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Missouri State Statute:
opens new window Missouri: MRS §191.331
Use of Residual Newborn Screening Specimens A residual newborn screening specimen is retained for five years after initial submission to the department. After five years specimens are destroyed. Unless otherwise directed, a biological specimen may be released for anonymous scientific study. At the time of collection, the parent or legal guardian of the child from whom a biological specimen was obtained may direct the department to: (1) Return a biological specimen that remains after all screening tests have been performed; (2) Destroy a biological specimen in a scientifically acceptable manner after all screening tests required have been performed; or (3) Store a biological specimen but not release the biological specimen for anonymous scientific study. A biological specimen released for anonymous study may not contain information that may be used to determine the identity of the donor. The department has authority over the use, retention, and disposal of biological specimens and related information collected in connection with newborn screening tests. The use of such specimens and related information is for public health purposes and must comply with all applicable provisions of federal law. The department may charge a reasonable fee for the use of such specimens for public health research and preparing and supplying specimens for research proposals approved by the department.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018