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Maine State Statute:
opens new window Maine: MRS 24A § 2159-C and 24A § 6981
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination,
Other Lines of Insurance Nondiscrimination,
A carrier that issues individual or group hospital, health or dental insurance and the Dirigo Health Self-administered Plan may not discriminate against an individual or eligible dependent on the basis of genetic information, the refusal to submit to a genetic test, refusal to make available the results of a genetic test, or based on the receipt of a genetic test or genetic counseling. A carrier may request, but not require, that an individual undergo a genetic test if the request is made pursuant to research that complies with the Common Rule and other specified criteria are met. Life, credit life, disability, long-term care, accidental injury, specified disease, hospital indemnity or credit accident insurers or an annuity may not discriminate unfairly, which includes the use of genetic test results in a manner that is not reasonably related to anticipated claims experience.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018