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NIH researchers tackle thorny side of gene therapy

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Bethesda, Md., Tues., Jan. 20, 2015 - National Institutes of Health researchers have uncovered a key factor in understanding the elevated cancer risk associated with gene therapy. They conducted research on mice with a rare disease similar to one in humans, hoping their findings may eventually help improve gene therapy for humans. Researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of NIH, published their research in the Jan. 20, 2015, online issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Read more

NIH grants aim to decipher the language of gene regulation

Read moreBethesda, Md., Jan. 5, 2014 - The National Institutes of Health has awarded grants of more than $28 million aimed at deciphering the language of how and when genes are turned on and off. These awards emanate from the recently launched Genomics of Gene Regulation (GGR) program of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), part of NIH. Read more

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Genome Advance of the Month

Researchers examine supercentenarians' genomes for longevity key

A centenarianIn 2012, an American's average lifespan was nearly 79 years. By comparison, supercentenerians live to 110 years old or more - a life span far exceeding the rest of the population. A recent study led by Dr. Hinco J. Gierman at Stanford University sought genetic explanations for supercentenarians' longer life-span. Genome Advance of the Month highlights this research. Read more


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Last Updated: January 20, 2015