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New York State Statute:
opens new window New York: NYCL (CVR) 79-l
Prior informed consent is required to perform a genetic test. Further disclosures require additional consent. For medical research purposes and with approval from an institutional review board and consent, a biological sample may be retained for longer than 60 days and be used for scientific research. Samples may be used for research conducted in accordance with applicable law and regulation and pursuant to a research protocol approved by an institutional review board, if individuals who provided the samples have given prior informed consent for the use of the sample for general research purposes without restrictions, and the samples have been permanently stripped of identifying information or coded to protect the individuals identity. Upon request samples that have not already been used for research must be destroyed. Family members of a research participant may not be contacted without the consent of the individual. Additional provisions address confidentiality, the incorporation of information into medical records, disclosure and penalties for violations.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018