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Oklahoma State Statute:
opens new window Oklahoma: OS §36-3614.1
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination,
Any individual, corporation, association, partnership, insurance support organization, fraternal benefit society, insurance producer, third-party administrator, self-insurer, or any other legal entity engaged in the business of insurance that issues accident and sickness insurance policies or administers a health insurance plan may not deny or condition the issuance or effectiveness of a policy on a pre-existing condition or genetic information. These entities also may not discriminate with respect to pricing a policy or certificate, including premiums, based on genetic information. A violation is an unfair and deceptive act or practice. An insurer also may not request or require a genetic test with an exception for research. An insurer may request a genetic test if the request is pursuant to research that complies with the Common Rule and other specified criteria are met.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018