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Arizona State Statute:
opens new window Arizona: ARS §12-2801 et seq.
Information derived from genetic testing my only be released to the person tested or others with written authorization from the person tested with some exceptions, including but not limited to (1) a researcher for medical research and public health purposes, only if the research is conducted pursuant to applicable federal or state laws and regulations, (2) if the identity of the individual providing the sample is not disclosed to the person collecting and conducting research; or (3) a third person if approved by a human subjects review committee or human ethics committee, with respect to persons who are subject to a state cancer registry. The law also places restrictions on disclosure or compelling disclosure, requires consent from a parent or legal guardian of a minor to conduct genetic testing other than newborn screening, and requires written informed consent for genetic testing by health care providers with some exceptions.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018