Genetic Counseling Training Program

The Johns Hopkins University/National Human Genome Research Institute Genetic Counseling Training Program

Research Training

Because one of the major goals of the program is to train students to conduct social, behavioral and policy research in the field of genetic counseling, a thesis project is required for graduation. It is expected that the theses will be of publishable quality. The program includes coursework (See: Program of Study) that provides students with the training and experience necessary to develop, conduct and report on research. Students are provided with a generous research budget to conduct their thesis project, as well as technical assistance. Program faculty have diverse backgrounds and are experienced in addressing research questions that are currently being asked in the field of genetic counseling.

Important research questions include:
  • Effectiveness of various genetic counseling interactions.
  • Essential aspects of genetic counseling in the screening of populations.
  • Impact of counseling on clients' personal relationships, marital satisfaction, and family dynamics.
  • Efficacy of multicultural counseling approaches.
  • Quality of life and adaptation of individuals and families who are affected with rare genetic conditions.
  • Decision-making dynamics including the role and value of non-directiveness.
  • Public attitudes toward, and media presentation of, new genetic technologies and related ethical, medical and service delivery issues.
  • Policy issues regarding the provision and funding of genetic services.
  • Efforts to reduce disparities in access to genetic services for minority and traditionally under-served populations.

To begin to answer such questions, researchers with clinical experience in genetic counseling and expertise in social science research methods are needed. Training such researchers is a goal of this program.

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