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Microbial biofilm of mixed species from human body. From A. Earl (Broad Institute/MIT, 2012)

Researchers look more closely at the HMP's role in health and disease

As the Human Microbiome Project (HMP) comes into clearer focus, three NIH-funded research teams are gathering data at the most basic molecular levels about the biological processes that make up the host-microbiome system. The data, published in the September 10 issue of Cell Host & Microbe, highlight studies on pregnancy and preterm birth, inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes. Read more

NIH Clinical Center

CCGO awards exome sequencing data to NIH intramural investigators

Ten intramural investigators will receive exome sequencing data for their research projects at the NIH Clnical Center as part of the Clinical Center Genomics Opportunity (CCGO). The CCGO, sponsored in part by NHGRI, is a two-year initiative encouraging NIH institutes to jumpstart genomic medicine by increasing the use of genomic data in clinical research. Read more

Letters of A, T, C, G

NHGRI workshop offers potential paths to discovery and the clinic

On July 28-29, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) held a workshop on the future of its flagship Genome Sequencing Program (GSP) - Future Opportunities for Genome Sequencing and Beyond: A Planning Workshop for the National Human Genome Research Institute. Workshop organizer and GSP program director, Adam Felsenfeld, Ph.D., acknowledged the many challenges ahead for NHGRI and the field of genomics - especially in the areas of clinical genomics and genetic variation associated with common diseases. Read more

The Genomics Landscape: A Message from the Director
Eric Green

The Natural Evolution of Genomic Data Sharing

Rapid and broad data sharing has been a hallmark of genomics since the early days of the Human Genome Project (HGP). Today, it is well-appreciated in genomics that the work of individual investigators and large collaborative efforts alike benefits from access to data resources. The new NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy - released on August 27 - promotes sharing a broader array of large-scale human and non-human genomic data generated for appropriate research purposes when those data are generated through NIH-supported or NIH-conducted research. Read more

Katherine Blizinsky and Elizabeth Tuck

NHGRI welcomes new education and policy fellows

Elizabeth Tuck, M.A., and Katherine Blizinsky, Ph.D., will begin their fellowships - sponsored by NHGRI and the American Society of Human Genetics - in September 2014. Ms. Tuck starts her fellowship in the new Genetics and Education Fellowship program, while Dr. Blizinsky starts hers in the Genetics and Public Policy Fellowship program. Read more

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