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South Carolina State Statute:
opens new window South Carolina: SCCL §44-37-30
Use of Residual Newborn Screening Specimens Residual newborn screening blood samples may be released for purposes of confidential, anonymous scientific study unless the newborn screening program is otherwise directed. The release of a blood sample must conform with departmental regulations. At the time of testing or at any time after that, the parent or legal guardian of the child from whom a blood sample was obtained, or the child when eighteen years of age or older, may direct the department to: (1) return a blood sample in its entirety and any test results not less than two years after the date of testing; (2) destroy a blood sample in not less than two years after the date of the testing; or (3) store a blood sample but not release the blood sample for confidential, anonymous scientific study. A blood sample released for confidential, anonymous study must not contain identifiable information. If scientific study identifies genetic information that may benefit the child, the department may notify confidentially the parent or legal guardian, or the child if eighteen years of age or older, of this information.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018