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The Division of Intramural Research conducts a broad program of laboratory and clinical research.

LabGenius: The next step toward a digital laboratory

Read moreThe HHS Ignite Accelerator program, inspired by Silicon Valley start-up methods, nurtures innovative ideas that might improve government operations. Now this seed funding and mentorship program could help create a digital "LabGenius" and, according to NIH Director Francis Collins, "has the potential to streamline our labs ... which could have a big impact."Read more

A new role for zebrafish: larger scale gene function studies

Read moreBethesda, Md., Fri., June 5, 2015 -A relatively new method of targeting specific DNA sequences in zebrafish could dramatically accelerate the discovery of gene function and the identification of disease genes in humans, according to scientists at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of the National Institutes of Health. Read more

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The NHGRI Intramural Research Awards for 2014

Read more 2014 was an exceptional year for the NHGRI Intramural Research Award. Six awards were granted, the highest number in a single year. The well-deserving recipients were announced at the NHGRI Scientific Symposium in December 2014.
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From Genome Function to Biomedical Insight: ENCODE and Beyond

ENCODEOn March 10-11, 2015, NHGRI sponsored the workshop From Genome Function to Biomedical Insight: ENCODE and Beyond at the Natcher Conference Center on the NIH main campus. The workshop discussed scientific questions and opportunities to better understand genome function, and considered options for future NHGRI projects that would address these questions and opportunities. Video now available

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February 17, 2015

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