The Genomics Landscape
NHGRI Director Eric Green, M.D., Ph.D.

Genome-Wide Association Studies Catalog

In this month's The Genomics Landscape, I discuss the NHGRI-EBI Genome-Wide Association Studies Catalog, which was started at NHGRI and is now housed at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in the United Kingdom. There's also news about G2C2, Genome Unlocking Life's Code and an NHGRI Staff visit to NASA! Read more

Genome Advance of the Month
Iceland and DNA

Iceland study provides insights into disease, paves way for large-scale genomic studies

Iceland can conjure thoughts of geothermal spas and moonlike landscapes, but not large-scale genomic studies. Last month, a research team at deCODE genetics announced findings based on whole genome sequence information of 2,636 Icelanders and genotypic information of 104,220 other Icelanders. The March Genome Advance of the Month focuses on some interesting results published as a collection of papers in Nature Genetics. Read more

Zebrafishing against metastatic cancer

For cancer patients, the deadliest enemy is metastasis - the migration of cancer cells to other places in the body. Now, a team of National Institutes of Health scientists has proposed a promising new approach to impede or halt this deadly process. NHGRI's Dr. Shawn Burgess and his colleagues have published that approach in Disease Models & Mechanisms. Read more

Top Boards

Top Boards in the 2015 Unlocking Life's Code Pinterest Challenge!

To celebrate National DNA Day, middle and high school biology students created DNA Day-related Pinterest boards. The results are in: See the top seven boards in the 2015 Pinterest Challenge from six states and from the Republic of Botswana. Each of these classes will receive a certificate of recognition and a set of learning tools. Go to: Top Boards

Video now available

From Genome Function to Biomedical Insight:
ENCODE and Beyond

On March 10-11, 2015, NHGRI sponsored the workshop From Genome Function to Biomedical Insight: ENCODE and Beyond at the Natcher Conference Center on the NIH main campus. The workshop discussed scientific questions and opportunities to better understand genome function, and considered options for future NHGRI projects that would address these questions and opportunities. Video for this event is now available

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