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Florida State Statute:
opens new window Florida: FS §§627.4301
and 641.438
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination Insurers offering health insurance, a self-insured plan, a multiple employer welfare arrangement, a prepaid limited health service organization, a health maintenance organization, a prepaid health clinic, a fraternal benefit society or any health care arrangement where risk is assumed may not cancel, limit, or deny coverage or establish differentials in premium rates based on genetic information in the absence of a diagnosis. Health insurers may not require or solicit genetic information, use genetic test results, or consider a person's decisions or actions relating to genetic testing for any insurance purpose. The law does not apply to a life insurance policy, disability income policy, long-term care policy, accident-only policy, hospital indemnity or fixed indemnity policy, dental policy, or vision policy.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018