Pamela L. Schwartzberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Acting Chief & Senior Investigator, Genetic Disease Research Branch
Head, Cell Signaling Section

Selected Publications

Debnath J., Chamorro M., Czar M.J., Schaeffer E.M., Lenardo M.J., Varmus H.E., Schwartzberg P.L.. rlk/TXK encodes two forms of a novel cysteine string tyrosine kinase activated by Src family kinases. Mol Cell Biol, 19(2):1498-507. 1999. [PubMed]

Schaeffer E.M., Debnath J., Yap G., McVicar D., Liao X.C., Littman D.R., Sher A., Varmus H.E., Lenardo M.J., Schwartzberg P.L. Requirement for Tec kinases Rlk and Itk in T cell receptor signaling and immunity. Science, 284(5414):638-41. 1999. [PubMed]

Schaeffer E., Broussard C., Debnath J., Anderson S., McVicar D., Schwartzberg P. Tec family kinases modulate thresholds for thymocyte development and selection. J Exp Med, 192:987-1000. 2000. [PubMed]

Czar M.J., Kersh E.N., Mijares L.A., Lanier G., Lewis J., Yap G., Chen A., Sher A., Duckett C.S., Ahmed R., Schwartzberg P.L. Altered lymphocyte responses and cytokine production in mice deficient in the X-linked lymphoproliferative disease gene SH2D1A/DSHP/SAP. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 98:7449-54. 2001. [PubMed]

Schaeffer E.M., Yap G.S., Lewis C.M., Czar M.J., McVicar D.W., Cheever A.W., Sher A., Schwartzberg P.L.. Mutation of Tec family kinases alters T helper cell differentiation. Nat Immunol, 2:1183-8. 2001. [PubMed]

Crotty S., Kersh E.N., Cannons J., Schwartzberg P.L., Ahmed R.. SAP is required for generating long-term humoral immunity. Nature, 16;421(6920):282-7. 2003. [PubMed]

Takesono, A., Horai, R., Mandai, M., Dombroski, D., and Schwartzberg, P.L. Requirement for Tec family kinases in chemokine-induced migration and activation of Cdc42 and Rac. Curr. Biol, 10:917-22. 2004. [PubMed]

Finkelstein L.D., Schwartzberg P.L. Tec kinases: shaping T-cell activation through actin. Trends Cell Biol, 14:443-451. 2004. [PubMed]

Cannons, J.L., Hill, B. Yu, L.J., Mijares, L.A., Dombroski, D., Nichols, K.E., Antonellis, A., Koretzky, G., Gardner, K., and Schwartzberg, P.L. SAP Regulates T(H)2 Differentiation and PKC-theta;-Mediated Activation of NF-kappaB1. Immunity, 21:693-706. 2004. [Full Text]

Dombroski, D, Houghtling, R, Labno, CM, Burkhardt, J and Schwartzberg PL. Kinase-independent functions for Itk in the regulation of Vav and the actin cytoskeleton. J. Immunol, 174: 1385-1392. 2005. [PubMed]

Hwang ES, Szabo SJ, Schwartzberg PL, Glimcher LH. T helper cell fate specified by kinase-mediated interaction of T-bet with GATA-3. Science, 307:430-3. 2005. [PubMed]

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Cannons, JL, Yu, LJ, Jankovic, D, Crotty, S, Horai, R, Kirby, M, Anderson, S, Cheever, AW, Sher, A, and Schwartzberg, PL. SAP regulates T cell-mediated help for humoral immunity by a mechanism distinct from cytokine regulation. J. Exp. Med., 203:1551-65. 2006. [PubMed]

Broussard, C, Fleishaker, C, Horai, R, Chetana, M, Lewis, CM, Venegas, AM, Sharp, L, Hedrick, S, Fowlkes, BJ and Schwartzberg, PL. Altered development of CD8+ T cell lineages in mice deficient in the Tec kinases Itk and Rlk. Immunity, 25:93-104. 2006. [PubMed]

Horai R, Mueller KL, Handon RA, Cannons JL, Anderson SM, Kirby MR, Schwartzberg PL. Requirements for selection of conventional and innate T lymphocyte lineages. Immunity, 27(5):775-85. 2007. [PubMed]

Readinger JA, Schiralli GM, Jiang JK, Thomas CJ, August A, Henderson AJ, Schwartzberg PL. Selective targeting of ITK blocks multiple steps of HIV replication. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 105(18):6684-9. 2008. [PubMed]

Qi H, Cannons JL, Klauschen F, Schwartzberg PL, Germain RN. SAP-controlled T-B cell interactions underlie germinal centre formation. Nature, 455(7214):764-9. 2008. [PubMed]

Schwartzberg PL, Mueller KL, Qi H, Cannons JL. SLAM receptors and SAP influence lymphocyte interactions, development and function. Nat Rev Immunol, 9(1):39-46. 2009. [PubMed]

Gomez-Rodriguez J, Sahu N, Handon R, Davidson, T, Anderson SM, Kirby MR, August A, Schwartzberg PL. Differential expression of IL-17A and IL-17F is coupled to TCR signaling via Itk-mediated regulation of NFATc1. Immunity, 31(4):587-97. 2009. [PubMed]

Cannons J, Qi H, Lu KT, Ghai M, Gomez-Rodriguez J, Cheng J, Wakeland EK, Germain RN, and Schwartzberg PL. Optimal germinal center responses require a multi-stage T:B cell adhesion process involving integrins, SLAM-associated protein and CD84. Immunity, 32:253-65. 2010. [PubMed Central]

Lu KT, Kanno Y, Cannons JL, Handon R, Elkahloun A, Anderson SM, Wei L, Sun H, O'Shea JJ, and Schwartzberg PL. Functional and epigenetic studies reveal multistep differentiation and plasticity of follicular T helper cells. Immunity, 35:622-32. 2011. [PubMed Central]

Cannons JL, Tangye SG, Schwartzberg PL. SLAM family receptors and SAP adaptors in immunity. Annu Rev Immunol, 29:665-705. 2011. [PubMed]

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