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Kareena with her mom

California girl's NIH visit includes happy excursions around the nation's capital

In mid-December, Kareena Hijjawi and her mother flew to the National Institutes of Health for a series of important clinical consultations with the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP). But before the week was out, Kareena would be flocked by a group of dancing ballerinas, dazzled by the opulence of this year's the White House holiday tour, and even get a chance to pet the Obama family dogs, Sunny and Bo. Read more

Genome Advance of the Month
A centenarian

Researchers examine supercentenarians' genomes for longevity key

In 2012, an American's average lifespan was nearly 79 years. By comparison, supercentenerians live to 110 years old or more - a life span far exceeding the rest of the population. A recent study led by Dr. Hinco J. Gierman at Stanford University sought genetic explanations for supercentenarians' longer life-span. Genome Advance of the Month highlights this research. Read more

Illustration of a bear family in winter

This holiday season, resolve to learn about your family health history

Family gatherings at the holidays are the perfect time to learn more about your family's health history. A few thoughtful questions can go a long way to revealing how you can work to prevent future disease and improve your health. Read more

The Genomics Landscape

NHGRI and Social Media

In this month's Genomics Landscape, Dr. Green describes NHGRI's use of social media to spread messages about the institute and genomics. He also highlights an event for military families at the Genome: Unlocking Life's Code exhibition in San Diego; recent publications from the Mouse ENCODE Project; and the new chief of NHGRI's Genomic Healthcare Branch.
Read more

Robert Wildin

Robert Wildin, M.D., joins NHGRI as chief of the Genomic Healthcare Branch

On November 10, Robert Wildin, M.D., a clinical geneticist with nearly three decades of experience in private and hospital-based medical practice, joined NHGRI as chief of the Genomic Healthcare Branch (GHB). As GHB chief, Dr. Wildin will provide leadership in promoting the integration of genomic discoveries into clinical and public health practice. Read more

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