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      Fact Sheets
         FISH Fact Sheet
         Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Fact Sheet
         DNA Microarray Technology
         Genetic Mapping Fact Sheet
         DNA Sequencing Fact Sheet
         Genetic Discrimination Fact Sheet
         ELSI Research Program Fact Sheet
         Chromosome Abnormalities Fact Sheet
         Comparative Genomics Fact Sheet
         About the International HapMap Project Fact Sheet
         About NHGRI Research Fact Sheet
         Knockout Mice Fact Sheet
         Transcriptome Fact Sheet
         A Brief Guide to Genomics
         Genome-Wide Association Studies Fact Sheet
         Cloning Fact Sheet
         Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Fact Sheet
         Chromosomes Fact Sheet
         Biological Pathways Fact Sheet
         Epigenomics Fact Sheet
         Newborn Screening Fact Sheet
      Online Genetics Education Resources
      All About The Human Genome Project (HGP)
         Other Federal Agencies Involved in Genomics
         50 Years of DNA Celebration
            April 2003 Public Symposium
               Public Symposium Agenda
               Public Symposium Sponsors
            April 2003 Scientific Symposium
               Scientific Symposium Agenda
               Scientific Symposium Sponsors
            50th Anniversary Celebrations Worldwide
            DNA Kit and Science Museum Activities
               List of Participating Museums
            Senate Congressional Resolution Designating National DNA Day
            House Resolution Designating National DNA Day
         An Overview of the Human Genome Project
            A Brief History of the Human Genome Project
               News About the Human Genome Project
            How NHGRI Managed the Human Genome Project
            The Completion of the Sequence and Remaining Goals
      Genetic Education Resources for Teachers
         Genetic Timeline
         Genetic Mind Reader
         DNA from the Beginning
         DNA Kit Select Activities
            What is the Human Genome Project?
         From the Blueprint to You
         USA Science and Engineering Festival
         Transcription and Translation
         Teaching the Microbiome
         Facts About the X Chromosome
         Facts About the Y Chromosome
      National DNA Day
            Online Chatroom FAQ
            Online Chatroom Archives
               2005 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2005 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
               2006 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2006 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
               2007 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2007 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
               2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2008 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
               2009 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2009 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Experts
               2010 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2010 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
               2011 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2011 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
               2012 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Transcript
                  2012 National DNA Day Online Chatroom Schedule of Experts
            Genomics: Towards a Healthier You
            The Genome Era: What It Means To You
            Life in the Lab
               Teaching Guide for Life in the Lab
            DNA - The Next Generation
            The Power of Comparison: Unleashing the Dog Genome
            Speaking About Genetics
               NHGRI Speakers
               Tips for Scientists
               Understand Your Role
                  Changing Attitudes About Science
                  Improving Science Education
                  Foster Equality in the Classroom
                  Group Dynamics
                  Summary and References
               Passing on the Torch
               Guidelines for Great Presentations
                  Bring Your Presentation to Life
                  Curriculum Topics Covered in High School Science Courses
                  Teacher Critique of the Presentation
                  Student Critique of the Presentation
                  Presentation Guidelines - References
         Get DNA Day Activity Ideas
            The 2015 DNA Day Pinterest Challenge for K-12 Teachers and Students
            National DNA Day Speaker Presentation Slide Show - Zip File Instructions
         DNA Day Newsroom
            National DNA Day Awards: 2011
            Past DNA Day News, Newsletters and Features
               Teach the Teachers
               NHGRI Researcher Returns to the Classroom to Teach - and Learn
               Genes in Motion
               National DNA Day Awards: 2008
               National DNA Day Awards: 2009
            What Are You Doing for National DNA Day 2010?
            NHGRI Employees Visit NIH Children's Inn To Make DNA Bracelets for National DNA Day
            National DNA Day Awards: 2010
            Chatting about National DNA Day 2011
            Join us for National DNA Day!
            National DNA Day Awards: 2012
         About National DNA Day
         Map of National DNA Day Events Happening Around the Country
         Register a DNA Day Event
         DNA Day Starter Kit
      Online Education Kit: Understanding the Human Genome Project
         Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Genetic Knowledge
            Online Education Kit: Transcript of ELSI Multimedia Video
            Online Education Kit: Guidance for ELSI Vignettes
            Online Education Kit: Nature vs. Nurture in the Criminal Justice System
            Online Education Kit: Duty to Warn
            Online Education Kit: Access by Law Enforcement
            Online Education Kit: Interpreting Risk: The Impact of Life Experiences
            Online Education Kit: Genetic Screening and Discrimination: Relevance of Historical Experience
            Online Education Kit: Genetic Discrimination: Inherited vs. Acquired Disease
            Online Education Kit: Genetic Determinism: Endurance Athletes
            Online Education Kit: Genetic Testing: Protecting Health or Denying Rights?
            Online Education Kit: One for the Other
            Online Education Kit: The Benefits of Research: Do We Share the Wealth?
         Online Education Kit: How to Sequence a Human Genome
            Online Education Kit: Introduction: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Mapping: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Building Libraries: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Subclones: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: E. Coli to Store and Copy DNA: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Preparing DNA for Sequencing Reactions: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Sequencing Reactions: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Products of Sequencing Reactions: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Separating the Sequencing Products: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Reading the Sequencing Products: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Assembling the Results: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Working Draft Sequence: Transcript
            Online Education Kit: Conclusion: Transcript
         Online Education Kit: Timeline: From Darwin and Mendel to the Human Genome Project
            Online Education Kit: 1800's
               Online Education Kit: 1859: Darwin Published On the Origin of Species, Proposing Continual Evolution of Species
               Online Education Kit: 1865: Mendel's Peas
               Online Education Kit: 1869: DNA First Isolated
               Online Education Kit: 1879: Mitosis Observed
            Online Education Kit: 1900's
               Online Education Kit: 1900: Rediscovery of Mendel's Work
               Online Education Kit: 1902: Orderly Inheritance of Disease Observed
               Online Education Kit: 1902: Chromosome Theory of Heredity
               Online Education Kit: 1909: The Word Gene Coined
               Online Education Kit: 1911: Fruit Flies Illuminate the Chromosome Theory
            Online Education Kit: 1940's
               Online Education Kit: 1941: One Gene, One Enzyme
               Online Education Kit: 1943: X-ray Diffraction of DNA
               Online Education Kit: 1944: DNA is "Transforming Principle"
               Online Education Kit: 1944: Jumping Genes
            Online Education Kit: 1950's
               Online Education Kit: 1952: Genes are Made of DNA
               Online Education Kit: 1953: DNA Double Helix
               Online Education Kit: 1955: DNA Copying Enzyme
               Online Education Kit: 1956: Cause of Disease Traced to Alteration
               Online Education Kit: 1958: Semiconservative Replication of DNA
               Online Education Kit: 1959: Chromosome Abnormalities Identified
               Online Education Kit: 1955 (A): 46 Human Chromosomes
            Online Education Kit: 1960's
               Online Education Kit: 1961 (A): mRNA Ferries Information
               Online Education Kit: 1961 (B): First Screen for Metabolic Defect in Newborns
               Online Education Kit: 1966: Genetic Code Cracked
               Online Education Kit: 1968: First Restriction Enzymes Described
            Online Education Kit: 1970's
               Online Education Kit: 1972: First Recombinant DNA
               Online Education Kit: 1973: First Animal Gene Cloned
               Online Education Kit: 1975-77: DNA Sequencing
               Online Education Kit: 1976: First Genetic Engineering Company
               Online Education Kit: 1977: Introns Discovered
            Online Education Kit: 1980's
               Online Education Kit: 1981-82: First Transgenic Mice and Fruit Flies
               Online Education Kit: 1982: GenBank Database Formed
               Online Education Kit: 1983: First Disease Gene Mapped
               Online Education Kit: 1983: PCR Invented
               Online Education Kit: 1986: First Time Gene Positionally Cloned
               Online Education Kit: 1987: First Human Genetic Map
               Online Education Kit: 1987: YACs Developed
               Online Education Kit: 1989: Microsatellites, New Genetic Markers
               Online Education Kit: 1989: Sequence-tagged Sites, Another Marker
            Online Education Kit: 1990-1994
               Online Education Kit: 1990: Launch of the Human Genome Project
               Online Education Kit: 1990: ELSI Founded
               Online Education Kit: 1990: Research on BACs
               Online Education Kit: 1991: ESTs, Fragments of Genes
               Online Education Kit: 1992: Second-generation Genetic Map of Human Genome
               Online Education Kit: 1992: Data Release Guidelines Established
               Online Education Kit: 1993: New HGP Five-Year Plan
               Online Education Kit: 1994: FLAVR SAVR Tomato
               Online Education Kit: 1994: Detailed Human Genetic Map
               Online Education Kit: 1994: Microbial Genome Project
            Online Education Kit: 1995-1996
               Online Education Kit: 1995: Ban on Genetic Discrimination in Workplace
               Online Education Kit: 1995: Two Microbial Genomes Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 1995: Physical map of Human Genome Completed
               Online Education Kit: 1996: International Strategy Meeting on Human Genome Sequencing
               Online Education Kit: 1996: Mouse Genetic Map Completed
               Online Education Kit: 1996: Yeast Genome Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 1996: Archaea Genome Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 1996: Health Insurance Discrimination Banned
               Online Education Kit: 1996: 280,00 Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs)
               Online Education Kit: 1996: Human Gene Map Created
               Online Education Kit: 1996: Human DNA Sequence Begins
            Online Education Kit: 1997-1999
               Online Education Kit: 1997: Bermuda Meeting Affirms Principle of Data Release
               Online Education Kit: 1997: E. coli Genome Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 1997: Recommendations on Genetic Testing
               Online Education Kit: 1998: Company Announces Sequencing Plan
               Online Education Kit: 1998: M. Tuberculosis Bacterium Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 1998: Committee on Genetic Testing
               Online Education Kit: 1998: HGP Map Included 30,000 Human Genes
               Online Education Kit: 1998: New HGP Goals for 2003
               Online Education Kit: 1998: SNP Initiative Begins
               Online Education Kit: 1998: Genome of Roundworm C. elegans Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 1999: Full-scale Human Genome Sequencing
               Online Education Kit: 1999: Chromosome 22
            Online Education Kit: 2000-2001
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Free Access to Genomic Information
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Chromosome 21
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Working Draft
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Drosophila and Arabidopsis Genomes Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Executive Order Bans Genetic Discrimination in the Federal Workplace
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Yeast Interactome Published
               Online Education Kit: 2000: Fly Model of Parkinson's Disease Reported
               Online Education Kit: 2001: First Draft of the Human Genome Sequence Released
               Online Education Kit: 2001: RNAi Shuts Off Mammalian Genes
               Online Education Kit: 2001: FDA Approves Genetics-based Drug to Treat Leukemia
            Online Education Kit: 2002-2003
               Online Education Kit: 2002: Mouse Genome Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 2002: Researchers Find Genetic Variation Associated with Prostate Cancer
               Online Education Kit: 2002: Rice Genome Sequenced
               Online Education Kit: 2002: The International HapMap Project is Announced
               Online Education Kit: 2002: The Genomes to Life Program is Launched
               Online Education Kit: 2002: Researchers Identify Gene Linked to Bipolar Disorder
               Online Education Kit: 2003: Human Genome Project Completed
               Online Education Kit: 2003: Fiftieth Anniversary of Watson and Crick's Description of the Double Helix
               Online Education Kit: 2003: The First National DNA Day Celebrated
               Online Education Kit: 2003: ENCODE Program Begins
               Online Education Kit: 2003: Premature Aging Gene Identified
         Online Education Kit: Genes, Variation and Human History
            Online Education Kit: Activity 1: Genetic Variation in Populations
            Online Education Kit: Activity 2: Using Genes to Trace Human History
         Online Education Kit: Articles of Interest
            Online Education Kit: Implications of the Genome Project for Medical Science
            Online Education Kit: Genomics and the Future
         Online Education Kit: Understanding the Human Genome Project: Credits
         Understanding Bioinformatics and Sequencing
            Online Education Kit: Bioinformatics: Introduction
            Online Education Kit: Bioinformatics: Finding Genes
            Online Education Kit: Bioinformatics: Finding Functions
            Online Education Kit: Bioinformatics: Examining Variation
         Online Education Kit: Our Molecular Selves
            Online Education Kit: Transcript: Exploring Our Molecular Selves
      Talking Glossary
      Smithsonian NHGRI Genome Exhibition
         NHGRI and Smithsonian Institution Announce Collaboration on Genome Exhibition
         Smithsonian-NHGRI 10th Anniversary Exhibition Advisory Board
         HGP10: The Genomics Landscape a Decade after the Human Genome Project
            HGP10 Seminar Series
               HGP10 Seminar Series Speaker Bios
            HGP10 Symposium Agenda
               HGP Symposiums: About the Speakers.
         Video: What is a Gene?
         Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Education Programs
            Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Exhibition Closing Symposium
         The African Diaspora: Integrating Culture, Genomics and History
      Education Archive
         Chromosome Microdissection Fact Sheet
         DNA Microchip Technology Fact Sheet
         SKY Fact Sheet
         Nanomedicine Fact Sheet
         Community Genetics Forum
         Family History Demonstration Projects
         NHGRI Webinar Series
            All About the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act of 2008 (GINA)
            Family History: The Next Generation
            Genome-Wide Association Studies: Hunting for Genes in the New Millennium
            The Long and Short of It: Finding Genes for Complex Traits in the Domestic Dog
            Planning for the Future of Genomics
            Human Skin Microflora: DNA Sequence-Based Approach to Examining Hand Disease


      Health Archive
         Learning About the BRCAX Study
      Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center
         GARD Article For Health-Care Professionals' Newsletters
            GARD Sidebar For Health-Care Professionals' Newsletters
         Finding Reliable Health Information Online
         Financial Assistance Information
         Printed Resource Materials for Health Providers
         About the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center
         How to Contact a GARD Information Specialist
         Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases: Where Pediatricians Can Go for Reliable Information and Resources
      Online Health and Support Resources
         Genetic, Rare and Orphan Disease Resources Online
         Genome Research Resources Online
         Screening, Testing and Risk Assessment Resources Online
         Genetic Counseling, Support and Advocacy Groups Online
         Health Professional Genetics Resources Online
         Family Medical History and Tools Resources Online
         ELSI Policy and Legislation Online
         General Health Information Resources Online
         Clinical Research and Trials Resources Online
         IRB Related Resources Online
         Genetic Information Search Engines
      Genomic Medicine for Patients and the Public
         Specific Genetic Disorders
            Learning About Sickle Cell Disease
            Learning About Skin Cancer
            Learning About Colon Cancer
            Learning About Breast Cancer
            Learning About Cystic Fibrosis
            Learning About Hereditary Hemochromatosis
            Learning About Duane Syndrome
            Learning About Familial Mediterranean Fever
            Learning about Neurofibromatosis
            Learning about Poland Anomaly
            Learning About an Undiagnosed Condition in a Child
            Learning About Porphyria
            Learning About Cri du Chat
            Learning About Achondroplasia
            Learning About Down Syndrome
            Learning About Marfan Syndrome
            Learning About Velocardiofacial Syndrome
            Learning About Myotonic Dystrophy
            Learning About Osteogenesis Imperfecta
            Learning About Autism
         FAQ About Genetic Counseling
         FAQ About Genetic Disorders
         FAQ About Genetics, Disease Prevention and Treatment
         FAQ About Genetic Testing
         Family History: My Family Health Portrait
            The U.S. Surgeon General's Family History Initiative: Family History Initiative
         Genomic Medicine and Health Care
               Learning About Huntington's Disease
               Learning About Parkinson's Disease
               Learning About Tay-Sachs Disease
               Learning About Thalassemia
               Learning About Prostate Cancer
                  Hereditary Prostate Cancer in African-Americans Study
                     Hereditary Prosate Cancer Study FAQ
                     Prostate Cancer Study Enrollment
                     Recruitment Sites
                     About the Hereditary Prostate Cancer in African-Americans Study
               Learning About Progeria
               Learning About Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
               Learning About Holoprosencephaly
               Learning About Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)
               Learning about Retinitis Pigmentosa
               Learning about Factor V Leiden Thrombophilia
               Learning About An Undiagnosed Condition in an Adult
               Learning About Antiphospholipid Syndrome
               Learning About Dercum Disease
               Learning About Fragile X Syndrome
               Learning About Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
               Learning About Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD)
               Learning About Klinefelter Syndrome
               Learning About Turner Syndrome
               Learning About Autosomal Polycystic Kidney Disease
               Learning About Hemophilia
               Learning About Spinal Muscular Atrophy
               Learning About Phenylketonuria
               Learning About Familial Hypercholesterolemia
               Learning About Gaucher Disease
               Learning About Noonan Syndrome
               Learning About Crohn's Disease
               Learning About WAGR Syndrome
               Learning About Wilson Disease
            Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Genomic Medicine
            What is Genomic Medicine?
         Genetic and Genomic Science and Research
            FAQ About Clinical Research
            FAQ About Genetic and Genomic Science
            FAQ About Genetic Research
         FAQ About Pharmacogenomics
         FAQ About Rare Diseases
         FAQ About Neglected Diseases
         Community Engagement and Community Health Resources
            Partnership for Community Outreach and Engagement in Genomics
               Your Genome & You
                  Your Genome & You: Resources List
            2011-2012 Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series
            2012-2013 Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series
            2013-2014 Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series
            2014 GIM Lectures
         NIH awards $55 million to build million-person precision medicine study
      Genomic Medicine for Health Care Providers
         Genetics and Genomics and Patient Management
            Family History
               Guidelines and Tools to Assess History of Common Diseases
                  Breast and Ovarian Cancer
                  Colorectal Cancer
                  Coronary Heart Disease
            What to Consider When Ordering a Genetic Test
            Genetic Evaluation and Counseling for Genetic Testing
            Web-based Clinical Resources
            Patient Advocacy and Support Resources
            Policy and Ethics Issues
            Genomics and Health Information Technology Systems: Exploring the Issues
               GHITS: Agenda
            Genomic Opportunities for Studying Sickle Cell Disease
               SCD Workshop Agenda
            Characterizing and Displaying Genetic Variants for Clinical Action
               ClinAction Agenda, PowerPoints and Videos
         Policy & Ethics Issues
         Competency and Curricular Resources
            Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities
            Journal of Nursing Scholarship Genomics Special Issue
            Journal of Nursing Scholarship Genomic Nursing Webinar Series
         New Horizons and Research Activities
         Genetics 101 for Health Professionals
         Quick Links for Patient Care
         Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education in Genomics (ISCC)
            ISCC First In-Person Meeting - September 2013
            ISCC Second In-Person Meeting - April 2014
            ISCC Case Studies Working Group: Case Studies
            ISCC Fourth In-Person Meeting - May 21, 2015
            ISCC Fifth In-Person Meeting - January 14, 2016
               ISCC Fifth In-Person Meeting Attendees
            ISCC Members and Federal Agency Providers
            ISCC Sixth In-Person Meeting - January 24, 2017
         Genomics in Medicine Lectures
         Webinars for Health Insurers and Payers: Understanding Genetic Testing
         The NIH Family Health History Tool Conference, 2016

Careers & Training

      Training Programs
         Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research
         Graduate Partnerships Program
         Medical Genetics Residency and Fellowship Training
            Medical Genetics Residency Program Application
            Residency and Fellowship Program Faculty
            Residency and Fellowship Program Mentors
            Medical Fellowship Program Application
         Pediatrics and Medical Genetics Residency Program
         Genetic Counseling Training Program
            Frequently Asked Questions
            Program of Study
            Clinical Training
               Clinical Rotation Sites
            Research Training
            Student Life
            Genetic Counseling Resources
            Meet a Graduate
            GCTP Clinical Supervisor Bios
            GCTP Meetings and Workshops
               2014 Genetic Counseling Training Program Alumni Research Symposium
            Meet the Students
         Physician Scientist Development Program
         Technical Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA)
         Post-Baccalaureate IRTA
         NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program
         Non-Doctoral Level Training in Social and Behavioral Research
         Postdoctoral Intramural Research Training Award
         NHGRI Intramural Health Disparities Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
         Medical Biochemical Genetics Residency Program
         Maternal Fetal Medicine/Medical Genetics
         NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program 2014 Fellowship Announcement
         NIH-ACMG Fellowship in Genomic Medicine Program Management
      Working at NHGRI
         NHGRI Job Openings
            Data Access and Sharing Scientific Program Analyst
            Scientific Program Analyst
         Postdoctoral Positions at NHGRI
            Postdoctoral Position in Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics
            Postdoctoral Position in Bioinformatics and Genomics
         NHGRI Tenure Track Positions
         Volunteer Opportunities at NIH
      Educational Programs
         NHGRI Short Course in Genomics
         Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship
            Other Policy Fellowships and Internships
            Past ASHG/NHGRI Fellow Testimonials
         Lindau-Nobel Laureates Meeting Nomination
         UDC-NHGRI Genomics Course
         Genetics and Education Fellowship
         NHGRI Short Course in Genomics: Nurse, Physician Assistant and Faculty Track
            2016 NHGRI Short Course in Genomics: Nurse, Physician Assistant and Faculty Track
      Online Careers & Training Resources
         Genetics Professional Groups Online
         U.S. Government Genetics Agencies Online
         Genomic Careers Resource
      Health Professional Education
         Essential Nursing Competencies and Curricula Guidelines FAQ
         Genomics in Physician Assistant Practice
      Careers & Training Archive

Issues in Genetics

      Online Bioethics Resources
      Genetic Discrimination
         GINA and Employee Wellness
            Federal Government Policy on Insurance or Employment Discrimination
               President Bush 2001 Weekly Radio Address
               Summary of S. 1053
            Congressional Hearings and Testimony on Genetic Discrimination
               February 2002 Bobby Jindal Testimony
            Health Insurance and Employment: Reports and Publications
            Francis Collins Statement Regarding S.306
            Cases of Genetic Discrimination
            NIH-DOE Joint Working Group Recommendations
            Existing Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws and How They Apply to Genetics
               Federal Policy Recommendations Including HIPAA
            President Clinton's Executive Order Prohibiting the Use of Genetic Information In Hiring or Promoting
            Pertinent Genetic Antidiscrimination Bills Introduced in Congress in 2003
            How a Bill Becomes Law
            Statement on House Passage of GINA
         The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008
         Genetic Discrimination and Other Laws
         Legislative History of GINA
      Regulation of Genetic Tests
         A Brief Primer on Genetic Testing
         Reimbursement Models to Promote Evidence Generation and Innovation for Genomic Tests
         Points to Consider in Assessing When an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) Might be Needed
            Suggested IDE Submission Format
      Intellectual Property
      Coverage and Reimbursement of Genetic Tests
      Informed Consent for Genomics Research
         The Informed Consent Resource
            Informed Consent: Resources and Educational Tools
            Informed Consent: Glossary
            Informed Consent: Sample Consent Forms
            Informed Consent: Special Considerations for Genome Research
            Informed Consent: Required Elements of the Consent Form
      Genome Statute and Legislation Database
         Glossary of Statutory, Legislative and Regulatory Terms
         Table of State Statutes Related to Genomics
         Defining Research Needs and Assessing Implications for Research Following the Release of the ACMG Recommendations for Incidental Findings in Clinical Genome Sequencing: Agenda
         Meeting Roster
      Issues in Genetics Archive
         Informed Consent
            Informed Consent Federal Legislation Archive
         Genetic Discrimination in Health Insurance or Employment
         Policy Recommendations for Genetic Discrimination in Insurance or Employment Discrmination
         Federal Legislation on Genetic Discrimination in Insurance or Employment
         Privacy and Discrimination Federal Legislation Archive
         Direct to Consumer Marketing of Genetic Tests
            Direct to Consumer Marketing Meeting Summary
         The Role of the NHGRI in the Federal Legislative Process
         NHGRI Director Speaks at Personalized Medicine Briefing
         The Future of Genomic Medicine: Policy Implications for Research and Medicine
         GAO Concludes DTC Genetic Tests Mislead Consumers
         FDA Issues Guidance On "Home Brew" and In Vitro Tests
         Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008
         The Ethics of Synthetic Biology and Emerging Technologies
         Public Webinar on the Draft Genomic Data Sharing Policy
      Privacy in Genomics
      Human Subjects Research in Genomics
         Participating in Genomics Research
         Highlights of Revisions to the Common Rule
         Return of Research Results
         Data Sharing and Privacy
      FDA requests comments on draft guidance for Precision Medicine Initiative
      Genomics and Health Disparities
         GHD: Meetings and Activities
            Genomics and Health Disparities Lecture Series
            Roundtable on Inclusion and Engagement of Underrepresented Populations in Genomics
            Workshop on the Use of Race and Ethnicity in Genomics and Biomedical Research
            Scientific Interest Group on Genomics & Health Disparities
         GHD: Resources and Reports
         GHD: Training and Career Development
         GHD: Genomics and Health Disparities Archive
      Workshop on Sharing Aggregate Genomic Data
      Genome Editing
         How does genome editing work?
         How is genome editing used?
         What are the ethical concerns about genome editing?
         What do people think about genome editing?
         What’s happening in genome editing right now?


      Budget and Financial Information
         Budget and Financial FAQ
         NHGRI FY 2003 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2004 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2005 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2006 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2007 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2008 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2009 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2010 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2010 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2011 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2011 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2012 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2012 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2013 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2013 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2014 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2014 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2015 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2015 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2016 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2016 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2017 Congressional Justification
         NHGRI FY 2017 Budget Request
         NHGRI FY 2018 Congressional Justification
      Institute Advisors
         National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research
            NACHGR Roster
               ERA Group Mission and Structure
            NACHGR Past Meeting Summaries
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, September 2001
               May 2001 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, February 2001
               September 2000 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               May 2000 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, February 2000
               September 1999 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               May 1999 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, February 1999
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, September 1998
               May 1998 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               February 1998 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, September 1997
               May 1997 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, February 1997
               NACHGR Meeting Summary, September 1996
               May 1996 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               February 1996 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               September 1995 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               September 1994 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               February 2002 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               May 2002 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               September 2002 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               February 2003 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               May 2003 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               September 2003 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               February 2004 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               May 2004 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               September 2004 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               NACHGR Meeting Summary February 2005
               NACHGR Meeting Summary May 2005
               September 2005 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               February 2006 NACHGR Meeting Summary
               May 2006 NACHGR Meeting Summary
            NACHGR February 2005 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: 2005 February Meeting
            Agenda and Documents for the February 2004 Meeting
               February 2004 Council Documents
            NACHGR May 2004 Council Agenda
               Director's Report Related Documents: 2004 May Meeting
            Agenda and Documents for the September 2004 Meeting
               Director's Report Related Documents: 2004 September Meeting
            NACHGR May 2005 Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: May 2005 Council
            Agenda and Documents for the September 2005 Meeting
               Director's Report Related Documents: September 2005
                  Workshop on the Future of the Large-Scale Sequencing Program
                  Large-Scale Sequencing Program: Concept Clearance
            Agenda for the February 2006 Meeting
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2006 Meeting
            NACHGR May 2006 Agenda and Documents
            NACHGR Agenda and Documents for the September 2006 Meeting
               Director's Report Related Documents September 2006 Meeting
            NACHGR February 2007 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2007 Meeting
            NACHGR May 2007 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents May 2007
            September 2007 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents September 2007
            February 2008 NACHGR Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents February 2008
            NACHGR May 2008 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents - May 2008
            September 2008 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents - September 2008
            NACHGR February 2009 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2009
            NACHGR May 2009 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: May 2009
            NACHGR September 2009 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: September 2009
            NACHGR February 2010 Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2010
               Items of Interest: February 2010 Council
            NACHGR May 2010 Meeting Agenda and Documents
            NACHGR September 2010 Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: September 2010
            NACHGR February 2011 Council Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents February 2011
            May 2011 NACHGR Open Session Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: May 2011
            September 2011 NACHGR Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: September 2011
            February 2012 NACHGR Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2012
            May 2012 NACHGR Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: May 2012
            September 2012 NACHGR Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: September 2012
            February 2013 NACHGR Meeting Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2013
            May 2013 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               May 2013 Director's Report Related Documents
            September 2013 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               September 2013 Director's Report Related Documents
            February 2014 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               February 2014 Directors Report-Related Documents
            May 2014 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               May 2014 Director's Report Related Documents
            February 2015 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               February 2015 Director's Report Related Documents
            May 2015 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               May 2015 Director's Report Related Documents
            September 2015 NACHGR Open Session Meeting Agenda and Documents
               September 2015 Director's Report Related Documents
            February 2016 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2016
            May 2016 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report-Related Documents: May 2016
            September 2016 NACHGR Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: February 2017
            May 2017 Council Agenda and Documents
               Director's Report Related Documents: May 2017
            September 2017 Council Agenda and Documents
            NHGRI Genomic Data Science Working Group
         Board of Scientific Counselors
            Board of Scientific Counselors Roster
         Initial Review Group
            Initial Review Group GNOM-G Roster
            Initial Review Group Charter
         Office of the Director
            News Features from the Office of the Director
               Researchers Can Apply Now for Access to GAIN Data
               American Society of Human Genetics' Meeting Showcases NHGRI Research
               Bringing the Genomic Revolution to the Public
               New Directions in NHGRI Office of the Director
               Janis Mullaney Joins NHGRI as Executive Officer
               NHGRI-Supported Research Earns High Impact Ranking
               NHGRI Director to Receive International Ethics Prize
               NHGRI Pays Tribute to a Giant of Medical Genetics
               Dr. Alan Guttmacher Becomes NHGRI Acting Director
               NHGRI Shares Wealth of Science at ASHG Meeting
               Do You Know Your Family's Health History?
               Free Online Tutorials Teach Anyone How to Use Genome Databases
               Sequencing Projects Offer Renewed Hope for Cancer Research
               HHS Issues New Guidance on GINA
               Resources for Understanding the Novel Influenza A Outbreak
               NHGRI Creates Informed Consent Web Resource for Genomics Research
               Genetics Pioneer, Former NHGRI Advisor to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom
               President Announces Major ARRA Funding For The Cancer Genome Atlas Project
               Finding the Missing Heritability of Complex Diseases
               NHGRI Scientists to Showcase Research at Annual American Society of Human Genetics Meeting in Hawaii
               Welcome to NHGRI's Redesigned Web Site!
               Nobel Laureate Carol Greider Delivers Prestigious NHGRI Trent Lecture
               OD News Features: Rare Disease Day 2010
               Genome Pioneers Share Albany Prize, "America's Nobel"
               Science in the Court
               NHGRI Director Eric Green to Give Watson Lecture
               60th ASHG Program to Showcase NHGRI Research
               NHGRI Director Green honored by Washington University at St. Louis
               Sharing your family health history can save your life
               Four NHGRI Scientists, Grantees Recognized By President Obama
               Luminaries Shed Light on Genomics' Bright Future
               Rare Disease Day 2011
               NHGRI Taps Laura Lyman Rodriguez to Lead Office of Policy, Communications and Education
               Calculating the economic impact of the Human Genome Project
               Rackover lauded for introducing genetic literacy to physician assistant education
               NIH Requests Public Comments on the Genetic Testing Registry (GTR)
               NHGRI sets sights on 61st ASHG meeting in Montreal
               NHGRI launches improved online Spanish talking glossary of genetic terms
               Students gain real world experience through NIH summer internship program
               Create a health portrait for your family this Thanksgiving
               African researchers weigh in on ethics of genomic research on African continent
               NHGRI funds researchers to evaluate standard measures in genomic studies
               NHGRI Proposes Reorganizing
               Genomics in Medicine: Join us in for a breast cancer genomics talk by Stanley Lipkowitz, NCI
               Health disparities research program life-changing for postdoctoral fellows
               Genes and plays: Bringing ethical issues to life
               Rare Disease Day 2012: Patients and Researchers: Partners for Life
               NHGRI Scientific Director Dan Kastner elected to the Institute of Medicine
               Gather for a family health portrait this Thanksgiving
               Drama sets the stage for exploring medical technology's ethical dilemmas
               NHGRI Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Human Genome Project Completion
               Worm genome sequencing influenced Human Genome Project's data sharing principles
               NHGRI Symposium Commemorates 10th Anniversary of the Human Genome Project
               News Update: The Jackson Lab adopts NCHPEG's website
               NHGRI spotlights intramural findings at NIH Research Festival
               Take stock of health history with family members this Thanksgiving
               International gathering highlights challenges, opportunities in genomic medicine
               NHGRI workshop spotlights the connection between genomics and theater
               NHGRI's Division of Intramural Research implements new structure to adapt to the dynamic genomics era
               NHGRI's Mark Guyer retires, played leading role in the Human Genome Project
               NHGRI leadership, investigators, and trainees to spotlight institute research at ASHG annual meeting
               Ellen Rolfes appointed new NHGRI executive officer
               This Thanksgiving, celebrate National Family Health History Day
               Carla Easter to lead NHGRI Education and Community Involvement Branch
               NHGRI assists new investigators with Pathway to Independence
               Dr. John Ohab to lead NHGRI communications
               This Thanksgiving, join NHGRI in celebrating Family Health History Day!
               We need your input: dbGaP Data Submission and Access Process
               NHGRI oral history collection features influential genomics researchers
            Director Eric D. Green, M.D., Ph.D.
               Director Eric D. Green, M.D., Ph.D. Short Bio
            Kris Wetterstrand, M.S.
            The NHGRI Reorganization
               Description of the New NHGRI Organization
               First Public Meeting
               Second Public Meeting
               Frequently Asked Questions About the NHGRI Reorganization
            Allison Mandich, M.S.
         Divisions of the National Human Genome Research Institute
            Division of Management
               Intramural Administrative Management Branch (IAMB)
               Administrative Services Branch
               Financial Management Branch
                  Funding History
               Information Technology Branch
               Ethics Branch
                  Leonard Ross, J.D., M.B.A.
               Ellen M. Rolfes, M.A.
               Management Analysis and Workforce Development
            Division of Policy, Communications, and Education
               Policy and Program Analysis Branch
                  Workshop: Investigational Device Exemptions (IDE) and Genomics Workshop
                  Sonya Jooma, M.A.
                  Rebecca Hong, B.S.
               Communications and Public Liaison Branch
                  Jeannine Mjoseth, B.A.
                  Chief: John J. Ohab, Ph.D.
               Education and Community Involvement Branch
                     Community Genetics Forum 2005
                        Agenda: A Community Genetics Forum
                     A Community Genetics Forum 2006
                  Carla L. Easter, Ph.D.
                  Jeffre Witherly, Ph.D.
                  Christina Daulton, M.A.
                  Elizabeth Tuck, M.A.
                  Belen Hurle, Ph.D.
                  Julie Nadel, Ph.D.
                  Rosann Wise, M.A.
                  Teresa Ramirez, Ph.D.
                  Genomic Literacy, Education, and Engagement (GLEE) Initiative
               Genomic Healthcare Branch
                  Donna Messersmith, Ph.D.
               Laura Lyman Rodriguez, Ph.D.
                  Rodriguez Publications
               Division of Policy, Communications, and Education Staff
               News Features from DPCE
                  2018 News Feature: Improving science policy and healthcare through the NHGRI-ASHG fellowship
                  2013 News Feature: Students explore the natural world during DNA Day activities
                  2015 News Feature: This holiday season, resolve to discover your family health history
                  2015 News Feature: Genome exhibition travels to The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California
                  2015 News Feature: NHGRI updates online resource on informed consent for genomics research
                  2015 News Feature: LabTV reveals The Human Faces of Medical Research
                  2015 News Feature: NHGRI welcomes 2015 ASHG/NHGRI education and public policy fellows
                  2015 News Feature: Cristina Kapustij joins NHGRI as policy chief
                  2016 News Feature: National DNA Day: Improving genomic literacy on a national scale
                  2016 News Feature: Happy Thanksgiving! Collect and act on your family health history
                  2017 News Feature: NHGRI-ASHG fellowships fulfill critical need in science policy and education
                  2017 News Feature: NIH seeks comment on proposal to update data management of genomic summary results
                  2017 News Feature: New policy to protect research participants of NIH-funded research
                  2017 News Feature: This Thanksgiving, share your family health history
                  DPCE News Features Archive 2007-1014
                     2007 News Feature: Dr. Greg Feero: Moving Genomic Medicine into the Doctor's Office
                     2007 News Feature: Building Bridges: Moving Genomics Into Clinical Care
                     2008 News Feature: Pilot Program Coordinates Education in Genomic Medicine
                     2009 News Feature: What Are You Doing for National DNA Day 2009?
                     2009 News Feature: Online GWAS Catalog Helps Guide Disease Research
                     2009 News Feature: Making a Mightier Knockout Mouse
                     2009 News Feature: Stimulus Funds Support Student's Summer Job, Future Dreams
                     2009 News Feature: Commuity Colleges Have Their Day at NIH
                     2010 News Feature: Back-to-school gene tools are just a click away
                     2011 News Feature: NHGRI and NCI Team Up for a Series of Genetic/Genomic Articles for Nursing Educators
                     2011 News Feature: New Web Portal Expands View of Genetic Association Data for Researchers
                     2011 News Feature: Take the 'Talking Glossary of Genetic terms' mobile app with you
                     2011 News Feature: Genomics in Medicine: Lecture series opener explores individualized medicine
                     2011 News Feature: Addressing the challenges of using genetic variants in medical care
                     2012 News Feature: Genomics in Medicine: Researchers examine genomics for breast cancer treatment
                     2012 News Feature: Pharmacists focus on education in genomics at meeting with NHGRI
                     2012 News Feature: Nurse, administrators sought for research project on genomic competency
                     2012 News Feature: NHGRI supports proposed incentives for electronic recording of family health histories
                     2012 News Feature: NIH summer student alum wins Best Graduate Student Presentation award
                     2012 News Feature: Join us April 20 for National DNA Day!
                     2012 News Feature: NHGRI invites you to the 'Woodstock of Science' April 28-29
                     2012 News Feature: NIH launches new genetics education resource
                     2012 News Feature: 2012 SACNAS conference brings out the best in NHGRI alum Keolu Fox
                     2013 News Feature: Special Issue Highlights Nurses' Role Practical Considerations in Genomic Healthcare
                     2013 News Feature: NHGRI reports on first genomic literacy workshop
                     2013 News Feature: Researchers explore genomic data privacy and risk
                     2013 News Feature: FDA clears next-generation sequencer for routine medical care
                     2014 News Feature: Genomic educational resources for pharmacists added to G2C2 website
                     2014 News Feature: Apply for NHGRI-ASHG's new education fellowship for genetics professionals
                     2014 News Feature: Lectures on the genomics of neurology and psychiatry begin this spring
                     2014 News Feature: ASHG announces DNA Day essay contest winner
                     2014 News Feature: Science lovers flock to NHGRI booth at the USA Science & Engineering Festival
                     2014 News Feature: High school students get crash course on careers in genomics from NHGRI researchers
                     2014 News Feature: Genomic educational resources for physicians added to G2C2 website
                     2014 News Feature: We Speak Your Name: Brooklyn community celebrates Henrietta Lacks
                     2014 News Release: NHGRI, National Congress of American Indians
                     2014 News Feature: NHGRI welcomes new education and policy fellows
                     2014 News Feature: Genome: Unlocking Life's Code closing symposium features genomics, global health and the future
                     2014 News Feature: Robert Wildin, M.D., joins NHGRI as chief of the Genomic Healthcare Branch
               Community Engagement in Genomics Working Group
      Initiatives and Resources for Minority and Special Populations
         Research Training and Career Development
         Community Outreach, Education
            2002 Human in Genome Lecture Series
         Collaborative Research
            NHGRI and University of Antioquia Collaboration
         Conference about the HGP for Minority Communities
               Minority Action Plan Portal - Institutional Graduate Training Programs
               Minority Action Plan Portal - Individual Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities
               Minority Action Plan Portal - Faculty Funding Opportunities
               University of Washington, Seattle: GenOM Project
                  Success Stories from GenOM Project Participants
                  Testimonials From GenOm Past Participants
               UCLA Genomic Analysis Training Program
               Molecular and Genomic Imaging Center Summer Program
               UCSC Diversity Program in Genomic Sciences
               Minority Diversity Initiative in the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine
                  HGSC/BCM Success Stories
               Genomic Sciences Training Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison
               Stanford Summer Research Program
               The Johns Hopkins University Center Scholars Program
               Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology Summer Institute
               The Jackson Laboratory Educational Programs
               Yale Center for Excellence in Genome Science
               University of Washington Interdisciplinary Training in Genomic Sciences
               Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
               Opportunities in Genomics Research
         History of NHGRI's Minority/Diversity Action Plan
      Long-Range Planning
         Past Long-Range Planning
            Past Long-Range Planning Groups
               ELSI Policy Planning Group
               DER Planning Group
               DIR Planning Group
            Past Planning Process Overview
               Past Planning Process Workshop Timeline
         White Papers: The 2008-2011 Planning Process
            Revised White Paper #1: Applying Genomics to Clinical Problems - Diagnostics, Preventive Medicine, Pharmacogenomics
            Revised White Paper #2: Applying Genomics to Clinical Problems - Therapeutics
            Revised White Paper #3: A Vision for the Future of Genomics: Education and Community Engagement
            Revised White Paper #4: The Future of Genome Sequencing
         Workshops: NHGRI 2008-2011 Planning Process
         Topics: NHGRI 2008-2011 Planning Process
         Event: A Decade with the Human Genome Sequence: Charting a Course for Genomic Medicine
            A Decade with the Human Genome Sequence: Speaker Biographies
            A Decade with the Human Genome Sequence: Agenda
         Charting a course for genomic medicine from base pairs to bedside: The Strategic Plan
      Contact NHGRI
         Visiting NHGRI
            Natcher Conference Center Information
         Questions and Feedback
         External Link Disclaimer
         Comment Policy
      Reports and Publications
               Roundtable Summary on Genetic Patenting
                  Figure 1 Legend
                  Figure 1 Timeline and Legend
                  Figure 2 Timeline and Legend
                  Box 1 Resources
                  Box 2 Technology Development
                  Box 3 Computational Biology
                  Box 4 Training
                  Box 5 Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI)
                  Box 6 Education
               ENCODE Workshop Summary
                  ENCODE Workshop Participants
                  ENCODE Workshop Agenda
                  ENCODE Workshop Criteria for Participation 2002
               Executive Summary: Workshop on Characterizing Human Genetic Variation
               Workshop Report: Long-Term Maintenance of Genome Sequence Assemblies
                  Agenda for Long-Term Maintenance of Genome Sequence Assemblies: Human and Other Genomes
                  Participants List: Long-Term Maintenance of Genome Sequence Assemblies
               Research Training Needs in Statistical Genetics / Genetic Epidemiology Workshop Summary
                  Research Training Needs in Statistical Genetics / Genetic Epidemiology - Workshop Agenda
                  Research Training Needs in Statistical Genetics / Genetic Epidemiology - Workshop Participants
         Reports and Workshop Summaries from OD
            New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era
               New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era: Talk Summaries
               New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era: Working Group Reports
               New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era: Summary of Meeting Conclusions
               New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era: Agenda
               New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era: Participants
               New Directions for Sickle Cell Therapy in the Genome Era: Attendee Voting for Research Therapies
            Workshop on Privacy, Confidentiality and Identifiability in Genomic Research
               Summary: Workshop on Privacy, Confidentiality, and Identifiability in Genomic Research
                Participants: Workshop on Privacy, Confidentiality and Identifiability
            Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia: Vascular Biology and Pathophysiology
               HHT: Vascular Biology and Pathophysiology Workshop Participants
               HHT: Vascular Biology and Pathophysiology Workshop Presentation Slides
               HHT: Vascular Biology and Pathophysiology Workshop Agenda
               HHT: Vascular Biology and Pathophysiology Workshop Future Directions
            Physician Assistant Competencies for Genomic Medicine
            Physicians Assistants and Genomic Medicine Meeting Summary
            Population-based Carrier Screening for Single Gene Disorders
            House of Lords Inquiry on Genomic Medicine Visit to NIH
         New NHGRI brochure highlights major genomics research areas
      The Director
         Director Eric Green's Publications
         The Genomics Landscape
            June 7, 2016: Clinical Sequencing: Beyond Exploration
            April 2013: The 10-year anniversary of the Human Genome Project: commemorating and reflecting
            November 1, 2016: International Summit on Human Genetics and Genomics
            January 10, 2017: Jeff Schloss, NHGRI's Catalyst for DNA Sequencing Technology Development, Retires
            February 7, 2017: Workshop on the Use of Race and Ethnicity in Genomics and Biomedical Research
            Aug. 9, 2016: From Bedside Back to Bench: Bringing Genomic Medicine Full Circle
            April 5, 2016: Virtual Reality Technology in Social and Behavioral Research
            May 10, 2016: The Center for Inherited Disease Research at Twenty
            May 5, 2015: Genome Wide Association Studies Catalog
            Nov.3, 2015: 1000 Genomes Project
            Feb. 4, 2014: The Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative
            February 5, 2015: President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative
            July 7, 2015: The Johns Hopkins University/National Human Genome Research Institute Genetic Counseling Training Program
            June 2, 2015: Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Reports Research Result
            Jan. 2010: The New Director
            Mar. 2010: Celebrating the Draft at 10
            Sept. 2010: Vanity Genomes
            Feb. 2011: NHGRI Charts Course for Genomic Medicine
            Nov. 2011: Human Genome Project produces many benefits
            June 2012: NHGRI and the Smithsonian Institution: A new partnership
            Dec. 2012: Answering Big Questions
            Mar. 2013: Considering ACMG's practice guidelines for incidental genomic findings
            Oct. 2013: Welcome Fiscal Year 2014! - Or Not?
            Nov. 2013: Announcing the first Director of NHGRI's Division of Genomics and Society
            December 2013: Jumping into the Deep End of Genomic Medicine
            Jan. 2014: A Decade of the NHGRI Social and Behavioral Research Branch
            March 2013: NHGRI's Extramural Research Portfolio - Slicing the Funding Pie
            DNA Day: Inspiring the Future Generation of Scientists
            May 5: NHGRI's Research Training and Career Development: Genome Science to Genomic Medicine
            June 3, 2014: Capturing the Past: NHGRI Historical Archiving Initiative
            July 8: Mark Guyer, NHGRI founding member and Deputy Director, hangs up his federal hat
            August 5: Undiagnosed Diseases Network: Solving Medical Mysteries
            The Natural Evolution of Genomic Data Sharing
            October 7, 2014: Laboratory-Developed Tests: Public Comments Sought
            Changing the Face of Diagnostics in Clinical Microbiology
            NHGRI and Social Media
            Jan. 6, 2015: Next Phase: NHGRI's Genome Sequencing Program
            Genomics in Africa
            April 2015: Celebrating DNA Day 2015: Engaging Teachers to Inspire Students
            Aug. 7, 2015: Centers for Mendelian Genomics Program
            September 8, 2015: The New NHGRI Brochure
            October 6, 2015: 25th Anniversary of the Launch of the Human Genome Project
            Dec. 2, 2015: NHGRI Develops Path Forward to Address Health Disparities
            Jan. 5, 2016: Future of ENCODE: Looking Deeper into Genome Function
            February 2, 2016: NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program: Blazing the Path Forward in Human Disease Genomics
            March 1: National DNA Day: Celebrating Genomics Through Awareness
            July 5, 2016: The Power of Model Organisms for Studying Rare Diseases
            September 7, 2016: Centers of Excellence in Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications Research (CEER) Program
            October 4, 2016: NHGRI Technology Development Programs Blaze Forward
            December 6, 2016: Genomics in Africa expands through the Human Heredity and Health in Africa Program
            March 7, 2017: Rare Disease Research at NHGRI: Not So Rare
            Sustaining Life Science Data Resources: An International Perspective
            May 2, 2017: NHGRI's Genomic Medicine Working Group - Illuminating Medicine's Future
            June 6, 2017: A Proposed Genomic Literacy, Education, and Engagement (GLEE) Initiative
            July 6, 2017: The NHGRI Extramural Grant Portfolio: Using Different Approaches to Fund Genomics Research
            August 1, 2017: 4th ELSI Congress Showcases Societal Implications of Genomics Research
            Sept. 6, 2017: Genome Editing: How, When, and Why?
            October 11, 2017: The GTEx Project: Its Legacy Lives On
            Nov. 7, 2017: 40th Anniversary of Landmark DNA Sequencing Methods
            December 5, 2017: A Responsible Approach to Genomics Research: Investing in Diversity
            January 9, 2017: The NIH Intramural Sequencing Center
         Recent News & Events: Dr. Eric Green
         Videos of Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D., Director, NHGRI
      About the Institute
         Mission and Goals
            Mission Statement
            Goals and Planning
               The Forefront of Genomics
         About NHGRI: A Brief History and Timeline
            President Bush Signs the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008
         Institute Policies and Guidelines
            Policy on Release of Human Genomic Sequence Data (2000)
            Use of Human Subjects in DNA Sequencing
            Human Genome Sequence Quality Standards
            Access to Mapping and Sequencing Resources
            Intellectual Property of Human Genomic Sequence
            Data Release and Access Principles and Policy
            Availability of Genomic DNA Sequence (1999)
            Guidelines for Responding to the NHGRI Action Plan
            NHGRI Rapid Data Release Policy
               Reaffirmation and Extension of NHGRI Rapid Data Release Policies
         A Decade of Genomics: NHGRI Celebrates 10th Anniversary
         Former NHGRI Directors
               Michael Levitt Statement On the Resignation of Francis Collins
            Former NHGRI Director Francis Collins' Biography
            Former Acting Director Alan Guttmacher
         NHGRI Celebrates Launch of the Human Genome Project
      The NHGRI History of Genomics Program: An Archival and Scholarly Initiative
         NHGRI History of Molecular Biology and Genomics Lecture Series
         NHGRI's Oral History Collection
      About NHGRI Archive
         Minority Action Plan (MAP) Portal
            Minority Action Plan Portal: Funding Opportunities
               Minority Action Plan Portal - Research Experiences for Undergraduates
               Minority Action Plan Portal - Individual Graduate Funding Opportunities
               Minority Action Plan Portal - Institutional Postdoctoral Training Programs
            MAP Portal: Nationwide Programs
            MAP Portal: Tools for Students
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            MAP Portal: Tools for Principal Investigators
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      NIH Strategic Plan


      Current News Releases
         News Release Archives 1994-2016
               1996 Release: ELSI Working Group Final Report
                  NIH/DOE ELSI Program Evaluation
               1996 Release: Hereditary Prostate Cancer Gene
               1996 Release: Parkinson's Disease Gene
               1996 Release: Online Gene Map
               1996 Release: Spectral Karotyping
               1996 Release: A-T Mouse Model
               1996 Release: Faster, Cheaper Methods to Read DNA Focus on Systems Integration, Miniaturization
               1996 Release: Yeast Genome Sequenced
               1996 Release: Large-Scale Sequencing Pilot
               1995 Release: First Human Gene Therapy Results
               1995 Release: Ataxia-Telangiectasia Gene
               1995 Release: Gene Amplification and Prostate Cancer
               1995 Release: Map of Human Chromosome 22
               1994 Release: HGP Mapping Goal Met
               1996 Release: Linkage Map of Mouse Genome
            News Release Archives 1997 & 1998
               1998 Release: Complete Animal's Genome Sequence
                  C. elegans: More Information
               1998 Release: Huntington's Mouse Models
               1998 Release: Parkinson's Disease Gene and the Brain
               1998 Release: Tissue Chip Technology
               1998 News Release, Smithsonian Genetics Lecture Series
               1998 Release: Prostate CA Gene Mapped to X Chromosome
               1998 News Release, Mouse Model of Type I Lissencephaly
               1998 Release: Genome Grant E-Mail List
               1998 Release: Human Genome Sequencing Projects Funding
               1998 Release: Perkin-Elmer and TIGR Proposal
               1998 Release: Ban on Genetic Discrimination
               1998 Release: Gene Therapy Aimed at HIV
               1998 Release: DNA Chip Analysis of Breast Cancer Gene
               1998 News Release, Another Hirschsprung's Disease Gene
               1997 News Release, Pendred Syndrome Gene
               1997 Release: Task Force Makes Final Recommendations on U.S. Genetic Testing
               1997 Release: Dishevelled-1 Knockout Mice
               1997 Release: Mediterranean Fever Gene
               1997 Release: CIDR
                  Complex Disorders Background
               1997 Release: Breast Cancer-1 Gene
               1997 Release: Human Chromosome 7 Mapped
               1997 Release: Health Insurance in the Age of Genetics
                  Collins Response
               1997 News Release, Niemann-Pick Type C Gene
               1997 Release: Alagille Syndrome
               1997 Release: First Parkinson's Gene.
               1997 Release: Breast Cancer Risk Study
                  BRCA1/BRCA2 Study FAQ
               1997 News Release, Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 Gene
               1997 Release: Colon & Breast CA Treatment
               1997 Release: Workplace Genetic Discrimination
               1998 Release:, HGP Finish Two Years Early
            News Release Archives 1999 & 2000
               2000 Release: Collins Technology Award
               2000 Release: Consumer Day
               2000 Release: ASHG Honors Human Genome Project
                  December 1999 DHHS Secretary Statement on Sequencing
               2000 Release: Mouse Sequencing Consortium
                  Expert Commentary
                  Importance of Mouse Genome
               2000 Release: NCHPEG Names Executive Director
               2000 Release: Call for Abstracts for ELSI
               2000 Release: Breast Cancer Third Gene Location
               2000 Release: Human Genome Central Web Site
               2000 Release: Genetic Insights Into Skin Cancer's Spread
               2000 Release: Greece Honors Bioinformatics Expert
               2000 Release: High-Density SNP Map
               2000 Release: Working Draft of Human Genome Sequence
               2000 Release: Fourth Holoprosencephaly Gene
               2000 Release: McKusick-Kaufman Syndrome Gene
               2000 Release: Chromosome 21 Sequenced
               2000 Release: Waterston Elected to NAS
               2000 Release: President Clinton Honors NHGRI Grantee
               2000 Release: Two-Thirds Human DNA Sequenced
               2000 Release: Fruitfly Genome Sequenced
               2000 Release: FY 2001 Budget Request
               2000 Release: Barring Genetic Discrimination
                  Director Francis Collins' Comments
                  Executive Order 13145 Clinton's Comments
               2000 State of the Union and HGP
               1999 Release: First Human Chromosome Sequenced
               1999 Release: Billion Base Pair Celebration
               1999 Release: Informatics Meets Genomics at the White House
               1999 Release: Mouse Sequencing Network
               1999 Release: Human Genome Will Be Defined by Spring
               1999 Release: Working Draft of Human Genome
               1999 Release: Human Genome Sequencing Pilot Completed
               1999 Release: Sequencing the Fruit Fly Genome
               1999 Release: Talking Glossary
            News Release Archives 2001
               2001 Release: Impact of HGP in Minority Communities
               2001 Release: Prioritization Process for Animal Genome
               2001 Release: Gene Chips Diagnose Childhood Cancer
               2001 Release: Working Draft of Mouse Genome Completed
               2001 Release: ST7 Tumor Suppressor Gene
               2001 Release, Expanded Effort to Sequence Rat Genome
               2001 Release: Genetic Testing Method Distinguishes Between Hereditary and Sporadic Breast Tumors
               2001 Release: Mouse Genome Two-Thirds Sequenced
               2001 Release: First Analysis of Human Genome
                  Ten Vignettes: Stories of Genomic Discovery
               2001 Release: Multimedia HGP Education Kit
               2001 Release: Decade of ELSI Research Conference
               2001 Release:, NHGRI Announces First CEGS
            News Release Archives 2002
               2002 Release: New Organism Sequencing Priorities
               2002 Release: Draft Sequence of Mouse Genome
               2002 Release: Vitamin C Deficient Mice and Lung Development
               2002 Release: Genetic and Rare Disease Center Launch
               2002 Release: First Gene for Hereditary Prostate Cancer
                  Prostate Cancer Genetic Backgrounder
                  Prostate Cancer Background Information
               2002 Release: NHGRI Launches
               2002 Release: Jeff Trent Departure
               2002 Release: NHGRI Funds Two New CEGS
               2002 Release: NHGRI Names New Deputy Director
               2002 Release: Bonham Named Senior Consultant to the Director
               2002 Release: Cow and Dog Added To High Priority Sequencing List
               2002 Release: Gene Defect in Amish Infant Microcephaly
               2002 Release: New Guide Helps Researchers Mine Genome Data
               2002 Release: Nussbaum named 2004 President-Elect of ASHG
               2002 Release: NHGRI Funds Global Protein Database
               2002 Release: Genetic Variation Mapping Launch
                  Background on Ethical and Sampling Issues
                  HapMap Construction Participants
                  HapMap Project NIH Funding
                  HapMap Sample Collection
               2002 Release: NHGRI Announces Key Personnel Changes
                  2002 Release: NHGRI Names New Scientific Director
                  2002 Release: New NHGRI Clinical Director
                  2002 Release: New NHGRI DER Director
               2002 Release: The Mouse Genome And The Measure of Man
                  Background on the History of the Mouse
                  Background on Mouse as a Model Organism
                  Background on Comparative Genomic Analysis
                  Status of Genomic Sequencing Proposals Submitted to NHGRI
                  Background on the Sequencing Centers
            News Release Archives 2003
               2003 Release: Where to Be in April 2003
               2003 Release: Cowabunga!
               2003 Release: ENCODE Meeting
               2003 Release: Spanish Talking Glossary
                  Glosario de Terminos Geneticos
               2003 Release: Diccionario Hablado de Genética en Español
               2003 Release: International Consortium Completes HGP
                  IHG Sequencing Centers
                  Human Genome Project Completion: Frequently Asked Questions
                     Preguntas más frecuentes
                  What's Next? Turning Genomics Vision Into Reality
                  Human Genome Project Goals
                  Comparative Genomics
                  Consorcio Internacional Completa el Proyecto Genoma Humano
               2003 Release: Gene for Premature Aging Disorder
               2003 Release: NHGRI Researchers Go Back to School
               2003 Release: CMT Gene Discovery
               2003 Release: Model Organisms Update
               2003 Release:: Study May Aid Safer Gene Therapy
               2003 Release: Mechanism Preserves Y Chromosome Gene
               2003 Release: Researchers Analyze Chromosome 7
               2003 Release: Study Compares 13 Vertebrate Genomes
               2003 Release: Scientists Venture Deeper Into the Human Genome
               2003 Release: NHGRI Funds Next Generation of Large-Scale Sequencing Centers
               2003 Release: NHGRI Launches New Branch
               2003 Release: Chimp Genome Assembled by Sequencing Centers
               2003 Release: International HapMap Publishes Scientific Strategy
            News Release Archives 2004
               2004 Release: Honey Bee Genome Assembled
               2004 Release: Transgenic Animals Produced Using Cultured Sperm
               2004 Release: GARD Offers Assistance in Spanish
                  2004 Release: GARD Ofrece Asistencia en Español
               2004 Release: Marsupial Among the Model Organisms Next in Line for Genome Sequencing
               2004 Release: Chicken Genome Assembled
               2004 Release: Gene Variants and Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes
               2004 Release: ISC Launches Online Resource
               2004 Release: Scientists Compare Rat Genome
               2004 Release: Second Annual DNA Day Ambassadors
               2004 Release: Kangaroo Hops in Line for Genome Sequencing
               2004 Release: NIH Launches First Center in National Chemical Genomics Center
               2004 Release: CEGS for Johns Hopkins and Harvard
               2004 Advisory Dog Genome Assembled
               2004 Release: New Legislative Database
               2004 Release: Location of Potential Familial Lung Cancer Gene Discovered
               2004 Release: NHGRI Adds 18 Organisms to Sequencing Pipeline
               2004 Release: NHGRI Launches CEERS
               2004 Release: Bovine Genome Assembled
               2004 Release: NHGRI Seeks Next Generation of Sequencing Technologies
               2004 Release: Medical Geneticists Elected to Institute of Medicine
               2004 Release: IHGSC Describes Finished Human Sequence
               2004 Release: ENCODE Consortium Publishes Scientific Strategy
               2004 Release: HHS Launches New Family History Initiative
               2004 Release: NHGRI Names New Chief of Cancer Genetics Branch
               2004 Release: Researchers Compare Chicken, Human Genomes
               2004 Release: International HapMap Consortium Widens Data Access
            News Release Archives 2005
               2005 Release: International HapMap Consortium Expands Mapping Effort
               2005 Release: Rapid, New Test Developed for Inherited Immune Deficiency
               2005 Release: NHGRI Targets 12 More Organisms for Genome Sequencing
               2005 Release: Studies Expand Understanding of X Chromosome
               2005 Release: Students to Chat Online With Leading Genome Researchers
                  2005 Release: National DNA Day Ambassadors
               2005 Release: Scientists Analyze Chromosomes 2 and 4
               2005 Release: NIH Nationwide Network of Molecular Libraries Screening Centers
               2005 Release: NHGRI Selects 13 New Targets
               2005 Release: Multi-Species Genome Comparison Sheds New Light
               2005 Release: NHGRI Expands Effort to Revolutionize Sequencing
               2005 Release: Anti-Cancer Drugs May Hold Promise for Premature Aging Disorder
               2005 Release: New Genome Comparison Finds Chimps, Humans Very Similar at DNA Level
               Task Force Recommends Against Routine Testing for Genetic Risk of Breast or Ovarian Cancer
               2005 Release: Researchers to Gain Wider Access to Knockout Mice
               2005 Release: NHGRI's Large-Scale Sequencing Research Network Sets Its Sights on Disease Targets
               2005 Release: International Consortium Completes Map
                  2005 Release: HapMap Background: Ethical and Community Issues
                     2005 Release: HapMap Background: International Project Participants
               2005 Release: U.S. Surgeon General Urges Americans To Know Their Family Health History
               2005 Release: 9/11 Panel Makes Recommendations for DNA-Based Identification After Mass Disasters
               2005 Release: Researchers Publish Dog Genome Sequence
               2005 Release: NIH Launches Comprehensive Effort to Explore Cancer Genomics
                  Toward a Comprehensive Analysis of Cancer
            News Release Archives 2006
               2006 Release: NHGRI Names Co-Chiefs of Inherited Disease Research Branch
               2006 Release: Two NIH Initiatives Launch Intensive Efforts
                  2006 Release: About Whole Genome Association Studies
                  2006 Release: About Studying the Environmental Impact
                  2006 Release: Genetic Association Information Network Launched
               2006 Release: Researchers Assemble Second Non-Human Primate Genome
               2006 Release: U.S. Surgeon General Urges Spanish-Speaking Americans To Know Their Family Health History
               2006 Release: El Cirujano General de EE.UU. insta a los latinos a que conozcan el historial de salud de sus familias
               2006 Release: NHGRI Announces New Sequencing Targets
               2006 Release: Gene Influences Antidepressant Response
               2006 Release: Genetics Experts Join Together to Support Efforts To Identify Remaining Hurricane
               2006 Release: Genomic Researchers Head To New England Schools for National DNA Day
                  The 2006 DNA Day Ambassadors
               2006 Release: Genetic Finding Suggests Alternative Treatment Strategy For Common, Complex Skin Disorders and Asthma
               2006 Release: NIH Expands Initiative to Encourage Bench-to-Bedside Research
               2006 Release: NIH Launches Effort to Place More Knockout Mice in Public Repositories
               2006 Release: Researchers Uncover Genetic Clues to a Common Form of Age-Related Dementia
               2006 Release: NHGRI Announces Latest Sequencing Targets
               2006 Release: New Paradigm Will Help Identify Leads for Drug Discovery
               2006 Release: New Findings Offer More Complete View
               2006 Release: NHGRI Awards $54 Million to Three Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science
               2006 Release: NIH Launches Knockout Mouse Project
               2006 Release: Statement from the National Institutes of Health On On Cancer Genetics Findings at Johns Hopkins University
               2006 Release: National Institutes of Health to Map Genomic Changes of Lung, Brain, and Ovarian Cancers
               2006 Release: NHGRI Funds Assessment of Public Attitudes About Population-Based Studies on Genes and Environment
               2006 Release: NHGRI Aims to Make DNA Sequencing Faster, More Cost Effective
               2006 Release: Researchers Publish Results of Largest Genome-Wide Linkage Study of Prostate Cancer Among African American Men
               2006 Release: NHGRI Appoints Two New Branch Chiefs
               2006 Release: NIH Announces Two Integral Components of The Cancer Genome
               2006 Release: Scientists Publish Analysis of Honey Bee Genome
               2006 Release: New Family Health History Projects Focus on Alaska Native, Appalachian Communities
               2006 Release: NHGRI Funds Large-Scale Sequencing Centers
            News Release Archives 2007
               2007 Release: Scientists Find New Genetic Clue to Cause of Alzheimer's Disease
               2007 Release: Horse Genome Assembled
               2007 Release: Fifth National DNA Day to Showcase Genomic Discoveries and Careers
               2007 Release: Researchers Identify Gene Involved in Dog Size
               2007 Release: Analysis of Rhesus Monkey Genome Uncovers Genetic Differences With Humans, Chimps
               2007 Release: Researchers Identify New Genetic Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes
               2007 Release: Study to Probe How Healthy Younger Adults Make Use of Genetic Tests
               2007 Release: Researchers Publish First Marsupial Genome Sequence
               2007 Release: Fly and Worm Models to Teach Researchers
               2007 Release: Mouse Model Points to Possible New Strategy for Treating Rare Muscle Disease, Kidney Disorders
               2007 Release: New Findings Challenge Established Views on Human Genome
               2007 Release: NIH Awards Nearly $5 Million to Fund Knockout Mouse Repository
               2007 Release: The Cancer Genome Atlas Awards Funds for Technology Development
               2007 Release: Novel Approach Targets an Inherited Disorder
               2007 Release: New Grants Bolster Efforts to Generate Faster and Cheaper Tools for DNA Sequencing
               2007 Release: Success or Failure of Antidepressant Citalopram Predicted by Gene Variation
               2007 Release: Genes, Environment and Health Initiative Invests In Genetic Studies, Environmental Monitoring Technologies
               2007 Release: NHGRI Funds Two Centers of Excellence
               2007 Release: Scientists Identify Cause of Job's Syndrome
               2007 Release: Genes Linked to Suicidal Thinking During Antidepressant Treatment
               2007 Release: Low Cholesterol Tied to Premature Birth
               2007 Release: Researchers Expand Efforts to Explore Functional Landscape of the Human Genome
               2007 Release: NHGRI Funds New Centers for Excellence in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research
               2007 Release: Consortium Publishes Phase II Map of Human Genetic Variation
               2007 Release: Collins Statement On the Retirement of James Watson
               2007 Release: Study Identifies Novel Gene Alterations in Lung Cancer
               2007 Release: Scientists Compare Twelve Fruit Fly Genomes
               2007 Release: NIH Launches Human Microbiome Project
            News Release Archives 2008
               2008 Release: Researchers Uncover New Piece to the Puzzle of Human Height
               2008 Release: International Effort Finds New Genetic Variants Associated with Lipid Levels, Risk for Coronary Artery Disease
               2008 Release: International Consortium Announces the 1000 Genomes Project
               2008 Release: NIH Collaborates with EPA to Improve the Safety Testing of Chemicals
               2008 Release: Genome-Wide Association Study on Parkinson's Disease Finds Public Home at NIH
               2008 Release: Scientists Identify New Leads for Treating Parasitic Worm Disease
               2008 Release: NIH Launches Center to Study Genomics and Health Disparities
               2008 Release: Major Collaboration Uncovers Surprising New Genetic Clues to Diabetes
               2008 Release: Research Findings Open New Front in Fight against AIDS Virus
               2008 Release: Scientists Form International Cancer Genome Consortium
               2008 Release: Researchers Produce First Sequence Map of Large-Scale Structural Variation in the Human Genome
               2008 Release: Duck-Billed Platypus Genome Sequence Published
               2008 Release: NIH Launches Undiagnosed Diseases Program
                  A Place for Hope
               2008 Release: Francis S. Collins to Step Down as Director of National Human Genome Research Institute
               2008 Release: Three Sequencing Companies Join 1000 Genomes Project
               2008 Release: NHGRI Funds Next Step in Understanding Biological Roots of Common Diseases
               2008 Release: NHGRI Seeks DNA Sequencing Technologies Fit for Routine Laboratory and Medical Use
               2008 Release: NIH Funds Nine Centers to Speed Application of Powerful New Research Approach
               2008 Release: The Cancer Genome Atlas Reports First Results of Comprehensive Study of Brain Tumors
               2008 Release: NIH's Genes, Environment & Health Initiative Adds Six Studies
               2008 Release: Anti-Cancer Drug Prevents, Reverses Cardiovascular Damage In Mouse Model of Premature Aging Disorder
               2008 Release: Scientists Identify Gene Variant Involved in Isolated Cleft Lip
               2008 Release: Human Microbiome Project Awards Funds for Technology Development, Data Analysis and Ethical Research
               2008 Release: NIH Scientists Discover Crucial Control in Long-Lasting Immunity
               2008 Release: Researchers Establish International Human Microbiome Consortium
               2008 Release: Large-Scale Genetic Study Sheds New Light on Lung Cancer, Opens Door to Individualized Treatment Strategies
               2008 Release: Researchers Discover New Genetic Risk Factors Involved in Adult and Childhood Obesity
            News Release Archives 2009
               2009 Release: New Findings Raise Questions About Process Used to Identify Experimental Drug for Rare Genetic Diseases
               2009 Release: Could Genetics Improve Warfarin Dosing?
               2009 Release: Low Levels of Vitamin B12 May Increase Risk for Neural Tube Defects
               2009 Release: Researchers Devise New Way to Explore DNA
               2009 Release: Skin Cancer Study Uncovers New Tumor Suppressor Gene
               2009 Release: Researchers Discover New Genetic Variants Associated with Increased Risk of Stroke
               2009 Release: Free Online Toolkit Provides Standard Measures for Genome and Population Studies
               2009 Release: USDA and NIH Funded International Science Consortium Publishes Analysis of Domestic Cattle Genome Sequence
               2009 Release: Researchers Uncover Genetic Clues to Blood Pressure
               2009 Release: NIH Announces New Program to Develop Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases
                  TRND FAQ: TRND
               2009 Release: Study Finds Unexpected Bacterial Diversity on Human Skin
               2009 Release: NIH Expands Human Microbiome Project; Funds Sequencing Centers and Disease Projects
               2009 Release: Researchers Uncover Genetic Variants Linked to Blood Pressure in African-Americans
               2009 Release: Researchers Discover Evolutionary Event Underlying the Origin of Dachshunds, Other Dogs With Short Legs
               2009 Release: NIH-Funded Researchers Sequence Exomes of 12 People
               2009 Release: NIH Study Reveals New Genetic Culprit in Deadly Skin Cancer
               2009 Release: Variants in Three Genes Account for Most Dog Coat Differences
               2009 Release: NIH Funds Four Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science
               2009 Release: Study Conclusively Ties Rare Disease Gene to Parkinson's
               2009 Release: NHGRI Launches Improved Online Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
               2009 Release: NIH Appoints Eric D. Green, M.D., Ph.D. To Be Director Of The National Human Genome Research Institute
            News Release Archives 2010
               2010 Release: Newly Identified Genes Influence Insulin and Glucose Regulation
               2010 Release: The Cancer Genome Atlas Identifies Distinct Subtypes of Deadly Brain Cancer That May Lead to New Treatment Strategies
               2010 Release: Researchers Discover First Genes for Stuttering
               2010 Release: NHGRI Launches Online Genomics Center
               2010 Release: NHGRI Launches Genomic Careers Resource for Students
               2010 Release: Songbird Genome Analysis Reveals New Insights Into Vocal Behavior
               2010 Release: NHGRI Names New Chief of Genome Technology Branch
               2010 Release: Complete Neanderthal Genome Sequenced
               2010 Release: NHGRI Researchers Use New Sequencing Strategies To Discover Rare Inherited Illness Rapidly
               2010 Release: NIH Human Microbiome Project Researchers Publish First Genomic Collection of Human Microbes
               2010 Release: NIH Researchers Explore How Healthy, Young Adults View the Role Genetics Plays in Improving Health
               2010 Release: NIH and Wellcome Trust Announce Partnership to Support Population-based Genome Studies in Africa
               2010 Release: NIHSeniorHealth Site Offers Tips on Creating a Family Health History
               2010 Release: Discovered gene causes Kabuki syndrome
               2010 Release: NHGRI selects new scientific director for intramural research
               2010 Release: Third generation map of human genetic variation published
               2010 Release: NIH ramps up Human Microbiome Project
               2010 Release: NHGRI funds development of third generation DNA sequencing technologies
               2010 Release: NIH launches Genotype-Tissue Expression project
               2010 Release: 1000 Genomes Project publishes analysis of completed pilot phase
               2010 Release: NIH researchers identify genetic elements influencing the risk of type 2 diabetes
               2010 Release: Researchers discover key mutation in acute myeloid leukemia
               2010 Release: Scientists reveal how biological activity is regulated in fruit fly and roundworm genomes
            News Release Archives 2011
               2011 Release: Scientists publish orangutan genome sequence
               2011 Release: NIH researchers identify genetic cause of new vascular disease
                  UDP Telebriefing Background Materials
                     UDP Telebriefing Spokespeople
                     UDP Patient Biographies
               2011 Release: NHGRI charts course for the next phase of genomics research
               2011 Release: New robot system to test 10,000 chemicals for toxicity
               2011 Release; NIH researchers identify cause and new treatment for the most common periodic fever disease in children
               2011 Release: NIH researchers complete whole-exome sequencing of skin cancer
               2011 Release: NIH researchers create comprehensive collection of approved drugs to identify new therapies for rare and neglected diseases
               2011 Release: NIH and non-profits sign research and development agreement
               2011 Release: NIH researchers find new clues about aging
               2011 Release: The Cancer Genome Atlas completes detailed ovarian cancer analysis
               2011 Release: NIH researchers identify gene variant in Proteus syndrome
                  Background Materials for Proteus Syndrome Announcement
                     FAQ About Proteus Syndrome
                     Proteus Syndrome Backgrounder
                     Spokespeople for the Proteus Syndrome Telebriefing
                     Joseph Merrick Biography
               2011 Media Availability: Screening effort turns up multiple potential anti-malaria compounds
               2011 Release: eMERGE network moves closer to tailored treatments based on patients' genomic information
               2011 Release: NHGRI funds development of revolutionary sequencing technologies
               2011 Release: Researchers produce detailed map of gene activity in mouse brain
               2011 Release: NIH genome institute announces key leadership appointments
               2011 Release: International genome consortium discovers new genes that control blood pressure
               2011 Release: NIH to make a mightier mouse resource for understanding disease
               2011 Release: NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program documents two-year pilot as clinic of last resort
               2011 Release: NIH Therapeutics for Rare and Neglected Diseases Program announces next round of drug development projects
               2011 Release: NHGRI broadens sequencing program focus on inherited diseases, medical applications
                  LSGS Funding Announcement Telebriefing
                     LSGS Funding Telebriefing Participants
               2011 Release:US Tox21 to begin screening 10,000 chemicals
            News Release Archives 2012
               2012 Release: NIH Scientists Find Cause of Rare Immune Disease
               2012 Release: Researchers identify genetic basis of tropical foot and leg lymphedema
               2012 Release: 1000 Genomes Project data available on Amazon Cloud
               2012 Release: NHGRI to develop revolutionary technologies for exploring genome function
               2012 Release: Scientists find that chromosomal abnormalities are associated with aging and cancer
               2012 Release: NIH-led study finds genetic test results do not trigger increased use of health services
               2012 Release: NHGRI collaborates with Smithsonian to produce new genome exhibit
               2012 Release: Odds of quitting smoking affected by genetics
               2012 Release: NIH Human Microbiome Project defines normal bacterial makeup of the body
                  Human Microbiome Project Telebriefing Resources
                     HMP Telebriefing Participant Bios
               2012 Release: Young patients benefit from collaboration between NIH and Children's National Medical Center
               2012 Release: Study shows colon and rectal tumors constitute a single type of cancer
               2012 Release: NIH team describes protective role of skin microbiota
               2012 Release: NIH seeks applications to study genome sequencing in newborn period
               2012 Release: ENCODE data describes function of human genome
                  ENCODE Project Background Resources
                     ENCODE Project Telebriefing Pariticipant Bios
               2012 Release: NIH uses genome sequencing to help quell bacterial outbreak in Clinical Center
               2012 Release: NHGRI reorganized to meet expanding research mission
               2012 Release: TCGA discovers potential therapeutic targets for lung squamous cell carcinoma
               2012 Release: NIH researchers restore children's immune systems with refinements in gene therapy
               2012 Release: New NIH/NHGRI grants to harness nanoscale technologies to cut DNA sequencing costs
               2012 Release: Study reveals genomic similarities between breast cancer and ovarian cancers
               2012 Release: NIH launches Phase I clinical trial for rare degenerative muscle disease treatment
               2012 Release: NIH ENCODE grants advance effort to survey entire human instruction book
               2012 Release: First recipients of research grants to support genomic studies in Africa announced
                  H3Africa Background Resources
                     Countries Involved in H3Africa
                     2012 H3Africa Grant Awards
               2012 Release: The 1000 Genomes Project more than doubles catalog of human genetic variation
               2012 Release: NIH researchers identify novel genes that may drive rare, aggressive form of uterine cancer
            News Release Archives 2013
               2013 Release: Genetic mystery of Behcet's disease unfolds along the ancient Silk Road
               2013 Release: NHGRI celebrates 10th anniversary of the Human Genome Project
                  HGP10 Telebriefing Resources
               2013 Release: TCGA researchers identify potential drug targets, markers for leukemia risk
               2013 Release: Study establishes basis for genomic classification of endometrial cancers
               2013 News Release: NIH researchers conduct first genomic survey of human skin fungal diversity
               2013 News Release: New exhibition makes genome accessible to the public
                  NHGRI Smithsonian Exhibition Press Briefing Resources
                     NHGRI Smithsonian Exhibition Leadership Bios
                     Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Media Day Agenda
               2013 Release: Kidney cancer progression linked to shifts in tumor metabolism
               2013 Release: NIH funds new grants exploring use of genome sequencing in patient care
               2013 Release: NIH researchers identify therapy that may curb kidney deterioration in patients with rare disorder
               2013 Release: NIH Launches First Phase of Microbiome Cloud Project
               2013 News Release: NIH program explores the use of genomic sequencing in newborn healthcare
                  Genomic Sequencing and Newborn Screening Telebriefing
                     Genomic Sequencing and Newborn Screening Telebriefing Participant Bios
               2013 News Release: New NIH awards focus on nanopore technology for DNA sequencing
               2013 News Release: New NIH grants to investigate disease-related variations in genetic makeup
               2013 Release: New NIH-funded resource focuses on use of genomic variants in medical care
               2013 Release: NIH awards $17 million in grants to augment genomics research in Africa
               2013 Release: First director named for NHGRI's new Division of Genomics and Society
               2013 News Release: Researchers identify genomic variant associated with sun sensitivity, freckles
               2013 Release: NIH deposits first batch of genomic data for Alzheimer's disease
               2013 Release: NIH study links family structure to high blood pressure in African-American men
                2013 Release: With new study, aquatic comb jelly floats into new evolutionary position
            News Release Archives 2014
               2014 Release: TCGA bladder cancer study reveals potential drug targets, similarities to several cancers
               2014 Release: NIH team discovers genetic disorder causing strokes and vascular inflammation in children
               2014 Release: Researchers discover underlying genetics, marker for stroke, cardiovascular disease
               2014 Media Availability: New approach to analyzing tumor genome promises expanded results
               2014 Release: New report offers a primer for doctors' use of clinical genome and exome sequencing
               2014 Release: NIH names new clinical sites in Undiagnosed Diseases Network.
                  UDN Telebriefing Resources
                     UDN Telebriefing Spokespersons
               2014 Release: Media Availability: New approach may improve study of hard-to-grow, disease-related microorganisms
               2014 News Release: Scientists looking across human, fly and worm genomes find shared biology
               2014 Release: NIH funds next step of cutting-edge research into Alzheimer's disease genome
               2014 Release: Study identifies novel genomic changes in the most common type of lung cancer
               2014 Release: Genotype-Tissue Expression project expands functional studies of genomic variation
               2014 Release: TCGA researchers identify four subtypes of stomach cancer
               2014 Release: NIH awards $14.5 million to research groups studying newest DNA sequencing techniques
               2014 Release: NIH awards two new grants to explore the understanding of genomics research in Africa
               2014 Media Availability: Rare kidney tumor provides insights on role of metabolic changes in cancer
               2014 News Release: NIH issues finalized policy on genomic data sharing
               2014 News Release: Genome exhibition to depart Smithsonian for multi-city tour
               2014 News Release: NIH awards aim to improve understanding of cell pathways, development of new therapies
               2014 News Release: Media Availability: NHGRI, Smithsonian and NIH Foundation present conversations on genomics, health
               2014 News Release: Media Availability: TCGA study improves understanding of genetic drivers of thyroid cancer
               2014 News Release: Media Availability: Researchers uncover new evidence revealing molecular paths to autism
               2014 News Release: New comprehensive view of the mouse genome finds many similarities and striking differences with human genome
               2014 Release: Researchers conduct comprehensive genomic study of sub-Saharan Africans
            News Release Archives 2015
               2015 News Release: NIH grants aim to decipher the language of gene regulation
               2015 News Release: NIH researchers tackle thorny side of gene therapy
               2015 News Release: NIH-funded study uncovers range of molecular alterations in head and neck cancers, new potential drug targets
               2015 News Release: NIH researchers reveal link between powerful gene regulatory elements and autoimmune diseases
               2015 News Release: Media Availability: Researchers grasp wider role for genetic variation in regulatory elements of genome
               2015 Media Advisory: NHGRI participates in international human microbiome meeting March 31-April 2
               2015 News Release: GTEx findings reveal new insights into how DNA differences influence gene activity, disease susceptibility
               2015 News Release: NIH researchers pilot predictive medicine by studying healthy people's DNA
               2015 News Release: A new role for zebrafish: larger scale gene function studies
               2015 News Release: New research reveals unintended consequences of inappropriate medical food use in managing patients with a type of metabolic disorder
               2015 News Release: NIH grants seek best ways to combine genomic information and EHRs
               2015 News Release: Undiagnosed Diseases Network launches online application portal
                  Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN) Announcement: Background Materials
               2015 News Release: Grants to help identify variants in the genome's regulatory regions that affect disease risk
               2015 News Release: Scientists create world's largest catalog of human genomic variation
            News Release Archive 2016
               2016 News Release: New NIH research program targets the genomic basis for human disease
                  NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program Awards Telebriefing Resources
                     NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program Awards Telebriefing Participant Bios
               2016 Release: NIH researchers identify striking genomic signature shared by five types of cancer
               2016 Media Availability: NHGRI celebrates National DNA Day with events that promote genomic literacy
               2016 News Release: NIH creates Atlas of Human Malformation Syndromes in Diverse Populations
               2016 News Release: NIH funds new studies on ethical, legal and social impact of genomic information
               2016 News Release: Researchers make advance in possible treatments for Gaucher, Parkinson's diseases
               2016 Media Availability: Genetics of type 2 diabetes revealed in unprecedented detail
               2016 News Release: NIH researchers discover otulipenia, a new inflammatory disease
               2016 News Release: Gene therapy shows promise for treating Niemann-Pick disease type C1
               2016 News Release: NIH researchers unveil new wound-healing role for protein-folding gene in mice
         2017 Release: NIH to expand critical catalog for genomics research
         2017 News Release: New regions of the human genome linked to skin color variation in some African populations
         2017 News Release: NIH accelerates the use of genomics in clinical care
         2017 News Release: NIH and collaborators identify the genomic cause for Carey-Fineman-Ziter syndrome
            2017 News Features: Decades after rare disease diagnosis, family and physician hail genomic breakthrough
         2017 Media Advisory: NIH to host workshop on advances, future needs in human microbiome research
         2017 News Relase: Sequencing all 24 human chromosomes uncovers rare disorders
         2017 News Release: NIH completes atlas of human DNA differences that influence gene expression
         2017 News Release: New toolkit helps nurses use genomics in patient care
         Media Advisory: NIH to host a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with CRISPR scientist, Dr. Jennifer Doudna
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            The Human Genome: A Decade of Discovery, Creating a Healthy Future: Agenda, Videos and Presentation Slides
         From Double Helix to Human Sequence - and Beyond
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         Human Heredity and Health in Africa Announced in London
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            June 2000 White House Event
            February 2001 Working Draft of Human Genome, Director Collins
            July 2000 Genetic Information in the Workplace Senate Hearing
            Genetic Information in the Workplace July 2000 Hearing: Commissioner Miller
            President Clinton, Prime Minister Blair Agree on Open Access to Human Genome Sequence
            HGP Sequence: Sooner Than You Thought
            Informatics Meets Genomics, October 1999, Millennium Evening at the White House
            1995 Senate Cancer Coalition Hearing on Genetic Testing
            March 1996 Senate Hearing on NIH Revitalization, Cancer and Genetics
            1996 Senate Hearing on Genetics Research
            July 1997 Congressional Task Force: Health Records and Genetic Privacy
            July 2001 Senate Committee Hearing on Genetic Medicine
            July 2001 Senate Subcommittee Hearing on Genetic Medicine
            2003 Francis Collins Testimony: The Future of Genomics
            Francis Collins Statement on Non-Discrimination Bill
            FC April 1 Statement Regarding Genetic Nondiscrimination
            October 2004: Nussbaum ASHG Speech
            Personalized Medicine: How the Human Genome Era Will Usher in a Health Care Revolution
            January 2006: Is Genomics the Cure for Disparities?
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         Archive of Journal Articles from NHGRI 2002 - 2011
            Genes Race and Psychology in the Genome Era
            Genetics and Genomics in Nursing
            Nature's Human Genome Collection
         New England Journal of Medicine Series on Genomic Medicine
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         News Releases from Funded Research Centers: NIH Newborn Screening Grants
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            ASCO Recognizes Oncology Leaders for Outstanding Achievements
            Genetic Association Information Network Announces Genotyping Awards for Six Common Diseases
      Genome Advance of the Month
         Improving the detection of heart transplant rejection with DNA sequencing
         Iceland study provides insights into disease, paves way for large-scale genomic studies
         Genome Advance of the Month: The Biology of Living Longer
         Genome Advance of the Month: UDP Discovers a New Disease
         Sequencing Insights Into Multiple Myeloma
         Using DNA Sequencing to Detect Early Organ Transplant Rejection
         Genome Advance of the Month: Protecting the food supply and human health with genomics
         Transforming clinical care with whole genome sequencing
         Genome Advance of the Month: Proteus: Discovering the tiniest disease-causing flaws — and improving sequencing technologies
         Teaching Old Drugs New Tricks
         Trauma regulates genes that predict survival
         Dissecting the cause of the Black Death
         Massively parallel sequencing: Taking an all-at-once approach to genetic testing in cancer
         Population Genomics: Answering questions from the microscopic to the geographic
         Genome Advance of the Month: When cellular power plants go bad
         Genome Advance of the Month: Discovering the Mutants Among Us
         Genome Advance of the Month: Harnessing the full 'omics potential of personalized medicine
         Uncovering the Archeological Landscape of Cancer Genomes
         Genome Advance of the Month: Researchers view DNA through 3D lens
         The Human Microbiome Project: Extending the definition of what constitutes a human
         A Genetic Fountain of Youth?
         Genome Advance of the Month: Whole genome sequencing used to track infection's transmission path
         Genome Advance of the Month: ENCODE: Deciphering Function in the Human Genome
         Genome Advance of the Month: Do genes make us keep our fat jeans?
         Food for thought
         GAoTM: The Power of Sequencing Single Cell Genomes
         Genome Advance of the Month: Fitting the National Archives in your pocket
         Editing the book of life with molecular scissors
         Grabbing hold of cells and tissues with zinc fingers
         Digging into the past to uncover the cause of our cavities
         Child abuse leaves epigenetic marks
         Close enounters of the microbial kind
         Alzheimer's disease: Putting the pieces together with integrative genomics
         The X and Y of human origins
         To sequence the exome or the genome: that is the question
         Pilot study eyes implications of ACMG stance on incidental findings
         Multi-tasking DNA: Dual-use codons in the human genome
         The evolutionary mark of Y. pestis and the Black Death
         Circulating tumor DNA: A new generation of cancer biomarkers
         Constructing the first designer yeast chromosome opens door to reengineering cells
         The Y chromosome: beyond gender determination
         Researchers probe inner workings of ancient human genomes, compare them to humans
         Researchers examine disease-causing mutations in mitochondrial genomes
         Investigating the Genomic Origins of the 2014 Ebola Outbreak
         Exploring harmful interactions between artificial sweeteners and gut microbiota
         Humans adapted to life at different latitudes by tuning their circadian "clocks"
         Researchers examine supercentenarians' genomes for longevity key
         Researchers detect cancer precursors in blood DNA before disease develops
         CRISPR probes the inner workings of the genome in real time
         GAoM: Scientists create a new "roadmap" for the human epigenome
         Scientists discover topical insights into the effects of sun exposure on skin
         Genomics holds promise of treatments for inherited blindness
         Gene-disease association data could improve drug development
         Gene Therapy and the Biological Treatment of Hearing Loss
         Gene-editing technology uncovers genetic link to infertility
         Women with inherited breast cancer risk face numerous challenges
         Gene-editing technology harnessed to protect plants from viruses
         The "bunny ear" hypothesis: How defective DNA looping may contribute to cancer
         Genome Advance of the Month: Schizophrenia: Ancient Scrolls, Genomic Sequencing and Synaptic Pruning
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         Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Series
            2017 Reddit AMA: The ENCODE Project
            2017 Reddit AMA: The Undiagnosed Diseases Network
            2017 Reddit AMA: The Dog Genome Project
            2017 Reddit AMA: The importance of knowing your family health history
            2017 Reddit AMA: NHGRI talks diversity in genomics research for Reddit
         NHGRI Video Archive
            Science Reporters' Seminar on Genome-Wide Association Studies
               Unexpected, Possible Genetic Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Disease
            Major Findings from The ENCODE Pilot Project
            Genome-Wide Association Studies for the Rest of Us: Adding Genome-Wide Association to Population Studies
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            NIH/EPA Toxicity Testing Press Conference
            Video Clips: Complete Neanderthal Genome Sequenced
            NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program: Interview with William Gahl, M.D., Ph.D.
            NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program Patients: Paula Allen and Louise Benge
            The Strategic Plan: Interview with Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D.
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         2008 News Feature: Pam Schwartzberg Wins AAI Investigator Award
         2008 News Feature: Finding What's Toxic Fast
         2008 News Feature: Dr. Pamela Schwartzberg Inducted into the Association of American Physicians
         2008 News Feature: NHGRI Research Reveals Humans Share a Common Set of Skin Microbes
         2008 News Feature: Chemical Genomics Screen Uncovers Clues to Fat Storage
         2008 News Feature: Two NHGRI Intramural Investigators Selected for Presidential Award
         2009 News Feature: Darwin @ 200
         2009 News Feature: NHGRI Research Helps to Demystify Dyslexia
         2009 News Feature: Familial Lung Cancer Gene Located
         2009 News Feature: Novel Gene Found Critical for Regeneration in Zebrafish
         2009 News Feature: Prepublication Data sharing: The Toronto Statement
         DIR News Features Archive
            2005 News Feature: Association of American Physicians Honors Two NHGRI Researchers
            2005 News Feature: NHGRI Director Receives Award from American Society of Human Genetics
            2006 News Feature: NHGRI Offers Award-Winning CD on Laboratory Mouse Care
            2006 News Feature: Two NHGRI Researchers Recognized by The Association of American Physicians
            2007 News Feature: NHGRI's Green Elected to Membership in the Association of American Physicians
            2007 News Feature: NHGRI Researchers Explore Genetics of Canine Speed
            2007 News Feature: Trans-NIH Study Explores Medical Role for Genome Sequencing
            2007 News Feature: Process Paves Way for Zebrafish Knockout Bank
            2007 News Feature: NISC: Tracing the Sequence of Events Leading to 21st Century Genomics
            2007 News Feature: NHGRI Nobel Connections
            2007 News Feature: Up, Up & Away: NHGRI Postdocs Receive PI Award
         2009 News Feature: NHGRI Researchers Create New Database of Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes
         2009 News Feature: Taking Aim At Tympanosomes
         2009 News Feature: Researchers Analyze First Complete DNA Sequence Generated at National Institutes of Health
         2010 News Feature: Researchers Identify Gene Associated with ADHD Susceptibility
         2010 News Feature: Genetic Variant Greatly Increases Lung Cancer Risk for Light, Non-Smokers
         2010 News Feature: Mice Study Reveals A Mystery of The Developing Brain
         2010 News Feature: NHGRI Researcher Wins ASGCT Outstanding New Investigator Award
         2010 News Feature: Multiplex Initiative Showcases Outcomes of Genetic Test Study at Detroit Symposium
         2010 News Feature: NHGRI Genetic Development Researchers Find Trigger for Cell's Internal Compass
         2010 News Features: The Alaskan Sled Dog - A Genetic Breed Apart
         2010 News Feature: Diversity of Canine Traits Attributed to Simple Genetic Architecture
         2010 News Feature: Exploring the Human Microbiome to Improve Care for Patients with Eczema and Skin Infections
         2010 News Feature: New Genetic Findings Explain Some Obesity Risk and Body Types
         2010 News Feature: NIH researchers identify genetic cause of anemia disorder
         2010 News Feature: NHGRI Researchers Achieve Successful Gene Therapy in Mice
         2011 News Feature: Penetrating Spider Bites and Neuropsychiatric Insights
         2011 News Feature: NIH and Wellcome Trust Launch
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI's William Gahl Honored with Top Governmental Service Award
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI Researchers Win AAAS Prize for Neanderthal Genome Analysis
         2011 News Feature: Symposium Ushers in NIH-Lasker Clinical Research Scholars Program
         2011 News Feature: In Mouse Study, NIH Investigators Observe the Immune-Boosting Properties of Vitamin A
         2011 News Feature: Parents favor genetic tests that might detect children's susceptibility to common diseases
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI Scientific Director Daniel Kastner is inducted into the National Academy of Sciences
         2011 News Feature: Researchers identify key to molecular signals in disease affecting Mediterranean populations
         2011 News Feature: Researchers identify potential treatment for the lethal premature aging disorder progeria
         2011 News Feature: Paul Liu Named NHGRI Deputy Scientific Director
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI researchers identify gene for inherited bleeding disorder
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI researchers serve up mysterious disease diagnosis - three ways
         2011 News Features: Dr. Chris Amos cuts through the smoke at NHGRI's Annual Trent Lecture
         2011 News Feature: William Gahl honored with prestigious Service to America Medal
         2011 News Feature: NIH researchers achieve better understanding of skin cancer
            Next-Gen 101 Resources: Lecture Citations
         2012 News Feature: NHGRI supports seven young investigators on research career paths
         2012 News Feature: Rare lethal disorder traced to variant of the PIGA gene on the X chromosome
         2012 News Feature: Researchers use genomics to differentiate two ovarian cancer subtypes
         2012 News Feature: Bert Vogelstein considers the cancer genome at 10th NHGRI Trent Lectureship
         2012 News Feature: High-throughput screening finds surprising properties for antioxidants
         2012 News Feature: Study delivers new insights about effects of metabolic disorder on cognition and learning
         2012 News Feature: NHGRI finds "off" switch that underlies rare genetic disease affecting boys
         2012 News Feature: NHGRI researchers find susceptibility mutations in patients with no cancer history
         2012 News Feature: NIH researchers use brain imaging to understand genetic link between Parkinson's and a rare disease
         2012 Release: Tracking infectious outbreaks by their genomes
         2012 News Feature: Genomics in Medicine lecture series resumes in September
         2012 News Feature: CIDR quenches scientists' thirst for high quality genotyping and sequencing services
         FDA approves crystal-dissolving eye drops, a major milestone for NIH rare disease researchers
         2012 News Feature: San Francisco hosts 62nd annual meeting of ASHG, Nov. 6-10
         NIH researchers discover gene alteration in rare autoinflammatory disease
         Intramural Training Office challenges young scientists to imagine their future
         2012 News Feature: Bioluminescent comb jellies begin to shed light on the evolution of vision
         NIH researchers link enzyme deficiency with faulty DNA replication and cancer
         NHGRI researchers provide insights on the genetics of dog skull variation
         2013 News Feature: Expanding the limits of modern medicine
         2013 News Feature: Study finds regions of the human genome in people of African ancestry associated with BMI
         2013 News Feature: Study suggests the gene variants that cause rare disorder are a risk factor for common form of dementia
         2013 News Feature: Alyssa's angels: one family's partnership with NIH research
         2013 News Feature: NHGRI researchers help identify new metabolic disorder caused by faulty gene expression
         2013 News Feature: Federal Employee of the Year honorees hail from NHGRI and NIH Clinical Center
         2013 News Feature: NHGRI participates in 63rd Annual American Society of Human Genetics Meeting in Boston, Oct. 22-26
         NHGRI celebrates the10th anniversary of the Social and Behavioral Research Branch
         NIH to jump-start genomic medicine with new program
         2014 News Feature: NIH researchers use a new cell model of a rare disease to develop therapeutic compounds
         2014 News Feature: CCGO awards exome sequencing to NIH intramural investigators
         2014 News Feature: NHGRI study uses social media to recruit
         2014 News Feature: Baylor College of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin to conduct DNA sequencing for Undiagnosed Diseases Network
         2014 News Feature: The skin microbiome: More than skin deep
         California girl's NIH visit includes happy excursions around the nation's capital
         2015 News Feature: Ancient in dog years: NHGRI/Smithsonian to sequence what may be North America's oldest dog relics
         2015 News Feature: Dogs may help researchers sniff out new cancer detection and treatment strategies
         2015 News Feature: Zebrafishing for a weapon against metastatic cancer
         2015 News Feature: Genomic knowledge is power in the fight against obesity
         LabGenius: The next step toward a digital laboratory
         2015 News Feature: Studying cancer from the inside out: What the epigenetic code can tell doctors about disease
         Intramural trainees represent NHGRI at 2015 plain language competition
         2015 News Feature: Investigating why cancer comes back
         An ancient tumor in dogs might teach new tricks about cancer in people
         2015 News Feature: NHGRI researchers to present talks, posters at ASHG annual meeting
         2015 News Feature: T-cell transcription factor may offer new pathway for vaccine research
         2015 News Feature: Dr. Bob Blakesley, director of the NISC sequencing group, rides off into the sunset
         2016 News Feature: Fearfulness changes impact of genomic information in overweight women
         2016 News Feature: Researchers identify genomic signature in some aggressive prostate tumors
         2016 News Feature: Perspective: Precision medicine may move us beyond the use of race in prescribing drugs
         2016 News Feature: Bacterial toxins make the body go boom
         2016 News Feature: New NIH studies seek adults and families affected by sickle cell disease/trait
         2016 News Feature: One little fish hooks genome researchers with its versatility
         2016 News Feature: Training docs to be researchers, too...
         2016 Feature: Sardinian dog genome reveals a shared ancestral homeland with humans
         2016 News Feature: NHGRI researcher calls for more genomic research of Africans, people of the African diaspora
         2016 News Feature: Three ways students can jump-start a career in genomics
         2016 News Feature: NIH researchers identify heritable brain connections linked to ADHS
         2017 News Feature: The microbiome's role in health disparities requires multi-disciplinary research
         2016 News Feature: Physician attitudes will impact adoption of prenatal whole genome sequencing
         2017 News Feature: Research provides more insight into genetic basis of Behçet's Disease
         2017 News: Findings: Induced pluripotent stem cells don’t increase genetic mutations
         2017 News Feature: NIH study reveals how melanoma spreads
         2017 News Feature: NIH and USDA scientists publish goat genome sequence
         2017 News Feature: Rare disease research may provide insights into common diseases
          2017 News Release: Study identifies African-specific genomic variant associated with obesity
         2017 News Feature: Dr. William Gahl inspires collaboration, sharing at Pruzansky lecture
         Facial recognition software helps diagnose rare genetic disease.
         2017 News Feature: Genes associated with Erdheim-Chester disease also linked to cancer
         2017 News Feature: Researchers begin to understand ADHD genes with help from affected families
         NHGRI researchers home in on mutation profiles of clear cell endometrial cancer
         2017 News Feature: Community focus is central to American Indians/Alaska Natives in NIH ethics training
         Dr. Laura Koehly to lead Social and Behavioral Research Branch at NHGRI
         2017 News: NHGRI study highlights role of mitochondria in immune response
         2017 News Feature: Social interaction affects cancer patients' response to treatment
         Summer interns help expand a critical resource for diagnosing patients
         2017 News Feature: NHGRI researchers and collaborators identify Noonan syndrome in diverse people.
         2017 News Feature: Adult ADHD: An imbalance between the online and offline brain
         2017 News Feature: Dr. Leslie Biesecker selected as 2019 president of ASHG
         2017 News Feature: Mouse model for rare genetic disease advances understanding of Parkinson's
      Research at NHGRI Archive
         Genomics in Action
            Genomics in Action: Kyungjae Myung, Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: Lawrence C. Brody
            Genomics in Action: Leslie G. Biesecker, M.D.
            Genomics in Action: Yingzi Yang
            Genomics in Action: Donald W. Hadley
            Genomics in Action: Joan Bailey-Wilson, Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: Elizabeth G. Nabel, M.D.
            Genomics in Action: Pu Paul Liu, M.D., Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: Julie Segre, Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: William A. Gahl, M.D., Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: Shelley Hoogstraten-Miller, D.V.M.
            Genomics in Action: Ellen Sidransky, M.D.
            Genomics in Action: Colleen McBride, Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: Donna Krasnewich, M.D., Ph.D.
            Genomics in Action: William J.Pavan, Ph.D.
         NIH UNI Study: Urea Cycle Disorders, Nutrition and Immunity
         UNI Study: General Information
         UNI Study: FAQ
         UNI Study: Online Resources
         UNI Study: Contact Information

Research Funding

      Grant Information
         Funding Opportunities
            Funding Opportunities E-mail List
            NHGRI Funding Opportunities: Training and Career Development
               Training and Career Development: Institutional Training Grants (T32)
               NHGRI's Minority/Diversity Action Plan: Meetings and Workshops
               Training and Career Development: New Investigators/Faculty
               Training and Career Development: Diversity Action Plan (R25)
               Training and Career Development: Career Development
               Training and Career Development: Pre- and Post-Doctoral
               Training and Career Development: Courses
            NHGRI Funding Opportunities: Research
               NHGRI Dissemination and Implementation Research Interests
               IGNITE II FAQs
               CEER FAQ
         Funded Grants and Grant History
            Expired Grant Application Solicitations and Notices
               Human Genetics/Genomics Education Grant
               Pilot Projects or Feasibility Studies Funding
               Genomic Mapping, Sequencing and Analysis Funding, PA-97-044
               ELSI Research into Human Genetic Variation RFA HG-99-002
               Research Network for Large-Scale Sequencing RFA
                  Large-Scale Sequencing Goals
               Methods for Discovering and Scoring SNPs
                  Awards for SNP RFAs HG-98-001
               Low-cost, High-Accuracy DNA Sequencing Technologies RFA, HG-97-002
               Technologies for Genome Analysis RFA, HG-97-001
               Yeast Genome RFA
               Human Genome Sequencing RFA
               Improved Electrophoretic DNA Sequencing Technology
               Full-length cDNA Initiative
               Supplemental Information for RFAHG-03-002
               Cost Spreadsheets for RFA HG-05-007
               FAQ for Completion of a Comprehensive Mouse Knockout
               FAQ Development and Improvement of Inbred ES Cell Lines for Use in Generation
               Supplemental Information for RFA HG-06-001
               FAQ About RFA-HG-06-032
               FAQ About RFA-HG-06-033
               Frequently Asked Questions About RFA-HG-06-14
               RFA Supplement: Near-Term Technology Development
               FAQ About RFA-HG-07-014
               Frequently Asked Questions About RFA-HG-08-004
               Supplemental Information for RFA-HG-10-016: Mendelian Disorders Genome Center
               Frequently Asked Questions about the NHGRI Sequencing and Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) FOAs
               FAQ: BD2K Center RFA
               Genome Sequencing Program Webinar: Information for NOT-HG-15-015 and NOT-HG-15-016
                  FAQ for RFA-HG-15-001: Centers for Common Disease Genomics
                  FAQ for RFA-HG-15-002: Centers for Medelian Genomics
         Grant Policies and Guidelines
            Change in Standing Receipt Dates for NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH
         Applying for an NHGRI Grant
         Active Grants
         The Grants Review Process
      Online Research Resources
      Extramural Research Reports and Publications
         1998 Five Year Plan: New Goals
            ELSI Research: New Goals for the Next 5 Years
         Human Genome Project's Five-Year Plan (1993-1998)
         Human Genome Project's Five-Year Plan (1991-1995)
         2001 Five-Year Plan for Reducing Health Disparities
         Strategic Plan for Reducing Health Disparities (2000)
         ELSI Program Reports
            Social, Behavioral and Genetic Factors Workshop
               Workshop Agenda and Roster
            ERPEG Final Report
            Genetic Information and the Workplace Report
            Genetic Testing Report
               Genetic Testing Report-Appendix 3
               Genetic Testing Report-Executive Summary
               Genetic Testing Report-Appendix 1
               Genetic Testing Report-Appendix 2
               Genetic Testing Report-Chapter 4
               Genetic Testing Report-Appendix 5
               Genetic Testing Report-Chapter 6
               Genetic Testing Report-Glossary
               Genetic Testing Report-Appendix 6
               Genetic Testing Report-Chapter 5
               Genetic Testing Report-Chapter 3
               Genetic Testing Report-Chapter 2
               Genetic Testing Report-Chapter 1
               Genetic Testing Report Appendix 4
            Cystic Fibrosis Testing Follow-up Workshop
            Hereditary Hemochromatosis Meeting
            ELSI Evaluation Report
            Genetic Discrimination and the Workplace Workshop
            ELSI Program Review (1990-1995)
            Genetic Discrimination and Health Insurance Workshop
            Stored Tissue Samples Workshop
            Genetic Information and Insurance Task Force Report
            Protecting Human Research Subjects Guide
            Reproductive Genetic Testing Workshop
            Cystic Fibrosis Population Screening Workshop
            Cancer Genetics Studies Consortium
         Long-Range Planning: Reports and Publications
            Past Events 2001 Beyond the Beginning Introduction
               The Future of Genomics
               Emerging Themes
            Ethical Boundaries Workshop
               Ethical Boundaries Agenda
               Germline Gene Transfer
               Cloning/Embryonic Stem Cells
               Reproductive Genetic Testing
               Genetic Enhancement
            Proteomics Planning Workshop
               Proteomics Workshop Agenda
               Proteomics Participant List
            Education and Public Outreach Workshop
               Outreach Workshop Agenda
               Human Genome Education Background
               Educational Activities
               Public Outreach Activities
            Non-Medical Workshop Summary
               Non-Medical Applications of Genomics Workshop Participants
               Non-Medical Applications Workshop Agenda
            Worldviews Workshop Summary
               Worldview Workshop Participant List
               Pre-Meeting Question Responses
            ELSI Role Report
            Sequencing/Resequencing Workshop Summary
            Genomic Sequence Workshop Summary
            NHGRI's Vision for the Future of Genomic Research
               Vision Acknowledgements
         Workshop and Priority Setting Reports from ERP
            Workshop on Human DNA Sequence Variation
            Functional Analysis Workshop
            Detecting Genetic Variations Workshop
            Large-Scale Sequencing Planning Meeting
            Genome Informatics Meeting
            Sequencing Technology Workshop
            Large-Scale Sequencing Workshop
            Genomic Sequencing Targets Workshop
               Genomic Sequencing Targets Roster
            Computational and Mathematical Biology Applications to Genomics and Genetics Research
            NHGRI Workshop on DNA Sequence Validation
            100 kb Map Workshop
            Single Chromosome Workshops
            Increasing Minorities in Research Workshop
            Plan for Increasing the Number of Underrepresented Minorities Trained in Genomics Research
            Trace Repository Workshop
            Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Meeting
            Conclusions, Agenda, Participants: Annotation Meeting
            Increasing Minorities in Doctoral Degree Programs Meeting
            MOD Workshop Report
               MOD Agenda
               MOD Participants List
            NIH Planning Meeting for Knockout Mouse Project
            Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond
               Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond: A Planning Workshop for the National Human Genome Research Institute
               Sequencing Workshop Appendix 5: Acknowledgements
            Sequencing Workshop Appendix 1: Participants
            Sequencing Workshop Appendix 2: Overview of Programs and Consortia
            Sequencing Workshop Appendix 4: Summary of Challenge Talks
         Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing - Thank You for your Comments
      Overview of the Extramural Research Program
      NHGRI Participation in the NIH Common Fund
      News Features from Extramural Research
         The Expanding Influence of Genomics on Society
         2004 News Feature: NHGRI-Funded Researcher Among Pioneer Awardees
         2005 News Feature: Telomere Researcher Wins NIH Director's Pioneer Award
         2007 News Feature: Researchers Can Now Apply for Access to Data from CSP
         2008 News Feature: NHGRI-Funded Scientists Win NIH Director's Pioneer Award
         2009 News Feature: NHGRI Uses Recovery Act Funds to Accelerate Genome Research to Improve Human Health
         2010 News Feature: Gelbart Receives Distinguished Service Award
         2010 News Feature: Answers to Genome Analysis May Be in the Clouds
         2010 News Feature: NHGRI Provides Sneak Peek into Future of Genome Sequencing Program
         2010 News Feature: The Road to the $1000 Genome - A Roundup of Sequencing Technology Developments
         2010 News Feature: NIH Receives Donation of Knockout Mice Collection
         2011 News Feature: Funding Now Available for New Phase of NHGRI Large-Scale Sequencing Program
         2011 News Features: The Road to the $1000 Genome Via Nanopores - A Roundup of Sequencing Technology Developments
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI Funds Now Available to Include Standard Measures in Genomic Studies
         2011 News Feature: New user's guide and tutorial helps disease researchers interpret human genome
         2011 News Feature: Ethical, legal and social issues of genomic research spotlighted at ELSI Congress 2011
         2011 News Feature: DNA Sequences: Assembly Required
         2011 News Feature: Funding Now Available for Technology Development to Catalog and Analyze Function of Genomes
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI's Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research Program Updates Priorities as Use of Genomic Information Broadens
         2011 News Feature: eMERGE network funding expands, adds pediatric studies
         2011 News Feature: Applicants Wanted: Funding Now Available for H3Africa
         2011 News Feature: Grant Writing: Advice from an NHGRI Pro
         2011 News Feature: Leaping Lizards! Researchers sequence first lizard genome
         2011 News Feature: NHGRI funds return of results studies, forms expert consortium
         2011 News Feature: Submit your bold ideas for transformative research awards
         2011 News Feature: ENCODE RFAs Expand Effort to Understand the Genome
         2012 News Feature: NIDA and NHGRI announce new PhenX measures for substance abuse and addiction
         2012 News Feature: NHGRI awards funding to develop tools for genome sequence analyses
         2012 News Feature: NHGRI to host symposium on model organism Encyclopedia of DNA Elements project
         2012 News Feature: Building a Biobank to Explore Mysteries of the Genome
         NHGRI continues to push the boundaries of innovation
         Researchers fine-tune genomic links to high blood lipid levels
         2013 News Feature: New NHGRI grants focus on using genomic information in patient care
         Human microbiome meeting highlights research progress in a field that's already beginning to matter
         2013 News Feature: The benefits of looking across many cancer genomes
         2013 News Feature: TCGA study of glioblastoma tumor genome reveals new details, potential treatment strategies
         2013 News Features: NHGRI announces grants to the Centers for Excellence in Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research Program
         2013 News Feature: Nanopore DNA sequencing: New approaches to an old challenge
         Harvard Medical School to play key coordination role in NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Network
         2013 News Feature: As genomics breaches cancer walls, researchers forge new treatment paths
         Genomics' daunting challenge: Identifying variants that matter
         Reflecting on more than two decades of the ELSI “experiment”
         2014 News Feature: NHGRI convenes workshop on the future of genome sequencing program ...
         2014 News Feature: Charting genome sequencing's future: NHGRI workshop offers potential paths to discovery and the clinic
         2014 News Feature: As the human microbiome comes into clearer focus, researchers look more closely at its role in health and disease
         2014 News Feature: NIH grants examine how genomic information can affect patients' health
         eMERGE publications highlight large-scale genomics research using electronic medical records.
         Peering at brain and skin cancers through a genomic lens, scientists begin to rewrite rules for identifying tumor types
         2015 News Feature: ClinGen setting standards for when genes and their variants matter in disease
         2015 News Feature: International collaboration aims to speed development of genomic medicine
         GM8: Looking across genomic medicine's gaps and opportunities
         2015 News Feature: Centers for Mendelian Genomics uncovering the genomic basis of hundreds of rare conditions
         2015 News Feature: Who should decide? The Complex Ethics of Pediatric Genome Sequencing
         TCGA study reveals new clues to the genomic diversity of prostate cancers
         Charting a course for genomic sequencing in patient care
         2015 News Feature: NHGRI's Dr. Jeffery Schloss honored with HHS Career Achievement Award
         2016 News Feature: Investigating how the genome works, one cell at a time
         2016 News Feature: New study challenges gold standard for validating DNA sequencing results
         2016 News Feature: New centers to help understand biology, improve diagnoses, of rare mysterious diseases
         2016 News Feature: New training grants prime doctors to tackle genomic medicine
         2016 News Feature: NIH supports new approaches to discovering DNA differences in the genome’s regulatory regions that affect disease
         2016 News Feature: NIH commits $6.7 million to advance DNA, RNA sequencing technology
         2016 News Feature: Forging a genomics research path across Africa
         2017 News Feature: Jeffery Schloss, a pioneer of genome sequencing technology, retires.
         2017 News: UDN guide to diagnosing medical mysteries published
         2017 News Feature: NIH probes the genome to understand severe drug reaction
         The Cancer Genome Atlas publishes results for bile duct, uterine and breast cancer
         The Beacon Project works towards privacy protections
         2017 News Feature: Genomics handbook provides customized education for physicians
                  Agenda & Participants
                  A Haplotype Map of the Human Genome: Outline
                  Ethical Issues in Developing a Haplotype Map with Socially Defined Populations
               Members of the Initial HapMap Project Planning Working Groups
               Special Requirements for RFA HG-04-005
               International HapMap Tutorial Webcast
               International Hap Map Press Conference Webcast
               modENCODE Project Criteria for Participation
               modENCODE Participants and Projects
               Major Results from The modENCODE project
            International HapMap Project
               Developing a Haplotype Map of the Human Genome
                  Developing a Haplotype Map of the Human Genome to Find Genes Related to Health and Disease: Meeting Summary
            The modENCODE Project: Model Organism ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (modENCODE)
               Genomics of model organisms and human biology: Insights from the modENCODE Project
      NHGRI Research Funding Divisions
         Division of Genome Sciences
            Genome Technology Program
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2004
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2005
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2007
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2008
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2009
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2010
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2011
               Advanced Sequencing Awards Abstracts 2012
               Advanced Sequencing Awards Abstracts 2013
               Advanced Sequencing Technology Awards 2014
               Advanced DNA Sequencing Technology Development Meeting, 2015
            Functional Analysis Program
            Genetic Variation Program
               DNA Polymorphism Discovery Resource
               Workshop on Establishing a Central Resource of Data from Genome Sequencing Projects
                  Establishing a Central Resource of Data From Genome Sequencing Projects
            NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program (GSP)
               The NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program (GSP) History
               Data Access and Release Policies
                  Sequence Finishing Standards
               Archived Meeting Reports and Workshop Summaries
                  Comparative Genome Evolution
                     ICHG 2011: 1000 Genomes Project Tutorial
                  Approved Sequencing Targets
                           Mouse Genome Monthly Past Issues
                        Ciliate Genome Sequencing
                        Sequencing Program Priorities
                           Previous Genomic Sequencing Targets
               Centers for Mendelian Genomics (CMG)
               Genome Sequencing Informatics Tools (GS-IT)
               Scientific Advisors to the NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program
            Computational Genomics and Data Science Program
               Model Organism Databases
               Human Genome Resources Supported by NHGRI
               The NHGRI Analysis, Visualization, and Informatics Lab-space (AnVIL)
                  Frequently Asked Questions about AnVIL
            Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science
               Active CEGS Awards
               Previous Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) Awards
            The ENCODE Project: ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements
               ENCODE External Consultants Panel
               ENCODE Consortium Criteria for Participation
                  ENCODE Analysis Working Group: Criteria for Participation
               ENCODE Project Data Release Policy (2003-2007)
               ENCODE Project Common Cell Types
               ENCODE Pilot Project
                  ENCODE Pilot Project: Target Selection
                  ENCODE Pilot Project: Participants and Projects
                  ENCODE Pilot Project: Common Consortium Resources
                  ENCODE Project Background
                  ENCODE Pilot Project: Comparative Sequence Analysis
                  ENCODE Pilot Project: Coordination with HapMap
                  ENCODE Pilot Project: Meeting Reports
                     ENCODE Project Launch Meeting
                        ENCODE Launch Meeting Agenda
               ENCODE Participants and Projects
                  Previous ENCODE Participants and Projects
                     ENCODE Phase III: Participants and Projects
                     ENCODE Phase II: Participants and Projects
               ENCODE Consortium Data Release Policy
               ENCODE 2011 RFA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
               ENCODE Tutorials
                  ENCODE/Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial, Nov. 2012, ASHG
                  ENCODE Tutorial May 2013, Biology of Genomes, CSHL
                  ENCODE/Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial, October 2013, ASHG
                  ENCODE Workshop Tutorial, October 2014, ASHG
                  Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial, October 2014, ASHG
                  Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial, March 2015, Keystone Symposia
                  Using the ENCODE Resource for Functional Annotation of Genetic Variants, January - March 2015
                  ENCODE Workshop, April 2015, Keystone Symposia
                  ENCODE/Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial, October 2015, ASHG
                  A Toxicology User's Guide to the Roadmap Epigenomics and ENCODE Data Resources
               From Genome Function to Biomedical Insight: ENCODE and Beyond
               ENCODE 2015: Research Applications and Users Meeting
               ENCODE Funding Opportunity Announcement Webinar Information
                  Frequently Asked Questions for ENCODE RFAs
               ENCODE 2016: Research Applications and Users Meeting
            Division of Genome Sciences Staff
               Elise A. Feingold, Ph.D.
               Colin FitzAllen Fletcher, Ph.D.
               Tina Gatlin, Ph.D.
               Lisa Brooks, Ph.D.
               Lu Wang, Ph.D.
               Mike Pazin, Ph.D.
                  Pazin Publications
               Ajay Pillai, Ph.D.
               Lita M. Proctor, Ph.D.
               Adam Felsenfeld, Ph.D.
               Carolyn M. Hutter, M.S., Ph.D.
               Michael W. Smith, Ph.D.
                  ASHG/NHGRI Workshop for SBIR/STTR
               Jennifer Troyer, Ph.D.
                  Troyer Publications
               Daniel Gilchrist, Ph.D.
                  Gilchrist Publications
               Valentina Di Francesco, M.S.
               Chris Wellington, B.S.
            Genomics of Gene Regulation
            Non-Coding Variants Program (NoVa)
         Division of Genomic Medicine
            Catalog of Published Genome-Wide Association Studies
               Abbreviations for GWAS Catalog of Studies
               GWAS: Full Description of Methods
               Current uses of and future directions for the GWAS Catalog
                  GWAS Webinar Agenda
               GWAS Ancestry Option 3
               GWAS Ancestry Option 4
            DGM Publications
            DGM Meetings & Workshops
               Designing Geneticists: Study Design Issues in Population-based Genetics and Genomics Research
               Frontiers in Population Genomics Research Meeting
                  Frontiers in Population Genomics Research Meeting: Materials
                  Frontiers in Population Genomics Research Meeting: Participants
                  Frontiers in Population Genomics Research Meeting: Attendees
                  Frontiers in Population Genomics Research Meeting: NHGRI/OPG Staff
               Genetics for Epidemiologists
               Multi-IC Symposia
                  Multi-IC Symposium on the Application of Genomic Technologies - June 5-6, 2006
                  Second Multi-IC Symposium on the Application of Genomic Technologies to Population-Based Studies
                     Multi-IC Symposium Agenda and Powerpoints - May 22-23, 2007
                     Multi-IC Symposium: May Background Materials
               Epidemiology for Researchers Performing Genetic/Genomic Studies
               Dark Matter Workshop
                  Dark Matters: Background Materials
               Sequencing in Cohort Studies and Large Sample Collections
               Implicating Sequence Variants in Human Disease
               Research Directions in Genetically-Mediated Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
            DGM Notices & Funding Opportunities
               DGM Expired Grant Application Solicitations
               FAQ for RFA-HG-12-016
            Genomic Medicine Activities
               Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting II
               Genomic Medicine Symposium
               Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting III: Working with Implementation Stakeholders
               Genomic Medicine Working Group
                  NHGRI International Genomics Education Meeting
               Notable Accomplishments in Genomic Medicine
               Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting IV: Physician Education in Genomics
               Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting V: Working With Federal Stakeholders
               Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting VI: Global Leaders in Genomic Medicine (GM6)
               Genomic Medicine Centers Meeting VII
               Genomic Medicine VIII: NHGRI's Genomic Medicine Portfolio (GM8)
               Genomic Medicine Meeting IX: Bedside to Bench - Mind the Gaps
               Genomic Medicine X: Research Directions in Pharmacogenomics Implementation
            Division of Genomic Medicine Staff
               Teri Manolio, M.D., Ph.D.
                  Manolio Publications
               Erin M. Ramos, Ph.D., M.P.H.
                  Ramos Publications
               Heidi J. Sofia, Ph.D., M.P.H.
                  Sofia Publications
               Jeffery P Struewing, M.D., M.S.
               Simona Volpi, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
               Anastasia L. Wise, Ph.D.
                  Wise Publications
               Ebony B. Madden, M.S.G.C., Ph.D.
                  Madden Publications
               Lucia A. Hindorff, Ph.D., M.P.H.
                  Hindorff Publications
               Rongling Li, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.
                  Li Publications
               Heather A. Colley, M.S.
                  Colley Publications
               Ken Wiley, Ph.D.
            Division of Genomic Medicine Current Research Programs
               The Cancer Genome Atlas
                  The Cancer Genome Atlas First Annual Scientific Symposium
                  The Cancer Genome Atlas Second Annual Scientific Symposium: Enabling Cancer Research Through TCGA
                  The Cancer Genome Atlas Third Annual Scientific Symposium
                  The Cancer Genome Atlas Fourth Annual Scientific Symposium
               Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network
                  Future Directions for the eMERGE Network
                  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics (eMERGE) Network, Phase II RFAs
                  eMERGE & CSER: The Convergence of Genomics and Medicine
                  eMERGE & Beyond: The Future of Electronic Medical Records and Genomics
               Population Architecture Using Genomics and Epidemiology
                  PAGE Publications
               Phenotypes and Exposures (PhenX)
                  PhenX Rising
               Genotype-Tissue Expression Project (GTEx)
                  GTEx: Project Background
                  GTEx: Donors
                     GTEx: Organ and Tissue Donors
                     GTEx: Surgical Donors
                  GTEx: Progress Update
                  GTEx: Project Contact Information
                  GTEx: Glossary of Terms
                  Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Community Scientific Meeting
               Trans-NIH Sequencing Inventory
               Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER)
                  Integrating Genomic Sequencing into Clinical Care: CSER and Beyond
                  Frequently Asked Questions for CSER2 RFAs
               Sample Collections of Potential Use for Sequencing Studies of Common, Complex Diseases
               Archive: DGM Programs
                  Genes and Environment Initiative (GEI)
                  Genetic Association Information Network (GAIN)
                     GAIN Kick-Off Meeting and Analysis Workshop I
                     GAIN Analysis Workshop II
                     GAIN Analysis Workshop III
                  Making Every Voice Count
                  Genomics and Randomized Trials Network (GARNET)
                  Gene Environment Association Studes (GENEVA)
                  Molecular Libraries and Imaging
               Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN)
                  Gene Function Studies to Investigate Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases
                  Future Directions for Undiagnosed Diseases Research: The UDN and Beyond
               Implementing Genomics in Practice (IGNITE)
                  IGNITE and Beyond: The Future of Genomic Medicine Implementation
               Newborn Sequencing in Genomic Medicine and Public Health (NSIGHT)
                  NSIGHT Public Webinar
               Clinical Genome (ClinGen) Resource
               Secondary Findings Reportable by NHGRI Genomic Medicine Research Programs
         Division of Genomics and Society
            The ELSI Research Program
               ELSI Planning and Evaluation History
                  ELSI Working Group
                     Genetic Testing Task Force
                  ELSI Research Planning and Evaluation Group
               Centers of Excellence in ELSI Research
                  Centers for Excellence in ELSI Research Awarded Grants
                  FAQ for Centers for Excellence in ELSI Research RFA-HG-021
               ELSI Research Program Abstracts and Activities Database
                  Search Instructions for The ELSI Research Program Abstracts and Activities Database
               ELSI Publications and Products Database
               ELSI Research Domains
                  Participating NIH Institutes and Centers Research Interest Statements and Contacts
               ELSI Trans-NIH Workshop to Explore the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Citizen Science
               ELSI Sample Applications and Summary Statements
            The Genomics and Society Working Group
            Division of Genomics and Society Outreach and Activities
               Division of Genomics and Society Outreach and Activities Archive
            Division of Genomics and Society Planning and Evaluation
               Division of Genomics and Society Planning and Evaluation Archives
            Division of Genomics and Society Staff
               David Kaufman, Ph.D.
               Nicole C. Lockhart, Ph.D.
               Joy Boyer, B.A.
         Division of Extramural Operations
            Scientific Review Branch
            Grants Administration Branch
            Division of Extramural Operations Staff
               Bettie Graham, Ph.D.
                  Graham Publications
               Keith McKenney, Ph.D.
               Ken Nakamura, Ph.D.
               Rudy Pozzatti, Ph.D.
               Vivian Ota Wang, M.S., M.Phil., Ph.D.
                  Ota Wang Publications
         Approved Sequencing Targets Archive
            Rat Genome Sequencing
            Mouse Genome Sequencing
            Human Genome Sequencing
            Roundworm Genome Sequencing
            Chicken Genome Sequencing
            Chimpanzee Genome Sequencing
            Sea Squirt Genome Sequencing
            Dog Genome Sequencing
            Fruitfly Genome Sequencing
            Fungal Genomes Sequencing
            Honey Bee Genome Sequencing
            Rhesus Macaque Genome Sequencing
            Sea Urchin Genome Sequencing
            Pufferfish Genome Sequencing
            Red Flour Beetle Genome Sequencing
            Bovine Genome Sequencing
            Laboratory Opossum Genome Sequencing
            Planarian Genome Sequencing
            Duck-Billed Platypus Genome Sequencing
            Threespine Stickleback Genome Sequencing
            Tammar Wallaby Genome Sequencing
            Acorn Worm Genome Sequencing
            Domestic Cat Sequencing
         Summaries of Working Group Proposals
         Human Medical Sequencing Program and Current Initiatives
            MSP: Pilot Project Announcement
            MSP: Group Rosters
            MSP: Medical Sequencing Program Data Access Policies
            MSP: Glossary
            MSP: Allelic Spectrum in Common Disease
            MSP: Uncloned, Mapped Autosomal Mendelian Disorders
            MSP: Uncloned X-linked Diseases
            Pathogens and Vectors
         MSP: Approved Medical Sequencing Projects
         MSP: Policies
         Sequencing Policies
         Center Initiated Projects
         Annotating the Human Genome
            Higher Coverage of Select Mammals
         Evolution of the Human Proteome
         Origins of Multicellularity
         Sequencing the Human Microbiome
         Multiple Mammalian Genomes for Comparative Annotation
         Multiple Mammalian Y Chromosomes
         Primate Genomes
         Individual Species
         Scientific Organization
         Other Projects
         Comparative Sequencing to Understand the Human Genome
            Survey of Human Structural Variation
            1000 Genomes Project
               ASHG 2010: 1000 Genomes Project Tutorial Videos
            DNA Sequencing Costs: Data
            The Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome
      Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy
         About the NIH & NHGRI GDS Policy
         GDS Data Submission
         GDS Data Access
         GDS Contacts
         GDS Resources
         GDS FAQ
      Division of Extramural Operations Archive
         The Recovery Act
            ARRA: NIH/NHGRI Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research
            ARRA: Competitive Revision Applications
            ARRA: Administrative Supplements
            ARRA: Administrative Supplements Providing Summer Research Experiences
            ARRA: Grand Opportunities
            ARRA: RFAs, PAs & Notices Archive
      Guías informativas sobre ciencia, investigación, ética y el instituto
         Del Mapa a Usted
         Anomalías Cromosómicas
         Ácido desoxirribonucleico (ADN)
         Hibridación fluorescente in situ (HFIS)
         Mapeo Genético
         Reacción en cadena de la polimerasa (RCP)
         Preguntas frecuentes sobre las pruebas genéticas
         Vías Biológicas
         Tecnología de micromatriz de ADN
         Breve guía de genómica
         Estudios de asociación en todo el genoma
         Ratones con genes desactivados
         Preguntas frecuentes sobre la secuenciacion de recien nacidos
         Ley Antidiscriminatoria sobre Información Genética de 2008
         Cómo el NHGRI manejó el Proyecto del genoma humano
         Panorama general del Proyecto del genoma humano
         Acerca del Instituto
         Acerca del Proyecto Internacional HapMap
         Programa de investigación de implicaciones éticas, legales y sociales
         Genómica comparada
         Secuenciación del ADN
      Breve historia del Proyecto del genoma humano
      Consentimiento informado (con conocimiento de causa) para la investigación genómica
      Participación en una investigación genómica
      Privacidad en la genómica
      Regulación de pruebas genéticas
      Investigaciones genómicas en las que seres humanos se encuentran bajo estudio
      La propiedad intelectual y la genómica

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