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Colorado State Statute:
opens new window Colorado: CRS §10-3-1104.7
Other Lines of Insurance Nondiscrimination,
Genetic information is the property of the individual to whom it pertains. Release of genetic information that identifies the person tested for purposes other than diagnosis, treatment and therapy requires specific written consent. Exemptions under the law include some uses by research facilities. Researchers may use genetic testing information for scientific research as long as the identity of any individual to whom the information pertains is not disclosed to any third party except that the individuals identity may be disclosed to the individuals physician with written consent. Group disability or long-term care insurers that receive genetic information may not seek, use or keep the information for any non-therapeutic or underwriting purpose. Life insurers and individual disability insurers may not perform a genetic test without informed consent. Penalties are set forth for unfair trade practices with respect to group disability and long-term care insurance.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018