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California State Statute:
opens new window California: Cal. Insurance Code §10140 et seq.
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination,
Other Lines of Insurance Nondiscrimination
Disability insurers covering hospital, medical and surgical expenses may not fail or refuse to accept an application, fail or refuse to issue insurance, cancel or refuse to renew insurance, charge a higher rate or premium, offer or provide different terms, conditions or benefits, or place a limitation on coverage based on genetic characteristics that may be associated with disability in a person of that persons offspring. These insurers also may not seek information about a persons genetic characteristics for non-therapeutic purposes. Specific penalties are set forth for violations. Life and disability insurers may not discriminate based solely on the fact that the person to be insured carries a gene that may be associated with disability in that person or the persons offspring, but which causes no adverse effects in the carrier, including but not limited to Tay-Sachs trait, sickle cell trait, thalassemia trait, and X-linked hemophilia trait.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018