Genome Advance of the Month

Gene-disease association data could improve drug development

 Drug development is a risky business. More than half of candidate drugs that look promising in the research lab will ultimately fail. More than a quarter of drugs that reach the clinical trial stage will be rejected as ineffective. June's Genome Advance of the Month focuses on how drug development success rates could be improved by using known genetic associations to help choose research targets. Read more

Studying cancer from the inside out: What the epigenetic code can tell doctors about disease

 How tumors differ from each other - either in different organs or within the same organ - can yield useful clues about cancer prognosis and treatment. Ultimately, that knowledge may lead to precision medicine, where a doctor is not just treating a tumor, but tailoring treatment to the patient's specific tumor. A massive new analysis of tumors, published online April 17 in Epigenetics & Chromatin, is leading medicine closer to these goals. Read more

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Opportunities and Challenges for Health Disparities Research in the Personal Genome Era

Carlos Bustamante On May 27, Dr. Carlos Bustamante, professor of genetics at Stanford University School of Medicine and co-founding director of the Stanford Center for Computational, Human, and Evolutionary Genomics, was the inaugural speaker for the Genomics and Health Disparities Lecture Series. The NHGRI co-sponsored series seeks to enhance dialogue about how innovations in genomics research and technology can impact health disparities. Watch video

The Genomics Landscape

The Johns Hopkins University/National Human Genome Research Institute Genetic Counseling Training Program

Eric Green In this month's The Genomics Landscape, Dr. Green features a well-established joint program with Johns Hopkins University that trains genetic counselors, a recent report to the NIH Director on the future of the National Library of Medicine, and news from NHGRI activities related to coordinating provider education in genomics and international genomic medicine efforts, along with other information items that of interest. Read more

GM8: Looking across genomic medicine's gaps and opportunities

Group photo of leaders who attended the two-day Genomic Medicine 8 meeting. On June 8-9, international experts discussed the gaps, challenges and opportunities in genomics at Genomic Medicine Meeting VIII: NHGRI's Genomic Medicine Portfolio, sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) in Rockville, Maryland. Speakers discussed topics ranging from interpreting genomic variants and handling genomic data, to diversity in research populations. Read more

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