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Research Funding
Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) Diversity Consortium will work together to develop and implement approaches to integrating extant genotype and phenotype data for the purpose of conducting and disseminating Consortium-wide PRS analyses.
… Consortium-wide PRS analyses. … NHGRI intends to fund a Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) Diversity Consortium in 2021. The Consortium … Webinar May 15, 2020 … Purpose … Events … Program Staff … Polygenic Risk Score (PRS) Diversity Consortium … Polygenic
Research Funding
ClinGen will advance genomics in clinical care and improve our understanding of phenotypic and functional effects of genetic variants and their clinical value.
… information in clinical genomics and complex (eg. polygenic) disease score reporting. Finally, they are active … genes that, when significantly altered, confer a high risk of serious disease that could be prevented or mitigated … Wojcik Define common language for describing complex risk scores and methodology, create guidelines for assessing the …
Research Funding
The three research domains to be considered for support by the NHGRI Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research Program.
… nature of genomic findings and perception of genetic risk. How genomic researchers and the research community … Norms and standards to bring new genomic tests, including polygenic risk scores, into clinical practice. Patient-centered concepts of …