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Rhode Island State Statute:
opens new window Rhode Island: RIGL §28-6.7-1 et seq.
Employment Nondiscrimination An employer, employment agency, or licensing agency may not (1) request, require or administer a genetic test, (2) affect the terms, conditions, or privileges of or terminate employment or licensure of any person who obtains a genetic test, (3) take any other action affecting the terms, conditions or privileges of employment against an employee or a license holder based on the results of a genetic test or the refusal to take a genetic test, submit family history, or reveal whether the employee, applicant or holder has taken a genetic test, (4) otherwise use genetic information to adversely affect the employment, licensure, or application for employment or licensure of any individual, or (5) reveal genetic information about employees, licensees, or applicants. Penalties for violations are set forth.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018