Raman Sood, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator, Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch

Selected Publications

Sood R., Bonner T.I., Makalawska I., Stephan D.A., Robbins C.M., Connors T.D., Morgenbesser S.D., Su K., Pinkett H., Faruque M.U., Graham C., Baxevanis A.D., Klingler K.W., Landes G.M., Trent J.M., Carpten J.D.. Cloning and characterization of 13 novel transcripts and the human RGS8 gene from the 1q25 region encompassing the hereditary prostate cancer (HPC1) locus. Genomics, 73: 211-222. 2001. [PubMed]

Carpten J, Nupponen N, Isaacs S, Sood R, Robbins C, Xu J, Faruque M, Moses T, Ewing C, Gillanders E, Hu P, Bujnovszky P, Makalowska I, Baffoe-Bonnie A, Faith D, Smith J, Stephan D, Wiley K, Brownstein M, Gildea D, Kelly B, Jenkins R, Hostetter G, Matikainen M, Schleutker J, Klinger K, Connors T, Xiang Y, Wang Z, De Marzo A, Papadopoulos N, Kallioniemi O-P, Burk R, Meyers D, Gronberg H, Meltzer P, Silverman R, Bailey-Wilson J, Walsh P, Isaacs W, Trent J. Germline mutations in the ribonuclease L gene in families showing linkage with HPC1. Nat Genet, 30: 181-184. 2002. [PubMed]

Makalowska I, Sood R, Faruque MU, Hu P, Robbins C, Eddings EM, Mestre JD, Baxevanis AD, Carpten JD. Identification of six novel genes by experimental validation of GeneMachine predicted genes. Gene, 284: 203-213. 2002. [PubMed]

Pollock PM. Cohen-Solal K, Sood R (First co-authors), Namkoong J, Martino JJ, Koganti A, Zhu H, Robbins C, Makalowska I, Shin S-S, Marin Y, Roberts KG, Yudt LM, Chen A, Cheng J, Incao A, Pinkett HW, Graham CL, Dunn K, Crespo-Carbone SM, Mackason KR, Ryan KB, Sinsimer D, Goydos J, Reuhl KR, Eckhaus M, Meltzer PS, Pavan WJ, Trent JM, and Chen S. Melanoma mouse model implicates metabotropic glutamaye signaling in melanocytic neoplasia. Nat Genet, 34: 108-112. 2003. [Full Text ]

Gillanders E, Juo SH, Holland EA, Jones M, Nancarrow D, Freas-Lutz D, Sood R, Park N, Faruque M, Markey C, Kefford RF, Palmer J, Bergman W, Bishop DT, Tucker MA, Bressac-de Paillerets B, Hansson J, Stark M, Gruis N, Bishop JN, Goldstein AM, Bailey-Wilson JE, Mann GJ, Hayward N, Trent J; Lund Melanoma Study Group; Melanoma Genetics Consortium. Localization of a novel melanoma susceptibility locus to 1p22. Am J Hum Genet, 73(2): 301-13. 2003. [PubMed]

Walker GJ, Indsto JO, Sood R, Faruque MU, Hu P, Pollock PM, Duray P, Holland EA, Brown K, Kefford RF, Trent JM, Mann GJ, Hayward NK. Deletion mapping suggests that the 1p22 melanoma susceptibility gene is a tumor suppressor localized to a 9-Mb interval. Genes Chromosomes Cancer, (1):56-64. 2004. [PubMed]

Veeramachaneni V, Makalowski W, Galdzicki M, Sood R, Makalowska I. Mammalian overlapping genes: the comparative perspective. Genome Res, 14(2): 280-6. 2004. [PubMed]

Zhang J., Wheeler D., Yakub I., Wei S., Sood R., Rowe W., Liu P.P., Gibbs R. and Buetow K. SNPDetector: a software tool for sensitive and accurate SNP detection. PLoS Computational Biology, 1: 0395-0404. 2005. [PubMed]

Sood R, English MA, Jones M, Mullikin J, Wang DM, Anderson M, Wu D, Chandrasekharappa SC, Yu J, Zhang J, Paul Liu P. Methods for reverse genetic screening in zebrafish by resequencing and TILLING. Methods, July 5 Epub. 2006. [PubMed]

Jin H, Sood R, Xu J , Zhen F, English MA, Liu PP and Wen Z. Definitive hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells manifest  distinct differentiation output in the zebrafish VDA and PBI.  Development, 136: 647-654. 2009. [PubMed]

Belele CL, English MA, Chahal J, Burnetti A, Finckbeiner SM, Gibney G, Kirby M, Sood R and Liu PP. Differential requirement for Gata1 DNA binding and transactivation between primitive and definitive stages of hematopoiesis in zebrafish. Blood, 114: 5162-5172. 2009. [PubMed]

Sood R, English MA, Belele CL, Jin H, Bishop K, Haskins R, McKinney MC, Chahal J, Weinstein BM, Wen Z and Liu PP. Development of multi-lineage adult hematopoiesis in the zebrafish with a runx1 truncation mutation. Blood, 115(14):2806-9. 2010. [PubMed]

Shive HR, West RR, Embree LJ, Azuma M, Sood R, Liu P and Hickstein DD. Brca2 in zebrafish ovarian development, spermatogenesis, and tumorigenesis. PNAS, 107: 19350-19355. 2010. [PubMed]

Sood R and Liu PP. Novel insights into the genetic controls of primitive and definitive hematopoiesis from zebrafish models. Advances in Hematology, 2012:830703. 2012. [PubMed]

Cunningham L, Finckbeiner S, Southall N, Marugan J, Hyde RK, Yedavalli V, Dehdashti S, Reinhold W, Alemu L, Yeh, J-R J, Sood R, Pommier Y, Austin C, Jeang, K-T, Zhang W and Liu P. Identification of Ro5-3335 as an inhibitor of CBF leukemia through quantitative high throughput screen against RUNX1-CBFB interaction. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 109:14592-7. 2013. [PubMed]

Sood R, Carrington B, Bishop K, Jones MP, Rissone A, Candotti F, Chandrasekharappa SC, Liu P. Efficient Methods For Targeted Mutagenesis in Zebrafish Using Zinc-Finger Nucleases: Data From Targeting of Nine Genes Using CompoZr or CoDA ZFN. PLos One, 8:e57239. 2013. [PubMed]

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