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California 2016 State Bills:
opens new window California 2016 SB 1442
Employment Nondiscrimination,
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination
Amends state law prohibiting denial of full and equal access to benefits or discrimination in any program or activity that is conducted, operated, or administered by the state or by any state agency, is funded directly by the state, or receives any financial assistance from the state based on genetic information and other characteristics. The bill would remove the authority of those state agencies to promulgate regulations to prohibit discrimination and would require the investigation and enforcement of anti-discrimination provisions to be performed by to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Chaptered on 9/30/2016. However, the bill is effective on January 1, 2017 only if AB 2707, which pertains to racial profiling, is enacted. On 9/27/2016 the Governor vetoed AB 2707.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018