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Massachusetts State Statute:
opens new window Massachusetts: MGL Public Health 111 §70G
Other Lines of Insurance Nondiscrimination,
Genetic information contained in reports or records held by hospitals, laboratories, physicians, insurance institutions and others named in the statute may not be divulged without informed written consent with some exceptions, which include in connection with life, disability, and long term care insurance, as allowable, or as confidential research information for use in epidemiological or clinical research conducted for the purpose of generating scientific knowledge about genes or learning about the genetic basis of disease or for developing pharmaceutical and other treatments of disease. Additional provisions concerning the performance of genetic tests apply to laboratories and other facilities. Organizations conducting pharmoco-economic studies in systematic research to determine the cost benefits of specific treatment for genetic based disease are exempt from the need to re-obtain informed consent. A person whose rights have been violated may bring a civil action.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018