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Clinical Research
The Undiagnosed Diseases Program provide answers to patients with mysterious conditions that have long eluded diagnosis.
… The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) is part of the Undiagnosed Disease Network …
News Release
Researchers from NHGRI and the Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) have discovered a new neurological condition characterized by issues with motor coordination and speech.
… NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) identified three children with the condition, …
News Release
Baylor College of Medicine. Houston and the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee will be providing DNA sequencing for the Undiagnosed Diseases Network.
… in Milwaukee will be providing DNA sequencing for the Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN). Each site will receive more than $2.5 … technology company, Illumina. The UDN, based on a pilot program launched in 2008 at the NIH Clinical Center in …
The Genomics Landscape
In the July 2018 edition of The Genomics Landscape, NHGRI Director Eric Green highlights the 10th anniversary of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program.
… In the Spring 2008, NIH launched an audacious new research program focusing on patients with mysterious conditions that … been considered as plot points for television dramas. The Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) was conceived by Dr. William Gahl …
Research Funding
​The Undiagnosed Diseases Network accelerates discovery and innovation in how we diagnose and treat patients with previously undiagnosed diseases.
… applicants due to the complex nature of the body and the diseases being investigated. However, they do fully review … improve the level of diagnosis and care for patients with undiagnosed diseases through the development of common … and rare diseases. In 2008, the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) was organized and established by the National …