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The Genomics Landscape
In the June 2020 edition of The Genomics Landscape, NHGRI Director Eric Green details NHGRI's new Diversity in Genomics Workforce Initiative.
… source of information.   the nhgri history of genomics program continues to showcase oral history interviews with … moment for the use of gene editing for treating inherited diseases. sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that … medical genetics branch and founding director of the nih undiagnosed diseases program ( udp ), was honored with the …
NHGRI Director
The Genomics Landcscape is a monthly newsletter from NHGRI Director Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D., featuring activities from the institute and the field of genomics.
… ethical, legal, and social implications (or elsi) research program; a request for comments on the genomic data sharing … goal of this annual event is to raise awareness about rare diseases and the lives they impact. just last week, nih held … to accelerating genomics research across the board. undiagnosed diseases network: solving medical mysteries …