaret Watson, Scott Watson, Jamie Helphenstine and Joann Grimes, patients & parents) (and Barbara Biesecker, instructor, genetics counseling class at NIH, Kathryn Foisie, and entire class: Johanna Loewenstein, Melinda Simonson, Melanie Baxter, Megan Truitt, Gillian W. Hooker, Julie S. Cohen, Amy Turriff, Amanda E. Rowe, Morgan Butrick, Amanda Singleton)
  • Carlton Haywood (and Efa Ahmed-Williams, associate)
  • Ruth Faden (and Kelsey Perkins, her assistant)
  • John Strouse (and Allan Sison, fellow and Rachel Han, research assistant)
  • Sophie Lanzkron (and Sadie Molock, office assistant)
  • Mary Catherine Beach (and Gail Geller, Deborah L. Dokken and Cynda Rushton, associates)
  • Vicky Milo Schneider
  • The Communications Dept. (Christen Brownlee, Ekaterina Pesheva, Audrey Huang and Timothy Parsons)
  • The Center for Talented Youth
  • The entire staff of the Infusion Centers (Adult and Pediatric) (Mandy David (physician assistant), Sherry Morton, Nicklaine Paul, Dawn Hatcher, Tanika Martin, Celissa D’Agostino, Daniel Lee, others)
  • Sickle cell patients and guardians: Patients and family members

Quiz Interviewees:

  • Sarah Knerr
  • Maria Belen Pappa
  • Emma L. Kurnat-Thoma
  • Christopher Juenger
  • Amy Turriff
  • Sunita Shukla
  • Arjun Prasad
  • Claudia Lopez
  • Monnie McGee
  • Ana Quintana
  • Michelle Juarez
  • Florence M. Gardipee
  • Ray Correa
  • Aixa Alemán-Diaz
  • Mónica Palomo
  • Stephanie Sandvick
  • Adrian Hermonillo
  • Camilo Varegas
  • Charla Lambert
  • Melissa Candelaria-Lyons
  • Mariela Martínez
  • Pamela Rios
  • Carlos Sanchez
  • Joseph Sanchez
  • Renee Benallie
  • Andrew Young

And ...

  • Bob Torcha
  • Charmaine Royal
  • Ella Greene Moton
  • Blayne Easter
  • Lois Tully
  • Ken Ryland
  • Our "Tour Guides": Kyle Taylor, Fatima Quander, and Belen Pappa
  • Rob Rooy and Rooy Media LLC, Regis Becker, Adam Lubkin, Atalanta Powell for their creativity and overall vibe
  • The entire staff of the Education and Community Involvement Branch (ECIB) at the NHGRI
  • The NHGRI Web team Technical Lead, David Smith
  • Site design and development by d’Vinci Interactive