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North Carolina State Statute:
opens new window North Carolina: NCGA §§58-3-215
58-68-30 and 58-68-35
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination A health benefit plan, health maintenance organization or multiple employer welfare arrangement may not raise the premium or contribution rates paid for a group health benefit plan, refuse to issue or deliver a health benefit plan, or charge a higher premium rate or charge because of genetic information. Health benefit plans must comply with all applicable standards of the federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Insurers providing accident and sickness policies or hospital, medical, or dental health service may not refuse to issue or deliver any policy that affords benefits or coverage for any medical treatment or service authorized or permitted by specified entities or carry a higher premium rate or charge by reason of the fact that the person to be insured possesses sickle cell trait or hemoglobin C trait. A group health insurer may not establish rules for eligibility or continued eligibility based on a health status-related factor, including genetic information, or treat genetic information as a pre-existing condition in the absence of a diagnosis. An individual health insurer may not increase an individual's renewal premium for continued health insurance coverage based on a health statusrelated factors, including genetic information.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018