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Texas State Statute:
opens new window Texas: TS (Insurance) Code §546.001 et seq.
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination,
Individual and group health benefit plans that request an applicant for coverage to submit to a genetic test for a permissible purpose must notify the applicant that the test is required, disclose to the applicant the proposed use of the results, and obtain prior written informed consent. A health benefit plan issuer may not use genetic information or the refusal of an applicant to submit to a genetic test to reject, deny, limit, cancel, refuse to renew, increase the premiums for, or otherwise adversely affect eligibility for or coverage under the plan. Genetic material obtained from an individual for a genetic test must be destroyed promptly after the purpose for which it was obtained with some exceptions, including (1) authorized retention of the sample for medical treatment or scientific research or (2) if the sample was obtained for research that is cleared by an institutional review board, and retention of the sample is under a requirement the institutional review board imposes on a specific research project or authorized by the research participant with institutional review board approval under federal law. A health benefit plan issuer may redisclose genetic information without authorization for actuarial or research studies if the tested individual could not be identified in any actuarial or research report and any materials that identify a tested individual are returned or destroyed as soon as reasonably practicable.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018