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Oklahoma 2013 State Bills:
opens new window Oklahoma 2013 HB 1342
Health Insurance Nondiscrimination,
A health carrier offering health benefit plans providing individual market health insurance coverage may not (1) impose a pre-existing condition exclusion on the basis of genetic information, (2) establish rules for the eligibility, including continued eligibility, of any individual to enroll for coverage based on genetic information, (3) adjust premium or contribution amounts for an individual on the basis of genetic information concerning the individual or a family member of the individual, (4) request or require an individual or a family member of an individual to undergo a genetic test, or (5) request or require or purchase genetic information for underwriting purposes or to determine eligibility. A health carrier may request, but not require, that an individual or a family member of the individual undergo a genetic test if the request is made pursuant to research that complies with Part 46 of Title 45, Code of Federal Regulations or equivalent federal regulations and any applicable state or local law or regulations for the protection of human subjects in research and other criteria are met. Died.

Last Reviewed: May 25, 2018