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We Explore

At NHGRI, our work supports thousands of scientists across the country and hundreds here on the Bethesda campus. Together, we are answering questions about how our DNA shapes health and disease. Our discoveries have changed the way researchers everywhere make new breakthroughs. We also study the important interface between science and society, where the implications of genomic advances can be either incredible or pose new challenges. Together we figure out how to consider these issues and address them with scientists, health professionals, the public and policy makers.

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We Care

Every year, more NHGRI employees give to the Combined Federal Campaign, donating tens of thousands of dollars to charities that help people in need. Through the annual Feds Feed Families program, NHGRI staff collected nutritious gifts for people in the Washington, DC, region lacking food safety. Many of our employees share their time and talent with the next generation of scientists, volunteering at exhibits, science fairs, and the popular NIH Take Your Child to Work Day every April. At NHGRI, we believe in the power of compassion.

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We are Well

NHGRI believes that happy and healthy employees are the best employees. The NIH campus is home to walkers, runners, and cyclists, and features several dining centers, concession stands, food trucks (in the summer), and coffee bars. Wellness@NIH offers resources for work-life balance, including hundreds of recreational opportunities year-round. As a health-centered organization, NIH offers many resources for families of all types, including extensive referral resources for child care, elder care, and other family needs.

Our Purpose

At NHGRI, we make possible the genomic discoveries that change lives – through improved knowledge that leads to better health. As a highly collaborative community that supports cutting-edge science and technology development, we help fellow explorers chart an exciting frontier that is continually changing. We recognize that everyone’s genetic makeup is intensely personal and see the urgency of protecting the integrity of genomic research and its findings. We are also deeply committed to ensuring that the research we support has the widest impact possible, through responsible sharing across scientific and medical communities, as well as with non-scientific audiences through a range of educational and outreach strategies.

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Our People

A highly diverse community of expertise and perspectives is needed to run a scientific organization like NHGRI. As a scientist, analyst, clinician, administrative staff, IT professional, or many other members of our team - you can build your career within a learning organization centered on scientific discovery. As a part of the larger NIH community, you will join a team committed to improving health of all people.

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Our Home

Here at NHGRI on the beautiful, 300-acre NIH campus in suburban Washington, DC, you will have opportunities to grow professionally and personally, as well as find many ways to be active, eat a wide variety of healthy foods, and pursue hundreds of recreational opportunities in the vibrant, multicultural nation’s capital. NIH is easily accessible by public transport and campus shuttles that run all day, every day, amid NIH’s 75 buildings on the Bethesda campus and in nearby office spaces in Rockville. We also believe in planning for the future. The NIH Federal Credit Union offers affordable banking and lending solutions for all NIH members.

Work at NHGRI

At NHGRI, you'll have the opportunity to learn every day. Working alongside talented colleagues, including world-class scientists, you'll build you career and help bring the fruits of genomic discovery to people's lives.

Educate. Through DNA Day and other outreach, our staff celebrates the completion of the Human Genome Project every year and shares excitement about the promise of genomics.

Learn More

Engage. To encourage public dialogue, we build relationships and trust with community liaisons and health advocates representing diverse communal views and research priorities.

Join In

Share. As a highly diverse community, NIH has several affinity groups and scientific interest groups, where you can interact with people all over NIH who share common interests.

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Last updated: April 20, 2019